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Open Board Seats 2014 – North Hills West NC
General Stakeholder Board Members
Term: 2 years
5 Elected Open to Stakeholders eighteen (18) years of age or older who own a business or property, or work within the boundaries of NHWNC and provide proof of such. These positions are also open to Stakeholders who participate in a religious institution, educational institution, community organization, non-profit organization, neighborhood association, school/parent group, faith based group, senior group, youth group, arts association, service organization, boys or girls club, cultural group, or environmental group within the NHWNC boundaries and provide proof of consistent, active membership of said group. Stakeholders who live, work, own property in the NHWNC Boundaries who are 18 years or older.
John P McGovern –I am a NHWNC board member Now, and I am rerunning to continue to serve this community .There is MUCH more to do and plenty to learn from the various NC’s throughout L A . North Hills is my community and I intend to make a change here to make this a more suitable place to live and work for all of the residents. I am asking for your vote, and want you to use me to be your voice for ALL in this city to hear what North Hills has to say. This community has been divided for way too long and the TIME to start fresh is now. It is up to all of the residents of North Hills to put their differences aside and work together for the community as a whole.Thank You.
Dan Gibson – I am a business owner (Valley Sod Farms) and property owner in North Hills. I believe that the neighborhood Council system is a unique and vital part of our local government. Therefore, I am willing to volunteer my time and efforts to see that the issues concerning our community are considered and worked out in an honorable and effective manner.I am currently an appointed board member for NHWNC and serve on the Planning and Land Use Committee, as well as the Beautification and Infrastructure Committee.I respectfully ask for your vote as your representative on the governing board of the North Hills West Neighborhood Council. Thank you.
Nancy Xander –I have lived in North Hills for 9.5 years and enjoy the lifestyle and the neighborhood ambiance. The Neighborhood Council’s purpose is to involve and represent the entire neighborhood, their ideas and concerns, and relay them to the city. I have been an active member of the current NHWNC board, and have served as the Rules & Elections chair. This committee revised the Bylaws, which were approved and are currently in effect. I am also on the Outreach, Events & Marketing committee which has written and mailed two Westsider newsletters to all stakeholders, plus sponsored and attended many events in our area. I would very much appreciate your vote.
Mohammed Hilme Khalid
David Hyman – My family settled in Sepulveda (now North Hills) in 1960. I am a product of this community and am a charter Board member of this Neighborhood Council. I would like to continue giving back to my community and improving the quality of life for those who now make this great community their home.
Residential Stakeholder Board Members
Term: 2 years
7 Elected Open to Stakeholders eighteen (18) years of age or older who live in a residence, either as a homeowner or a renter, within the boundaries of the NHWNC and must provide proof of residency. Stakeholders who reside within the NHWNC and who are 18 years or older.

Dave Brown – Hi everyone, I have lived in North Hills West for over 20 years, having shared the fun and accomplishment(s) of volunteering on several of our Neighborhood Council Committees during the past year and a half. I have seen what can be done when participants are able to leave personal agendas at home, and focus on issues for the common good. Unfortunately, I have also the witnessed damage and the costs associated with the opposite. I desire to show up prepared, do good work with NO DRAMA, and accomplish our objectives economically.

I am a strong advocate for real attention to issues that need to be dealt with, including Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety, crime, repair & maintenance of streets, sidewalks, storm drains and trees.

With the confidence of your vote, I would like to continue to volunteer to contribute to progress in these areas.

Thank you, Dave Brown

Debra Perkins – I am Debra Perkins and would like to be one of your next Residential board members for North Hills West.My previous career experiences in such diverse industries as:Education,Finance,Non-Profits,have increased my ability to approach all challenges from a solutions based platform.I am a long time resident of North Hills,a mother & grandmother with unique perspectives & awareness of the challenges facing our neighborhood.I believe NC’s are necessary & vital outreach arms to our local,state,national departments,elected officials & public safety to increase their knowledge of the issues that are specific to our neighborhood.During the time that I have worked with North Hills West I have seen accomplishments but we have much more to do.I have the enthusiasm & proven skills to be an effective part of our NC group dynamic. So please support me with your Vote & let’s do more good work. Thank U

Carlos Maya – I Carlos Maya would like to be one of your new Board member for North Hills West. My previous career experiences in such diverse industries as: Construction, and Finance,have increased my ability to approach all challenges from a solutions based platform. I am a long time resident of North Hills! I have unique perspective and awareness of the challenges facing our neighborhoods.

I believe Neighborhood Councils are a necessary! I believe I can bring a new prospective from the younger generation and new ideas to the table.I have the enthusiasm and am ready for the challenge. I want to be an effective as part of North Hills West Neighborhood Council group dynamic. So please! Support me and Vote!!!

Armando Diaz – I am running for Neighborhood Council because I want to be a strong advocate for our North Hills West community. I want to use my experience to make sure our community gets it’s fair share from the city and I want to make our neighborhood council smarter and more efficient so we can better serve our neighbors.

I have lived in North Hills for the past 3 years. I have over 16 years non profit management and have experience in dealing with community issues. I serve on many community boards and I am a 10 year Rotarian. I truly believe in giving back.

I would be honored to have your support, and I ask for your vote.

Garry Fordyce – 1) I am currently seated with a fine NHWNC. Each should seek re-election! But due to the notorious history of the NHWNC, board members, like you the stakeholder, find little tolerance for bully special interest groups. Thus, not all shall seek re-election! It is you, the silent apathetic majority, who can change this!

2) I Envision: Progressive community spirit, passionately communicating, agreeing to disagree, seeking mutual consensus, supporting permanent lasting improvements to Our Community.

3) Credentials: Homeowner NHW 37 years. Several years: NHWNC; Public Safety, Land Use Committees. Currently Serving: Rules-Elections, Budget-Finance Committees; Second Signatory. Speaker Before: Zoning Administration, Planning Commission, Los Angeles City Council. Election Precinct Inspector. Viet Nam Veteran.

4) Inspired By: What could/should be a vibrant community, coming together for the common good. It is not what I can do for you, but what We can do Together.

I, GARRY FORDYCE, humbly seek Your VOTE.

Ed Serrano –I have lived in this community since 1986. I would like to have an input and be up to date on how my tax dollars are being spent. I would like to support new and good ideas to better our community. I would like to get involved in getting our community to move in a positive direction. Thank you for your time and your vote. Edwin Serrano

Ken Heagy – Retired postal worker, I’ve lived in North Hills since 1960. I grew up here and want to do what I can to keep North Hills the great community it has always been.

Yey Coronel-Alcid

Carol Hart – Twenty years ago, I bought a home here in NHW. I raised my children here and enjoy an extended family of friends and neighbors. I love this area and care about the future as much as I cherish the past. I’ll use communication and organizational skills from work along with the loving concern of a mother to help guide our community.

Community Interest Stakeholder Board Member
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholders who declare a stake within the NHWNC boundaries as a community interest stakeholder and who are 18 years or older. Stakeholders who declare a stake within the NHWNC boundaries as a community interest stakeholder and who are 18 years or older.

Punam Gohel


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Polling Hours:
2 pm to 8 pm

Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society
9550 Haskell Ave.
North Hills, CA 91343


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