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Commercial Property Owner Governors *


Owner-Occupied Residential Property Owners
Governors (Including Condominium Owners) *


Youth Governor


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Employees of Service Organizations Governor


Residential Tenants Governors *


Click here to download Final Canvass of Votes (pdf)
* Prior to the final canvas of votes, it has come to the attention of the Department that the available Board seats up for election were incorrect.  The correct Board structure, resulted in the following changes:
1.  One seat was eliminated from the following categories:  Commercial Property Owner, Owner Occupied Residential Property Owner, Employees of Service Organizations, and Residential Tenants.  As a result, only the top vote getter from each of those categories is elected to those seats, which affected the final results for the Commercial Property Owner, Owner Occupied Residential Property Owner, and Residential Tenant seats.
2.  One seat was added to the Youth seat, which only had 1 candidate so there was no effect on the outcome.
Official Canvass of Votes
5 At Large – David Bell, Bill Zide, Steven Whiddon, Tom Meredith, Don Durkee
1 Commercial Property Owner Governor- Juri Ripinsky
1 Owner Occupied Residential Property Owner – Jose Torres
2 Youth Governors – Maria Yepremian and vacant
2 Business Tenant Governors – Charles Puree, Christina Derenthal
1 Employee of Service Organizations Governor – Luke Vincent
1 Residential Tenant Governors – Efrain Gonzalez


Open Board Seats 2012 – Hollywood Studio District  NC
Commercial Property Owner Governor
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholders who own commercial property within the HSDNC and are 16 years or older. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.

Juri Ripinsky

My objective as Commercial Property Owner is to promote Hollywood, its many assets and neighborhoods – those that need to be improved and those that need to be preserved.  I have over 30 years experience in improving the complexion of inner city communities and meeting the needs of local business owners and residents.  I have had the pleasure of serving as an HSDNC Board member for the past 4 years and have worked hard alongside a devoted group committed to improving Hollywood.  The Hollywood Studio District has established a good foundation.  We have great potential and out best asset is you, the residents.  We share the same values and goals.  Let’s make HOLLYWOOD a family community, where it’s safe to spend time with family and friends, where there is respect for people and property.  I look forward to serving my community as a committed board member for an additional 2 years.

Kiwon Ban

Owner-Occupied Residential
Property Owners Governor
(including condominium owners)Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholders who own and live in a residential property within the HSDNC and are 16 years or older. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.

***a candidate’s information has been removed per candidate’s request***

Alex Alferov

As a current board member I have participated in the challenging task of reaching out to our community, creating a board that listens to the concerns of our constituents.

As a professional artist and art educator, I have lived and painted in Hollywood most of my adult life.  I’ve mentored and fostered creative expression in both young and old.

In 2009 I was instrumental in developing Fountain Community Gardens. This garden is the largest of its kind in Hollywood and serves over 100 members. Through this enriching project, I have reached out to my community to address issues that affect Hollywood.  Through my participation on the board  I have demonstrated an ability to organize and build consensus among my peers.

Sun Yu

Jose Torres

Felipe Corrado

My family has owned or operated property in the Hollywood area for over 40 years. We have seen this community change in many ways and wish to be at the forefront of its future prosperity. There would be no greater joy than being a board member and giving back to the very community that allowed my Spanish speaking parents to establish a life in this country.

Residential Tenants
GovernorTerm: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholders who rent a residence within the HSDNC and are 16 years or older. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.
Efrain Gonzalez

Glenda Kelley

I was the HSDNC Treasurer from 2005 to 2010. We had a very productive board. In our 2010 election the City Election Division decided to throw out the winners and install the losers due to a challenge they accepted. The wording of that rule concerning  that challenge, was changed to add additional clarity to the interpretation.
At any rate, I really enjoyed the ability to serve my community. I would be honored to serve again if the opportunity is presented. I was also one of the founding members of the HSDNC.

Leila Forouzan

As Hollywood Studio District resident, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of the HSDNC for almost one year now. I am hoping that you will entrust me to continue this work. I bring the perspective of a young renter in District 1 which was previously lacking in Board representation. While on the Board, I launched our e-newsletter and have contributed content to our neighborhood council’s website. By partnering with others such as Council District 13 and, I have worked to expand visibility and awareness of our activities. I also served as the representative in the Mayor’s Budget Process for our Board. I am proud to report that our neighborhood council received a certificate of recognition for the highest participation in the Mayor’s Budget Survey this year. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to continuing to work with you all.

Don Pecano

Hollywood can be a better place to live, work, and play. As a real estate professional with experience in public, private, and non-profit community development, I will bring a balanced and intelligent approach to our neighborhood’s goals and needs. We all deserve a safe, enjoyable and beautiful place to call home!

Employees of Service
GovernorTerm: 2 Years
 1 Elected Stakeholders who work for a service organization such as educational, faith-based, non-profit, environmental, and cultural within  the HSDNC and are 16 years or older. This category specifically excludes commercial property owners, residential property owners, and residential tenets. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.
Luke Vincent
Business Tenants GovernorsTerm: 2 Years 2 Elected Stakeholders who rent business storefronts, or are business employees within the HSDNC and are 16 years or older Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.

Christina Derenthal

My name is Christina Derenthal.  I’ve been employed at Paramount Pictures since 2007, working in Real Estate, Government & Community Relations.   As a long standing member of the Hollywood community and one of the area’s largest employers, Paramount is deeply committed to helping our neighbors, both residents and businesses.

