Anytime is the right time to free your home of the clutter that has piled up over the past year. To help out with this, LA Sanitation’s SAFE Centers all across the city are ready to take all of your unwanted household hazardous waste.

Putting hazardous waste—like paint, dead batteries, burnt-out fluorescent bulbs and busted cell phones—into your trash is illegal and bad news for the environment. Here’s why. Once items like old laptops and used motor oil end up in landfills, they can leach toxins into our air, soil, and groundwater. Those poisons create trouble for our planet and potential health risks for you and your family. And, with 256 million tons of hazardous waste being produced every year in the U.S., now is the time for all of us to smarten up about properly disposing of our household items that pose a threat.

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