Palms Neighborhood Council: 2018 EmpowerLA Award winner for West LA

In the past year, Palms has focused on activating stakeholders to beautify their neighborhood. To do so, they organized community events to improve Palms through public art and neighborhood cleanups. Events include:

  • The inaugural Palms Community Day, which attracted 2000+ local residents and included a community painting of an on-site utility box
  • Palms Utility Box Art Project, which gave $250 grants to local artists to paint mini murals on utility boxes. In just 1 year, Palms achieved 100% coverage of all utility boxes within their boundaries.
  • Neighborhood Clean Up Days – each of which draws about 40 stakeholder volunteers, who collect 50 bags of trash
  • Overland Avenue mural – conceptualized in 2017 and executed in January 2018, this mural is the longest in West LA. Palms pulled together $20,000 in funding for the mural, and worked with the Department of Cultural Affairs on the project. The kickoff event drew 150 volunteer painters from the community.


Bel Air – Beverly Crest

The Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council promotes citizen participation in government and makes government more responsive to local needs by encouraging citizen participation in the Emergency Preparedness Committee, the Land Use Committee and the Outreach Committee. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in discussions on land use and emergency preparedness. The Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council is also very active in attending regional meetings such as Alliances and the Neighborhood Budget Day, and issued several CIS during 2017 on key local issues like mansionization.


West LA EmpowerLA Award winner 2018 Palms NC

West LA EmpowerLA Award winner 2018 Palms Neighborhood Council