A great way to make your 2016 Neighborhood Council Elections a huge success is to turn it into a party. How do you want to attract voters to ensure high turnout? Do you want to have a DJ or a band and call it a block party? Do you want to call it a backyard barbecue and have food trucks? Do you want to partner with other Neighborhood Councils in your region and put together a street fair? Whatever it is, get your outreach and elections committees together to decide on how to throw the best party your Neighborhood has ever seen, and make sure to fill out the appropriate forms at least 30 days in advance!

If your Election Event includes elements such as a BBQ or food truck and/or entertainment, etc, you should plan ahead and submit a Neighborhood Council Event Approval Form to the Funding Team at EmpowerLA.Funding@LACity.org

The required documents are:

  • A signed and completed Neighborhood Council Event Approval Form
  • A signed Funding Request Form
  • Itemized Detailed Event Budget
    Due to liability and permitting issues that must be handled prior to the event, please submit to the Department at least 30 days prior to your event.

Click here to be directed to forms and click on ‘Funding Forms and Trackers’ to find the aforementioned.

If you are just offering prepackaged snacks at an election day poll for voters, then you do not have to submit a Neighborhood Council Event Approval Form.