LA City Clerk operates the Council File Management System – a searchable database of all Council Files; Motions; and Resolutions that the City Council  has generated, past and present. Watch a tutorial on how to use LA’s Council File Management System.

  • A Council File is the body of information collected around a given issue as it passes through the City Council and its Committees.
  • Any Community Impact Statements issued on a matter by Neighborhood Councils are added to the Council File for that issue, which is why it’s important to include Council File (CF) numbers at the top of each CIS you file.
  • There are several ways to use this database. For example:
    • If  your Board or Committee is focusing on a specific type of issue, you can do a keyword search to see if the City Council has any open or past items related to that issue.
    • If you are tracking the progress of a particular item and want to receive notices anytime a hearing is scheduled or material is added to the Council File on that item, you may subscribe to that item’s Council File via this system.