Sixth District City Councilmember Nury Martinez has become the first Latina in Los Angeles City Council history to hold the title of Council President Pro Tempore. Councilmember Martinez joins Council President Herb Wesson (CD10) and newly-named Assistant President Pro Tem Joe Buscaino (CD15) to serve as the new leadership team for the City Council.

Councilmember Martinez stated:

“…I was humbled to be chosen as our City Council’s new President Pro Tempore by a unanimous vote. With this new power comes the opportunity to further shape the future of our great City. As one of only two women on the City Council, and the first Latina in Council leadership, I am thrilled to represent the interests of my District as well as the over 50% of Los Angeles who identify as women.

“I remain committed to empowering women, because every little girl in this City deserves to see themselves reflected in positions of power and authority. I will continue to make the status of women and girls in Los Angeles one of my priorities. While I continue my advocacy, what is not lost on me is the diversity of this Council today.

“On behalf of all Angelenos, we are embracing and leveraging our diversity. We can always do better, but right now, this Council is a great reflection of who Los Angeles is. We are showing every segment of the next generation that they too are just as qualified of being here to serve the people of Los Angeles.

“With Mr. Wesson as our President, I am confident that we are leading Los Angeles towards a brighter future. I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of the Sixth Council District and the City of Los Angeles.”