Here’s a list of contact information that every Neighborhood Council Board Member may use to get help or support with Neighborhood Council-related issues.


  • General questions about EmpowerLA or the Neighborhood Council system or issues not covered below.
  • Meeting agendas should also be sent here to be shared with anyone subscribing to your meeting notices via the City’s Early Notification System. Any inquires about outreach and communications, which includes NationBuilder, Nextdoor, street advertising (bus benches, bus shelters, pole banners) social media, workshops, events, collateral, graphics, icons, website, or any other outreach-related topic. all funding-related inquires may be sent directly to our Funding team via this address

  • Updates to Board membership or changes to Board Member roles or contact info should be sent here, as EmpowerLA receives no automatic notice of these changes otherwise.
  • Updates to your Neighborhood Council’s EmpowerLA webpage should also be sent here. EmpowerLA maintains a webpage for each Neighborhood Council; view yours by selecting your Council from this list. The page contains Board rosters; meeting days/locations, a mailing address for the Board; and a mailing address to submit Planning packets for your Council’s review. send submissions here for the weekly department newsletter and the EmpowerLA blog. Submissions are due Wednesday for the Friday newsletter. use this email to contact the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners regarding their meetings; policies; or other Commission-related business.


The Neighborhood Council Advice Division (NCAD) of the LA City Attorney’s Office can help with legal and ethical questions regarding Neighborhood Councils. Neighborhood Council members should funnel their questions through their NC Chair or President, who will contact the City Attorney that serves their region (see a list of NCs by service region here: