Our guest in this episode is Claire Bartels, Director of the Office of Finance. Bartels is a veteran of City Hall who has spent over three decades working for various City departments and elected officials. In our conversation, Claire talks about the financial state of our City, what the Office of Finance is doing to create productive partnerships with Neighborhood Councils and other City entities, and how they are handling the brave new world of legal recreational cannabis. We hope you enjoy!



Show Notes:

Claire Bartels and Her Decades of Service to the City of LA
Claire was appointed as Director of the Office of Finance in January of 2016. In her decades of service to the City of LA she’s worn many hats. Learn more about her background here.

Targeted Neighborhood Initiative
Claire mentioned her previous work at the neighborhood level, most notably working with Mayor Riordan on the Targeted Neighborhood Initiative.

Monthly Investment Reports
The Office of Finance actively manages a $10 billion portfolio, with an in-house team trading securities on a daily basis. Learn more about the City’s investments here.

Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates
The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (NCBAs) work with the Office of Finance and other Departments to help improve efficiency within the City. You can view their annual White Paper here (PDF).

Listing of Active Businesses
Claire mentioned that there are over 500,000 active businesses in the City. You can find a comprehensive listing of all active businesses currently registered with the Office of Finance here. An “active” business is defined as a registered business whose owner has not notified the Office of Finance of a cease of business operations.  This information is updated monthly.

LA Business Portal
The LA Business Portal is the go-to place for all the information you need to start and manage your business in the City of LA. The portal is a partnership between the Office of Finance and many other City entities.

Finance Calendar
Never miss a key date again with the Office of Finance’s Finance Calendar. This page also contains links to key renewal forms and other online services. 

Cannabis and the Office of Finance
Along with the Department of Cannabis Regulation, the Office of Finance has created a handy map of all the cannabis retailers operating lawfully in your community. Find out where they are here. 

Office of Finance’s New Website
You can find the brand spanking new Office of Finance website at finance.lacity.org. 

Office of Finance’s Twitter Account
You can also follow the Office of Finance’s Twitter Account at @CityofLAFinance

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