Mayor Eric Garcetti released his Resilient Los Angeles Strategy today at an EngageLA Getty House event with Neighborhood Council and community members in attendance. Neighborhood Councils, along with community organizations, play a big role in the second chapter of the strategy, which focuses on strong and connected neighborhoods with four specific goals:    


  1. Build social cohesion and increase preparedness through community collaboration
  2. Increase programs and partnerships that foster welcoming neighborhoods
  3. Prepare and protect the most vulnerable to increasing extreme heat
  4. Reduce health and wellness disparities across neighborhoods.


The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment will work with the Emergency Management Department and the Mayor’s Office of Resilience to support Neighborhood Councils and community organizations in identifying locations to create Neighborhood Resilience Hubs. These hubs are physical spaces designed to facilitate social and climate resilience and disaster preparedness and recovery. They’ll be fortified with the most up-to-date electricity, water, communications and seismic technologies to ensure that critical services are maintained during and after a disaster.


In addition to creating Neighborhood Resilience Hubs, Neighborhood Council were also asked to identify Resilience Liaisons as soon as possible and to create a Neighborhood Preparedness Plan by 2019. Once your Neighborhood Council selects a Resilience Liaison, you can provide the information to EmpowerLA hereEmpowerLA and the Emergency Management Department will follow up with Neighborhood Councils with more information about Neighborhood Resilience Hubs and Preparedness Plans in the next few months.