EmpowerLA’s Outreach Bootcamp removes the mystery from effective outreach plans and breaks it down to the six essential and familiar elements of effective communication, starting with a foundation of Know Yourself.

Regardless of your environment, it is imperative that you focus on clearly establishing who you are, that you discipline yourself to repeat this at every opportunity, and that you are accountable for the results.

Are you clear? Are you consistent? Are you monitoring your performance?

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council just sent out a digital newsletter with a great example of a well-articulated introduction:

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council (ERNC) is an official organization of the City of Los Angeles, staffed by 19 elected, unpaid volunteers. Our Board is composed of Eagle Rock stakeholders from all walks of life, who share a desire to make our home town a safer, greener, and more prosperous place to live.

Our job is neighborhood empowerment: We act as your advocates and liaisons to the City Council, the Mayor, and all City of L.A. departments that touch the lives of Eagle Rockers. Join us at one of our meetings, or talk to us at a community event, and find out how we can make Eagle Rock even better, together.

Short and sweet, it works on paper, online, and in person. Eagle Rock knows who they are, what they do, and are able to conclude this short introduction with an invitation.

To find out about the other five elements, you can watch a video from the Outreach Bootcamp in NoHo. You can also join us in Encino on June 19th for the TUX Bootcamp where we will recap the progress of our Outreach Champions and then take on Technology and the User Experience (TUX) from the Neighborhood Council perspective.

TUX BootCamp, June 19 @ 7pm

This BootCamp will focus on Social Media, Websites, Email Campaigns. We will explain the differences between platforms and show you how to use them best for outreach.

Encino Community Center
4935 Balboa Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
Board Members and Committee Members Welcome!