LA Zoo Director John Lewis is extending a personal invite to Neighborhood Council members to set up a board presentation or visit the Zoo to learn more about how their care for their elephants.

His letter appears below; please write to him at or phone his office at (323) 644-4261 to make arrangements.


Neighborhood Council Members,

You may have recently heard questions about the quality of care the elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo are receiving.  Let me assure you that all four of the elephants, including the male Billy, receive extraordinary care here at the Zoo in their state-of-the-art habitat, Elephants of Asia.  The elephants have a caring and knowledgeable team of 16+ animal care and veterinary professionals responsible for their care on a daily basis. Additionally, Education Staff are available each day to answer visitor questions about elephant care and about elephants in the wild.  The Zoo would be happy to appear before any of your Councils to share information and facts about the elephants and answer your questions.  Better yet, we would be honored to host your Executive or appropriate committee on a behind the scenes tour to see the elephants, talk to the staff and directly understand the care of elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Thank you,

John R. Lewis, Zoo Director