EmpowerLA’s Mario Hernandez and Julien Antelin had a great time talking with the students in Ms. Aguirre’s 5th grade class for Career Day at Esperanza Elementary School in Westlake. Hopefully they inspired some future LA leaders!

Mario and Julien answered questions from the kids, and talked about why they work for the City in the public sector. They also gave students a basic civics lesson on the City of LA, explaining how the 15 City Councilmembers and 98 Neighborhood Councils work with the City departments to serve over 4 million Angelenos.
Thank you to Ms. Aguirre and her wonderful students for the invitation to join you for Career Day! We hope to see you again next year.
Above: EmpowerLA’s Julien Antelin talks to Ms Aguirre’s 5th grade class
At top: EmpowerLA’s Mario Hernandez discusses civics with the 5th graders in Ms. Aguirre’s class