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Open Board Seats 2014 – Central Hollywood NC

Term: 4 Years

5 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or business, participate in CBOs, faith-based organizations, schools, religious institutions, or other groups or declare a stake in the CHNC boundaries as a community interest stakeholder who are 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or business, participate in CBOs, faith-based organizations, schools, religious institutions, or other groups or declare a stake in the CHNC boundaries as a community interest stakeholder who are 16 years or older.
Scott Campbell – It has been an honor to serve on the CHNC Board. My participation has provided me much personal satisfaction, knowing I’ve helped make Hollywood a better place. Over the years I’ve been involved and led the Council, the Board has used its collective resources to address homelessness, graffiti, tree planting, clean streets, main street medians, community gardens, and youth development and support. We have weighed in on Planning Department decisions, both for and against certain developments. I’ve worked with our City Council Representatives, the Mayor’s office, and partnered with our friends in the residential and business communities. I also sit on the Board of the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park, whose mission is to create a 44 acre park over the 101 freeway. It is important that each of us contributes what we can do to the community. Please vote to allow me to continue working for our community.
David Carrera – I’ve lived in Hollywood for 24 years. I love my neighborhood and have worked hard to make Hollywood a better place.I have served on the CHNC Board for the last six years, and currently Chair the PLUM and Nightlife Issues Committees, in which I’ve always strived to represent the stakeholders.There must be a balance between residential and commercial needs. If one does well, the other will benefit, and if one fails, the other will as well. Solutions must be win-win. If one side wins and the other side loses, both sides lose. We are all in this together.Our residential neighborhoods should be protected, our businesses championed, and entertainment companies supported to stay and move back to Hollywood.I believe in Hollywood. I want it to be a better place. A great, enriching place where my daughter can grow up and become a better human being.
Brian Scott George (WITHDRAW)
Peter A Bammes – Over the last decade I have fallen in love with Hollywood, my adopted home town. I am still greatful to be able to live here and have decided to run for neighborhood council in order to give back a little of what this neighorhood has given to me.
There has been some outstanding progress and I see opportunities to really start including the residence of Hollywood in the renewed economic prosperity that’s bringing new buisnesses and construction to our doorstep.
As a renter, dog owner, commuter, buisness patron, and resident of this neighborhood, I am commited to improving the quality of life for its residence.
Toby Johnson – I am the owner of the Easton Gym Co. in Hollywood. While my business is outside the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council, my home of 13 years is not. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to raise our 8 year old daughter there and to enjoy a wonderful community of neighbors and friends. I feel it is time I gave back to the community that my family and I have loved so much over the years. Please consider me for the Board position now open. I have a keen interest in the future of our neighborhood and feel I would provide an insightful and focused perspective for the Board. I believe in the collaborative process of government; that any progress absolutely depends on every party being willing to compromise. We live in a challenging environment, and keeping the dichotomy of residential and business interests in sync is my goal.
Angie Michelle Aramayo – I am running for the neighborhood council in my area because we as a community need to work together to ensure that everyone feels safe, has the opportunity to voice their ideas and most importantly feels a sense of comraderie with their fellow neighbors. I want to encourage the youth to become more involved with civic participation. But most importantly, everyone should have the opportunity to find some sort of assistance within the neighborhood council. Hollywood needs to become a safe and nurturing community.
Alwin Sumirat
Susan Sempers – I have lived in the CHNC’s area for almost 7 years. From January 2013 to September 2013, as a stakeholder, I have attended every CHNC and PLUM Committee meeting every month and was then elected to fill a vacant Board of Directors seat until March 2014.I would very much like to continue as a Board member to serve all the stakeholders, business and residents in our unique and amazing CHNC area.I want to hear all your voices, encourage your participation and be able to assist in all of us working together so everyone will be happy and we can make our community the best it can be.
Nick Nantell – I have lived in Hollywood for 8 years and in Los Angeles for 15. I truly believe that Hollywood is the future that Los Angeles wants and needs – an energetic mix of residential with commercial, a walkable urban landscape that respects its history but looks to the future. In looking to that future, I see a lot of exciting partnerships and opportunities with Eric Garcetti’s administration – in particular in his “Great Streets Initiative” and the “People St” programs that can immediately affect our neighborhood with more green space and more walkable and bikeable areas to help reduce gridlock. If it isn’t yet clear, I believe that the best way forward for Hollywood is in urban density, public transit, green spaces and business partnerships with the community so as to help both groups get the most out of this amazing and vibrant area of Hollywood.