As part of Paramount’s “Giving Back” programs, I have volunteered at Santa Monica Blvd. Community Charter School, Project Angel Food, Melrose Elementary, the Los Angeles Zoo, Aids Project Los Angeles and the LA Regional Food Bank.  In addition to its volunteerism programs, Paramount provides philanthropic support for a range of non-profit organizations, such as Midnight Mission, GLAAD,  Free Arts and many others.

I am proud to work for a company that takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously and excited about the possibility of serving on the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council.

Harry Plapinger

I served as the Parliamentarian for the HSDNC for approximately 5 years, through 2010. I ran a slate of candidates in 2010 which won. However, the Election Division decided to ignore the vote of the people and accept a challenge and place on the Board individuals who had lost. After two idle years without the HSDNC, but with involvement in the Selma/LaBaig/Harold Way Historic Neighborhood organization, I have decided to run for a seat on the HSDNC board. It is with great hope that I will be elected to the Board, along with others who are concerned with the lack of movement by the current Board – and that we’ll again take the opportunity to bring about recognition by the City of the help we shall give to our stakeholders.

Charles Puree

My name is Charles Puree. I live and work in East Hollywood. I am a resident since 1984. I’m currently working together with Hollywood Police Gang, vice, Narcotics units and Community Relation Office. I re-design and printed the National night out flyer, Lock it, hide it, keep it flyer, The Welcome Monogram for Hollywood Police station, I want to expand my effort within the neighborhood council team, to help with bilingual education, clean up abandoned properties, outreach to street kids, and to ride the out of control prostitution problem from our neighborhood

Brogan Lane
Susan Foster
At-Large GovernorsTerm: 2 Years 5 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake in the HSDNC and affirm a factual basis for it and are 16 years or older. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.

Bill Zide

I have lived in Hollywood for more than fifteen years and become active and involved in its neighborhoods and communities.  These involvements include supporting designations of landmarks, actively being party of community concerns regarding development and issues regarding City services.  I am a member of the entertainment industry and so I have always been active in Hollywood Studio district in that way too, with Paramount, Raleigh, Sunset Gower and others in the District.

Two years ago I worked as a Recruiter and Crew Leader for the 2010 Census as well.  In that capacity I got to know the District and neighborhoods very well from the ground level, because much of it was my territory.  Trying to get people jobs and get them involved with their government, allowed me to actively work for the community.

Steven Whiddon

We have worked extremely hard to create and implement a strong foundation and framework that fosters more participation and responsible, constructive relationships with the City, Elected Officials and City Resources. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve to ensure the work we started is completed and ready for the future HSDNC board and it’s leaders.

Don Durkee

I have lived in Hollywood for many years and I am very interested in serving our community on The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council board. Having served as neighborhood watch captain I have enjoyed working to improve living conditions in our immediate area. I have seen the positive results of neighborhood councils and I would like to aid our community with my enthusiasm and knowledge (small k.)

I find it especially important that we have a safe, prosperous community with less blight and fewer prostitutes. Adding trees to our district is a personal goal. I am anxious to help solve the many problems that face our community. I am a retired barber. I received my Master’s degree in English Literature (Creative Writing) in 2010 from C.S.U.L.A.

Tom Meredith

I am deeply committed to the improvement of services for all who live, work and thrive in this culturally rich and diverse community.

I am experienced in this Neighborhood Council, serving as Co-Chair Outreach Committee and Vice Chairman of the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council (HSDNC). My accomplishments include organizing HSDNC into 7 distinct districts, an on-going survey to track awareness and perceptions of the effectiveness of HSDNC, new marketing collateral and contributing to the development of a more communicative HSDNC website, and our signature achievement; free WiFi for this economically challenged NC.
As a continuing Board Member of HSDNC, I will 1) manage our survey that tracks the effectiveness of HSDNC, 2) facilitate effective sub-committees to vet proposals and potential budget expenditures that are consistent with the HSDNC mission statement and 3) to represent HSDNC interests to LA City Government for living improvement requests and problem resolution.

Maripat Donovan

My name is Maripat Donovan. I am a founding member and former President of the HSDNC.

During my term as President the HSDNC was acknowledged by city officials as a model for the other N.C. Boards.

Hollywood is growing by leaps and bounds and I feel that the HSDNC could benefit from my knowledge and experience.

David Bell

I am an attorney and a community activist who has worked on behalf of Hollywood for several years. I am raising my family in Hollywood and will work on behalf of the people of the Hollywood Studio District to make this neighborhood a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

P L “Jennifer” Christie

For more than 20 years, I’ve been an active volunteer and resident of Hollywood. Before HSDNC was certified, I worked with the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and have served on their Disaster Preparedness and Youth and Education committees. With HSDNC and other area Neighborhood Councils, I have helped with community gardens, Fire Department and CERT evacuations, tree giveways, clean-ups, and more. Currently, I volunteer with area schools bringing Art and Living History into classrooms. These are just some of the attributes and energy, that I would bring to the HSDNC Board.

Youth Governors  2 Elected Any stakeholder between the ages of 16 and 20 within the HSDNC. Any stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake in the HSDNC and affirms a factual basis for it and is 16 years or older.

Maria Yepremian

When I began to get involved in this NC as a youth rep. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first; however, as the months progressed, I was so excited to collaborate with dedicated people from our neighborhood to make a difference. I want to continue learning new things, giving input, and making a change in our community to help better serve the people. I especially want to represent the youth and their concerns in the neighborhood.


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Community Charter School

1022 N. Van Ness Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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12 noon to 4 pm

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