As promised at our recent Citywide Outreach Gathering, we’re offering Regional Outreach Workshops at locations across LA in June and July! While these workshops are especially helpful for Neighborhood Council Outreach Chairs and Committee members, any Neighborhood Council board and committee members are welcome to join. Attendance is free with RSVP.

Regional Outreach Workshops will be conducted every few months throughout the year; each series will have a different theme and focus. The upcoming workshops in June and July will cover strategies for filling board vacancies, as well as asset mapping – how to look up and identify resources in your community to help you with your NC outreach, such as partner organizations or local businesses. Time will also be reserved to delve into a topic chosen by popular vote within each region, so make sure to note what your outreach interests and needs are when you fill out the RSVP link below.

A list of workshop dates, times, and locations appears on the RSVP form. To sign up, please visit