Check out this cool video that shows you, with full overhead graphics, what our Downtown L.A. Civic Center can be in the very near future.

It’s all part of the Civic Center Master Plan that Councilmember Huizar called for in 2015. The plan will save hundreds of millions of dollars by centralizing City employees and services in one location. It will turn the Civic Center into a 24-hour destination by creating an open, pedestrian-focused design with a plaza, paseos and a campus full of residential and retail space.

It will also ensure that the surrounding communities, most notably Little Tokyo, are not shut out in both form and practice – as they were decades ago when their property was taken. A quarter of Little Tokyo disappeared forever when Parker Center was built with its back turned to that community.

It’s time to build the Civic Center Los Angeles deserves.

Watch the video to learn more about our efforts!