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3-way tie for second + third place decided by drawing of straws 9/25/12 (view video here)
** 2-way tie for second place decided by drawing of straws 9/25/12 (view video here)
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Open Board Seats 2012 – Pico NC

Factual Basis At-Large
Stakeholder Representative
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or who declares a stake in the neighborhood and affirms the factual basis for it and is 18 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it and are 18 years or older.

Ron Geiger

We deserve a Neighborhood Council that can better represent our community, because its members do a better job of communicating.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a professional communicator, helping organizations big and small create advertising that reaches people around the world. For months, I volunteered with PICO NC, helping to develop outreach materials capable of communicating its purpose and potential:

“Connecting People. Building Community.”

Now, we need to elect people to the Board who can turn these words into action. In the decade I’ve lived and worked here with my family, I’ve sensed an incredible opportunity. We, the residents of LA’s most diverse area, can prove that diversity truly is strength. PICO N.C. can help, but only if we fill it with people committed to communicating better with us, and each other. I am committed. Please join me.


April Barnett

I have been a resident of the Pico Neighborhood since 1994, (18 years). During that time I have seen significant changes for the better. One of those changes I was responsible for. I was instrumental in getting speed humps on the 1300 block of S. Mansfield Avenue where I live in the Wilshire Highlands area. I also started my own business in pet sitting. Some of my neighbors who know of my involvement with the speed hump installation have approached me regarding possible restricted parking on our block. It has been of great concern for many years. The employees of the La Brea car services, patrons of Roscoe’s and event attendees of the GAM Center make it difficult for residents to find adequate parking. I would like to represent the Wilshire Highlands area to address any other issues and concerns the residents may have.

Ostralia Mathews

I do business in this community daily. I’ve been a a part of this community since I was a young Child. I’ve been an alternate Board Member of the Pico NC for over a year. I use to Manager a business in this community and looking to start another at 5050 West Pico Bl. My Mother in a home owner of a neighboring community since 1973. I donate supplies and my time to the Tome Bradley Center. This is my Community and I look forward to helping to make good things happen in the Pico NC.

Marsha Levine

I bought my duplex in Carthay Square in 1998. Having searched for many months, I fell in love with the neighborhood.
I am in the film industry as a product placement agent and work on studio films and primetime television. I also am a United Nations Peace Messenger and initiated and spearhead the UN Millennium Development Goals Youth Video Awards for children who make films on one or more of the goals such as eradication of poverty or earth sustainability.
Carthay Square and the Pico area has given me a wonderful home and I would like to give back to the area. I believe in working together to make a better life, a better community, better relationships.
I would like to offer my services to build the community. I offer my strength, my vision and spirit of uniting together. I ask for your vote to allow that process.

Business Representatives
Term: 4 years
2 Elected Persons who are 18 years or older who own or operate a business within the P.I.C.O. NC boundaries, are employed by a business association serving the community, or are recommended by an existing business improvement district within the geographic boundaries of the P.I.C.O. NC shall be eligible for election to the Neighborhood Council as a Business Representative. Business Representatives shall be elected by business owners, business managers, or employees of a business association operating within the boundaries of the Neighborhood Council and who are 18 years or older.

Yvette McNally

I am submitting my application to run for position of Business Representative of the PNC. As an owner of a small business, I feel it is not only my civic duty, but the responsibility as a proprietor to become involved in my community Pico Boulevard is seeing a great momentum of several boutique businesses opening and if we work together to help promote and bring awareness to the new stores and restaurants, together we can make Pico Boulevard the new shopping destination. This is great for the businesses and the homeowners in the Council area.

As the business representative, I will bring a positive energy, great work ethic and creative energy to the PNC. My goal is to open the line of communications between the businesses and the Council at large. I also have vast experience in fundraising and event planning that will be a great asset to the PNC.

Monique Carrabba

I am proud to be a resident and business owner in Pico NC. I am delighted to see how much the NC has achieved since I moved to the area in 2000. (I’m also a native Angeleno). The area just keeps getting better and better. I have been an active member of Picfair Village Community Association where together we have gone from focusing on issues to embracing community. We do fundraisers such as garage sales, food & animal shelter drives, and entertainment events such as community mixers, block parties, a Pumpkin race, and a community tree planting. By reaching out to the community with these events, we have fostered increased civic pride uniting both new and old residents. Together we achieve more!

Joel Levin

I am a homeowner in Carthay Square. I also own and manage rental property in the neighborhood. I have a son entering third grade and am an active school volunteer and believer in local community support for public schools. Although I am a relative newcomer to Carthay Square (yes, I grew up in the Valley), my extended family has lived in the Fairfax area for decades. I have fond childhood memories of visiting my grandparents here in the 1970s. Thus, I have a strong commitment to this neighborhood as a place to live and do business. As a member of the council, I hope to build the sense of community and the sense of place in our neighborhood, that is so often missing in our large city.

Daniel Sosa

Greetings. My name is Daniel Sosa. I am a lifetime resident of the City of Los Angeles.

I represent LBC, a medical cannabis collective at 5057 W. Pico Blvd, on the northeast corner of Pico and Sycamore.

I believe that it is important for local businesses, local police and fire departments, and local residents to positively communicate with one another to effectively address community concerns.

There are many new businesses in this community, and it is of the utmost importance for these businesses to establish positive relationships with the longtime residents of Pico.

The revitalization that is happening right now on Pico is very special. I look forward to being a part of it.

