Controller’s Office FAST FACTS

  • Disburse close to 290,000 payments to vendors annually, totaling nearly $5 billion including Special Funds
  • Process payroll totaling $131 million bi-weekly for over 42,000 employees
  • Manage a multi-lingual Fraud Waste & Abuse toll free hotline (1-866-428-1514) available in 175 languages; and respond to over 300 allegations annually
  • Conduct independent financial, performance, contract compliance and information systems audits of all council-controlled and proprietary departments ($20 billion combined budget)
  • Present and report financial information through annual State reports and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for $51 billion in total assets and $29 billion in total liabilities
  • Maintain records of nearly 560,000 checks issued totaling $11 billion annually
  • Prepare the Municipal Improvements Corporation of Los Angeles (MICLA) financial statements with total outstanding liabilities of $1.6 billion.

The City Controller, an independently elected citywide official, is the taxpayers’ watchdog and the City’s chief auditor and accountant. The Controller’s job is to investigate and publicly report problems with city departments, increase governmental efficiency and save taxpayer money by improving operations, conduct financial and performance audits of all city departments, offices and programs, monitor and report on all matters relating to the City’s fiscal health, keep the City’s official financial records, and supervise all expenditures of city.

Learn about City Controller Ron Galperin here.