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Open Board Seats 2014 – Greater Toluca Lake NC
At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 years
14 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are 18 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are 18 years or older.

Ryan Altoon Since 2009 I have served on the Board of the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council, serving in the capacities of Secretary, Vice President and President, and have actively participated in several committees that serve our community. My wife and I have resided in Toluca Lake for the past ten years and are raising our family in one of the special places of Los Angeles.

Several important issues come before the council that requires a thoughtful and inclusive exchange of ideas. Working with the residents, stakeholders and City officials is an iterative process and the potential to continue to enhance our community is great. I believe my background in strategy, operations, finance and real estate will help assist the GTLNC in meeting these challenges.

I ask for your consideration for the opportunity to continue representing the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council and the thoughtful work it does for our community.

Ralene Anderson – I am a 30 year resident of Toluca Woods. I have enjoyed working on the Council for the past 2 years and it is an honor to serve the community. Currently, I work on the Planning and Use Committee and it is my passion to see the beautification of the area.

Craig Strong

John Moskal – Get involved! I did twelve years ago. I am proud to say I am one of the original board members and I have served to the best of my ability. Our council has made such a difference in our community; our neighborhood schools, and we have fought to stop changes that would be detrimental to our environment. Change can be good if it is smart change. Please help me to keep the Greater Toluca Lake Village ambience that we all love safe from over development. Not only vote, but join a committee that interest you, and let’s work together. Thank you!

Peter L Silvester (WITHDREW)

Renee M Robichaux – My husband and I recently moved to the Greater Toluca Lake area. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve on the council and help make this already wonderful neighborhood an even safer and better informed community. As a practicing attorney with a degree from the UCLA School of Law, I look forward to advocating on behalf of the residents of Toluca Lake.

Lee Jamieson – I live in Toluca Terrace, and have been on the Council this last year. I have never missed a Council meeting; an Outreach-Environmental Committee Meeting; or a Community work Project. I take this job very seriously, and would appreciate your vote to continue. I study the Crime Statistics, and want to keep my neighborhood safe, and urge all of you to get involved with a committee that interest you, and together we can insure that the Greater Toluca Lake Area stays clean, safe and a model community. Please consider me for one of your votes. Thank you, Lee Jamieson.

Audrey Borges – The charm of Toluca Lake has taken hold of me since I have worked and “played” here for almost two years. I have enjoyed serving as a member of the neighborhood council and the environmental affairs committee, and I look forward to many more years of service to my community.

Barbara Kaye

Janice Eaton – I have lived in Toluca Lake for over 20 years. It has been a privilege to be currently serving on the GTLNC board. It would be an honor to continue to help support the community by serving another term, if elected.

Maricel Loyola – My name is Maricel and I would be honored to serve as a representative of the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council. I am a member of the Environmental and Outreach committee as well as a Public Safety Watch Captain and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Toluca Lake community. To be involved in community affairs is the best way to keep Toluca Lake safe and beautiful.

Daphne Emma Kozek – Since joining GTLNC 4 years ago, I have enjoyed being a member of the Environmental Affairs Committee and sitting as Co-Chair of the committee for the past 3 years. Sitting on the General Board has broadened my experience of the Neighborhood Council and added to my awareness of this community. Being a stay at home Mom to my three young boys has made my involvement in the Toluca Lake community that much more important to myself and my husband. I am excited for the upcoming year and to be a part of the wonderful projects that GTLNC is planning and supporting.
Mariette Tachdjian – As a 25-year resident of Toluca Lake, I have witnessed a great amount of change and development in our neighborhood in a short period of time. As a professional nurse, I am always concerned about the safety, health, and well-being of my neighbors. And as an artistic individual, I would like to see and represent the creative voices that can help improve and embellish our community. It would be an honor to serve on the council. Please consider me as a fresh, new, dynamic voice in representation.
Sharon Barron – I was elected 2013 President for the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, one of the largest real estate associations in the country.I am currently serving as a Board of the Director for the real estate association and have been a Director for 8 years.I feel this experience will contribute in helping serve the local residents.
Brian Yasuzawa – Over ten years ago I moved to the Toluca Lake area as I made the move from Colorado to California. Law school brought me out here, but my affection for the community kept me. While living in my first condominium complex I was elected to the HOA board and eventually was elected president. After seven years in my first home in Toluca Lake, I decided to move and chose to stay in the Toluca Lake area. At my new complex I have once again gotten involved in my community and currently serve as the President of the HOA. My desire to be a part of the Neighborhood Council stems from a place of wanting to serve my community and work to make the place I call home a better place for everyone. I appreciate your consideration. -Brian
James Dionne – I would like to be involved with the Council since I have lived in Toluca Lake for 9 years
Bryan Cain – Toluca Lake has been my home for two years and this Ohio transplant couldn’t be happier. I was excited when asked to run for Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council. I am a member of the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce and serve on the Membership Committee where I work to help local businesses get the most out of their presence here.If elected to the GTLNC and as the owner of a social media consulting company, one of my priorities would be helping the Council with community outreach and awareness across a variety of platforms. Our residents should be able to quickly and easily communicate their needs to their GTLNC Representatives.My other priorities include ensuring our schools are serving our youth on an individual basis and investigating ways to bring gigabit ethernet to our community so our residents have the bandwidth they need for life in the modern age.
Ann Benson Segal – We have been home owners in Toluca Lake for the past 15 years.We love the area, and we plan to spend the rest of our days here. We have enjoyed so many aspects of the neighborhood, and it’s high time we “gave back”, and that is what I sincerely would like to do.
David Vereen Wright – I moved into the GTLNC district in July, previously residing in the Mid-North Hollywood district and am looking to become a more active member of this community. I bring to the table bright new ideas, and I welcome an open dialogue between community members as well as an exchange of ideas to help keep our neighborhood thriving. Please consider allowing me the privilege of representing you in voicing our community needs.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Polling Hours:
4 pm – 8:30 pm

Toluca Lake United Methodist Church
4301 Cahuenga Blvd
North Hollywood, Ca 91602


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