EmpowerLA has launched IgniteLA, a program for young women that builds civic knowledge and leadership skills to bolster civic engagement. The first session, with over 50 young women, took place this past Monday night with 5 concurrent meetings happening Citywide in the West Valley, East Valley, West LA, DTLA, and SouthLA.

IgniteLA is a non-partisan program whose mission is to empower every young woman interested in public service with the political and practical skills she needs to be a successful civic leader.

By the end of this program, these young women will be ready to be a part of the movement toward gender parity with equal numbers of women in office across all political parties and levels of government. Many will run for their Neighborhood Council Boards and Committees in the 2019 Elections!

Some highlights of the first session included topics to run their platforms on, and a community visioning process of what the students hoped LA 2028 would look like, including some practical actions that could be taken today to make their vision a reality for tomorrow.

IgniteLA is off to a great start. Our eager, motivated, bright young women are empowered and ready to get to work!

IgniteLA is a leadership program for young women