EmpowerLA is creating Election Day Facebook event invites for each NC as your election approaches, to give you a one-stop-shop containing all your Election Day details that’s easy to share with your stakeholders. We’re also paying to advertise the event invites to Facebook users in your community, to help them learn about your Council and your upcoming election. 

Each invite includes polling place location and hours; a short overview of what Neighborhood Councils do and who can vote; and a summary of any voter documentation required. Each NC will receive an invite to be a co-host on their Election Day event page, so please look out for yours, so you can add it to your newsletters, website, and social media posts! All event pages are publicly viewable, even for those who don’t have a Facebook account. 

See a list of all NC Election Day events at Facebook.com/EmpowerLA/events (please note that event pages are not yet available for some elections happening in May and June.)

Has your Council already created your Election Day Facebook invite? Add EmpowerLA as a co-host so we can add it to our Events list and promote it!