Showtime June 21st

It’s hard to believe the year has past. And Saturday is the BIG day all over LA as well as 800 cities and 110 countries around the world.

Preparing for a show is an adrenalin rush, the feeling of wonder, surprise and joy all rolled into one. A little scary too not sure if you’ve remembered everything and all the loose ends are tied up.

School of Rock
Dana at The School of Rock in Burbank wasn’t quiet sure she could pull it all together for this first time event. However, Dana got busy and worked with Council District 4, the Chamber of Commerce her neighbors and they will have a fantastic event showcasing School of Rock students.

Daniel Ho Ukulele Mass Appeal Event
Stephanie at the Griffith Park Adult Community Center partnered with LA City Department of Recreation and Parks, Council District 4, Tom LaBonge and Make Music LA to present Grammy Award winning Ukulele artist Daniel Ho –brought to us courtesy of MMLA partners the NAMM Foundation, Alfred Music and Making Music Magazine.

Daniel is leading a Mass Appeal event where he will give a music lesson and play along with the audiences. Everyone is encouraged to bring their Ukuleles with them to the show.

Other shows around town are The Americana at Brand, The Culver City Arts District Summer Solstice Celebration; you can catch the Heart of Los Angeles Jazz Band at Grand Park along with The Colburn School Adult Wind Symphony playing for Make Music Los Angeles.

Tony White Calling All Saxes
At the Silver Lake Reservoirs Meadow Pathway another Mass Appeal event –more of a flash mob of Saxophone players pays homage to Adolphe Sax inventor of the Saxophone’s 200th birthday. This “happenings” leader is Tony White a musical

director extraordinaire. Tony is with Beyond the Bell of LAUSD and he brings with him students, amateurs and professional musicians. This event is truly a blown blast of musical joy that Adolphe could never have imagined. Everyone who can play a Saxophone is welcome to bring it to the park, however you must register on the MMLA website so that you can get the music and instructions. Calling All Saxes is a collaboration of Beyond the Bell, LAUSD, the Jazz Educations Network and Make Music Los Angeles.

Tom Nolan Harmonica Mass Appeal Event
Santa Monica is celebrating Make Music LA with 6 parks with talent all through the day. Tom Nolan of the Tom Nolan Band is a blues man and also the dean of students at the Crossroads School of Art and Science. Tom’s show is our third Mass Appeal event. Tom will give a Harmonica lesson. The audience will be given a Harmonica courtesy of Hohner Harmonicas, sheet music by Alfred Music to take home and to of course learn how to play. We call this an interactive show.

Please check the performance listings to find a concert in your area and get outside and enjoy a free concert on Saturday, June 21st.

You too can have musical celebrations in your neighborhood next year. Please join us at the Congress of Neighborhoods in September to learn how you can make music in your neighborhood.