Alfredo Hernandez – As a lifelong resident of Hollywood I have a unique knowledge and love of Hollywood and particular Central Hollywood where I lived for 21 years and now work here as the Program Director and Founding Board Member at the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park who’s mission is to create a 44 acre park over the 101 freeway. I believe this Neighborhood Council needs an injection of youth and diversity which I can provide along with years of experience having co-founded the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council in 2007 and served as its first Vice President and Chair of the Planning and Beautification Committee for three years. I have a strong understanding of the City’s processes and have established firm relationships with our electeds and their staffs at all levels of government that represent Central Hollywood. I would be honored to receive your vote.
Emilio Vega – I believe that it is important to bring art and culture to educate our society. With my experience as the director for 8 years of the Broadway International Film festival; it will be my honor to put my experience to use to support this Neighborhood Council. I will work hard to make sure that the youth of this community, and all its members in general, will have access to proper cultural medias and educational channels.Con mi experiencia como director del Festival Internacional de cine de Broadway, es para mi un honor aportar mis conocimientos a este vecindario de Hollywood. Creo que el arte y la cultura son grandes herramientas de educacion y mi enfoque sera el de velar por el acceso a una buena educacion para la juventud y los miembros en general de esta comunidad.
Marcy R Olaechea – I, WOULD LIKE TO BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE CENTRAL HOLLYWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL, BY MAKING GOVERNMENT MORE RESPONSIVE TO LOCAL NEEDS.We must include representatives of the many diverse interest and needs in the community that make up, providing an advisory role on issues of needs and concern.
Example: To renewed economic prosperity that is bringing new businesses and constructions to our neighborhood. The real estate professionals need to work together with CHNC to ensure that every empty lot is been used in housing, etc.I, want to make a contribution to promote public participation in government issues and make government more responsive to local needs by creating, nurturing and supporting a city-wide system of grass – roots, independent and participatory neighborhood council.
Irma Garate – I have been working in Hollywood area since 1994 as a Property Mgmt. Supervisor, administrating different properties in the area & now as a realtor.
I have help my community all my life in different ways & places. I would like to give my knowledge to help both Residential & commertial in our beatiful community of Hollywood.He estado trabajando en el área de Hollywood desde 1994 como Property Mgmt. Supervisando, la administración de diferentes propiedades en la zona y ahora como agente inmobiliario.
He ayudado a mi comunidad toda mi vida en diferentes formas y lugares. Me gustaría dar mi conocimiento para ayudar tanto Residential & commertial a nuestra hermosa comunidad que es “Hollywood”
Milagros F. Lizarraga – Como profesional de Comunicaciones, mi especialidad es el acceder e incluir a los miembros de nuestra comunidad en acciones conjuntas que nos beneficien y fortalezcan como vecinos.
Creo en el desarrollo del sentido de pertenencia y orgullo por nuestra comunidad; así mismo en la participación de cada miembro en mejorarla y crear un mejor estilo de vida.
Los Ã?ngeles es cuna de diversidad, pero son mÃs las cosas que nos unen que las que nos separan. Necesitamos aprender a hacer juntos un camino que valga la pena el ser recorrido.”It takes a Village to raise a child” H Clinton.
As a professional in Communications, my strength is Community Outreach
It takes first to ask and listen to the community members and then to come with plans, networking and solutions
I believe in inclusion, in fostering participation and positive action. There are more things that unite us than separate us.
Juan Carlos Jimenez – I have been a resident of Hollywood since 1977 when my parents moved here. I attended Blessed Sacrament School and Hollywood High School. Hollywood has always been my “home” until about 4 years ago when I relocated to Studio City. I have worked for Universal Studios Hollywood for 22.5 years. My youngest daughter and her family still resides in Hollywood, along with many friends that are business owners and active in the community.
My intention is to see my “House” continue to grow and flourishing as it has always done with good and bad times, embracing all ethnicities and diversities.HOLLYWOOD IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN “UNIQUE” AS IT’S FUTURE.
Olya Petrakova – I live and work in CHNC area. I am a theatre artist, event director, performer, teacher and producer. In 2003 I started developing a Hollywood performing arts space, called Artworks Theatre, which was originally built in 1940s as an automotive garage. Currently we are re-branding it into a new venture called Schkapf to serve as a neighborhood creative hub programmed with community events along with its staple live performances & education. I live on Lexington Avenue in the cluster of homes built in 1920s. Walking daily to Schkapf and owning a dog provides me with a rich insight into the needs and possibilities of our area. I make a point to stop and talk to neighbors to hear and to share wishes and concerns. I have a strong desire to contribute to our neighborhood by means of organizing community events, celebrations, or clean up days. I am fluent in Russian.
***a candidate’s information has been removed per the candidate’s request***
Fabio Conti – I am a 25 year resident of Hollywood and a successful business owner. I opened my restaurant 20 years ago and 6 years ago purchased the property where I do business. I am the Vice President of the Sunset and Vine BID, I sit on the board of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the board of The Center, the homeless outreach organization of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Hollywood Constituent Center
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