In order to help more homeowners convert their front yards from grass to Watershed Wise landscapes, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power provided a grant for the Lawn Be Gone project, a collaboration of the LADWP, Selva International, G3 Green Gardens Group, Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens, and the Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team. The group has put together a series of Hands On Workshops (HOWs), taught in English, that are hosted by homeowners just like you, and demonstrate all the practical steps to converting turf lawns to more drought-resistant options and transforming your landscape.

The workshops cover topics such as installing and using rain barrels, turf removal and replacement, redirecting spouts to conserve stormwater and put it to use before it goes into storm channels, and mulching to improve the nutrient quality of your soil and create a sustainable system.

While smart irrigation and planting are crucial, collecting stormwater and priming your soil for the most efficient use of water is the last piece of the puzzle in  conserving water and converting our landscape to a drought-resistant one.

The schedule and locations for the five remaining workshops can be found here.

The best part is that by attending one of these Hands On Workshops, all LADWP Customers will be given a coupon for one hour of on-site Garden Guru time or three 30 minute telephone consultations with a Garden Guru to help you figure out the best waterwise solutions for your yard and garden.

Not an LADWP customer? You are still able to attend these workshops, just register for the date that suits you, and Garden Guru time is available at a very reasonable cost. Check the Garden Guru Resources Page for information on the things you can start to do on your own.

For more information about the workshops, waterwise gardening, and the incentives and rebates available from LADWP, click here.


Photo Credit: Thomas de Clerck