Mayor Garcetti and First Lady Michelle ObamaToday First Lady Michelle Obama joined me in Los Angeles where we pledged to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.

Now it’s your turn to join us.

There is no one to whom you or I owe a greater debt of service than to our veterans. Yet, across the country, veterans find themselves with few opportunities and little chance to get ahead when they return home. The heartbreaking reality is that nearly 60,000 veterans will be sleeping on the streets tonight. The President, the First Lady, and I are determined to bring that number down to zero.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles has more homeless former service members than any other American city. Winning here means we can win everywhere.

Join forces with us and pledge your support to end veteran homelessness.

We know what it takes to get this done: more affordable housing, better access to support services, and holding our elected representatives accountable so their words of support are backed up with action.

That’s where you come in. Let’s join forces and show support for our veterans.

Eric Garcetti