Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council

Region: Central Area

The specific and primary purposes for which this HCNC is formed are: 1. To empower the residents, business owners, property owners, cultural and religious institutions, service organizations and other nonprofit organizations and their members who hold the said neighborhoods close to their hearts. 2. To promote through proper channels of publicity and general information and support of the stakeholders of said area in maintaining and enlarging the benefits accruing to them in the fields of scenic beauty, culture, education, health and civic excellence.

Executive Officers

Board Members

Meeting: 2nd Tuesday6:30pm

Meeting Address:
The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council is made up of six historic communities around the original center of Los Angeles. We hold our meetings at rotating locations so as to accommodate our diverse neighborhood members. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Locations rotate between: Hellman Quon/Pico House, The Chinatown Public Library, The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, and other locations as announced.

Mailing Address:
Attn. Alan Kumamoto
307 E 1st,
LA, CA 90012
Planning Mailing Address:
Attn. Alan Kumamoto
307 E 1st,
LA, CA 90012

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Field Rep:
Mary Kim
Funding Rep:
Atzi Camarena