Employee Representative
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Any person 18 years or older who is employed within the Neighborhood Council boundaries, or is recommended by an existing business improvement district within the geographic boundaries of the P.I.C.O. NC shall be eligible for election to this position. Only persons who are 18 years or older and employed within the area of the Neighborhood Council shall be permitted to vote for the Employee Representative.
Education Representatives
Term: 4 years
 2 Elected These positions shall be filled by teachers or school administrators employed within and/or living in the Neighborhood Council area and who are 18 years or older. Residential stakeholders and those working at any school located within the boundaries of the P.I.C.O. NC and who are 18 years or older may vote.

Shelly Littauer

I care about my neighborhood. My neighborhood includes my neighbors, the homes, the school, the business , the religious institutions, restaurants and the environment.

It bothers me when businesses open on Pico and then leave because they can’ t make it. Yes, there have been businesses that have stuck it out and are doing okay. There is hope. However, it bothers me that this neighborhood does not support these businesses as much as it should.

It bothers me when students transfer out of Saturn. Saturn is a good school and has good teachers and administrators.

It bothers me that Pico Blvd. is not thriving. It was supposed to. But it has not happened. I would like to see all of these negatives change into positives.
I would like to be part of these positive changes. I would like to help them take place.

Phu Tranchi

I worked as a principal in the area for several years and fell in love with the neighborhoods then decided to move here. After renting in Wilshire Vista for some time, my wife and I decided to purchase a home in Picfair Village. We’ve watched the neighborhood grow and attract some wonderful businesses, but I want to see our local schools continue to improve. We now have a two-year old son and I am committed to helping the community in which we plan to raise him.

I have been in education for over 15 years and am currently working toward a doctorate in educational leadership. I am experienced in working within a community to elicit growth and progress and look forward to helping our neighborhood schools.

Service/Non-Profit Organization
Term: 4 years
3 Elected These positions shall be open to anyone 18 years or older who is an employee of a religious or service organization located within and serving the Neighborhood Council area. Employees who are18 years or older, of religious or non/profit organizations located within and serving the Neighborhood Council representatives.

Larry Bogatz

For the last three years, I have functioned as the CERT Battalion 18 Coordinator, the Safety and Security Chair for the South Carthay Homeowners Association, a regular attendee at C-PAB meetings, while maintaining my primary activity of working with many of the Pico NC communities to assist in disaster preparedness at the neighborhood level. My activities have frequently involved me with the Pico NC and its members. My background, training, experience and proven interest have prepared me for a larger role in this important area and I believe Board membership would provide that opportunity.

Rayna Saslove

I love Los Angeles and the PICO NC area where we’ve lived for the last 10 years.

As a founding member of the Rings of Saturn, I am proud of the fact that we have successfully lobbied for grant monies to transform the asphalt campus at Saturn Elementary into a gorgeous park. The grounds will be used by the children and faculty during school hours and will offer a much-needed green space to the community during non-school hours.

I am eager to continue to advocate for our schools and other non-profits in our community.

Allison Diamant

I have had the honor of serving on the PICO Neighoborhood Council for most of the past year as the Service/Non-Profit Organizaton representative in my role as a member of the Board of Directors of Beth Chayim Chadashim. As part of my responsibility on the Board I participate in outreach to the community and build community partnerships. I have always believed that volunteer participation is vital for community empowerment and after working with a group of wonderfully motivated volunteers this past year this belief has been further solidified. I also have strong interests in education, fair representation and the “greening” of our city.

Donna Grayson

Senior Citizen Representative
Term: 4 years
1 Elected This position is open to any person 55 years or older who is a stakeholder within the Neighborhood Council. Only persons 55 years or older shall be allowed to vote for their representative.

Ramona Whitney

On July 18, 2011 (Experiment) I walked north on Burnside Ave. from Pico Blvd. to Hauser and Olympic Bl. I rode the bus east on Olympic to Hill St. I walked south on Hill St. to Washington Blvd. On Hill St. I saw dirt, junk, graffiti, men on the street sleeping and “passed out”. I saw junk and smelled the urine. I saw women, children and men going somewhere. This once extremely vibrant commercial area is now in deep decline. This could happen to PICO. We need to Wake up. Speak up. Work. I want to participate. It is vital for the Health, Safety and Welfare of our women, children and families.

Sue Beidleman

As a 10th District resident for over 45 years, actively working in my community, I have served on several advisory boards and committees.  I’m a founding member and past president of Neighbors United Neighborhood Association.  For more than 30 years our association has participated successfully in City government.  I have written comments and/or presented oral comments at hearings before several City agencies in support of or in opposition to applications for issues affecting our community.

For the past two years, I served as the Senior Representative on the PICO Neighborhood Council Board.  If elected, I would raise issues of concern to seniors, and work to educate seniors on available services and programs.

Factual Basis At-Large Representatives
Term: 4 years 
2 Appointed These positions are open to nonresidents of the Neighborhood Council area who have an interest in the community represented by the council. The Board of Directors shall appoint the At-Large Representative from a list of eligible candidates after consideration of the contribution each might make to the Neighborhood Council area.
Youth Representative
Tern: 4 years 
1 Appointed This position is open to any person 15 to 21 years living or attend in gschool in the Neighborhood Council area. The Board of Directors shall appoint the Youth Representative from a list of eligible candidates after consideration of the contribution each might make to the Neighborhood Council area.

Michael Bolds

I am very interested in my community. I want to be apart of making decisions for the present and the future. In my generation there are new issues that come up that I would like to share with my peers and elders and help be apart of a solution. I would like to have an open dialogue with my peers and elders so we can continue growing as a community. To help the community I can be a conduit between generation seeking the wisdom and knowledge from my elders and sharing the information with my peers. As a younger person I want to continue the positive cycle of caring for the community.


Tom Bradley Center
5213 W. Pico Blvd
LA, CA 90019

Polling Hours:
12 pm to 6 pm

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