HIRE LA’s Youth is one of the City’s most exciting programs to put young adults to work, providing first time job experience that will set them on the path to be lifetime earners. Mayor Eric Garcetti is committed  to providing 10,000 summer jobs for young people ages 14-24 who live in the City of Los Angeles and will partner with the LA City Council, the City’s Workforce Development System, the Community College District, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and community businesses and organizations to reach this goal.

LA Youth at Work partners with HIRE-LA Youth and the City of Los Angeles to prepare and place young adults in internships and entry-level, private sector jobs.

Employers will benefit from having a highly motivated young adult in the workplace while giving them a crucial career-building opportunity. Summer employment helps young adults prepare for the 21st century workforce, engage in positive activities during the summer, partner with the city’s business community, and develop long-term employment opportunities.
To learn more about HIRE-LA, apply for the program, or sign up as en employer or sponsor, visit hireLAyouth.com.