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Open Board Seats 2014 – Silver Lake NC

At-Large Representative Term: 2 years

7 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood or those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are 14 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood or those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are 14 years or older.
Charles Herman-Wurmfeld – My community work begins at the micheltorena school / community garden (open community meeting time Saturdays 10-2pm) where I am 30+ hours a month. Come say hello! developing vision for community: Let Restorative Justice, Affordable housing, Sacred Economics , Love, Creativity and Equality prevail over fear. let us help one another work-to-survive less and commune more to build autonomous, loving community. Let’s share land and resources; reinterpret our public space/roads. Let’s nurture our children in new ways dedicated to discovery & wonder. Let’s share cars, rides and drive less; lets embrace localism. Let’s grow food in worker-owned collectives & re-dedicate to 100 percent renewable water/electricity independence. Let’s develop local currency. a condition /challenge: I will humbly resign if I am not elected part of an SLNC supermajority aligned with the essence of this NEW COURSE. So get on it folks! Thanks, blessings and in gratitude and service – xoxo Charlie
Brian W. Fisher – I have lived in east Silverlake , west of the Glendale Freeway for over sixty Years . I have a vested interest in improving the our neighborhood. I just built a new house in the area . I retired this year so i have time to make Silver Lake a better place to live .
Jeffrey L Frost
larsswannLarry Wilcox – 20 years in Silver Lake and a life long Angeleno. I’ve lived in many Los Angeles neighborhoods, but Silver Lake is my first choice. I live and work in Silver Lake, and wouldn’t have it any other way.I’m a person of few words. I often prefer to listen. Vote for me and I will listen to all.thank you.
Jeff_WayneJeff Wayne – There are so many pressing issues our community is facing now and in the immediate future, I believe I can make a difference. From parking to bars and hotels in residential areas I have spoken up on behalf of myself and residents for years.In the course of working 32 years for a Fortune 500 company I have dealt with Los Angeles street services, building and safety and numerous other city departments. As a resident of Silver Lake for 17 years I have met with our City Council office many times regarding problems and have gotten results. I am a founding member of our local neighborhood watch (thanks Larry) and meet regularly with Silver Lake’s Senior Lead Officer. I was part of a process that put numerous
Neighborhood watch groups together for a summit sanctioned by the SLNC public safety committee.
Sandy_DriscollSandy Driscoll – I have loved Silver Lake for 30 years as a homeowner, successful small business owner, President of a non-profit humane association, and active member of Dillon Ridge Neighborhood Watch. Silver Lake is a treasure. Its history, eclectic architecture and vibrantly diverse community makes our neighborhood always interesting, and a personally fulfilling place in which to live.My focus is on Public Safety — lower crime, CERT training, earthquake/disaster preparedness and wildlife awareness. We must challenge high density residential and commercial projects that clog already crowded neighborhoods, threatening to morph us into another cookie-cutter megalopolis, and on solving traffic problems on hillside streets.Our quality of life is precious. I will support changes for Silver Lake’s Reservoirs — encouraging increased wildlife habitat, attracting more migratory birds and making the best use of reservoir water, without increasing congestion.Let’s focus on enhancing the safety, integrity and character of our wonderful unique community!
imageJanet Cunningham – I have gratefully been serving you on the NC for several years, and hope to continue as your representative. The council has the responsibility to represent our small town, Silver Lake, to the big city in which we live. The council is your voice, your vote, whether to support or contest various projects, to how taxpayer monies are spent, locally, for the benefit of our community. First, thank you for voting in this election, and for voting for me. I would also encourage you to come to meetings, bring your concerns and ideas to the various committees, and be active in making the neighborhood council an even more valuable asset to you and to Silver Lake.
Brett_Fernau_Reg7_SLNC_2014Brett A Fernau – Silver Lake has been my home for the last 24 years. I have walked most of the streets in Region 7 and many of the streets of Region 6. I have climbed the stairways and walked where the Red Car used to run. There have been changes here, some good, some not. There are problems here such as scarce parking, after-hour bar patrons roaming about, vehicles broken into, and even an armed robbery. I believe that by working together as a community, we can solve most of the problems ourselves. I believe in personal responsibility for one’s own actions. I also believe in expanding the scope of that responsibility as much as possible to include one’s neighbors, one’s community, one’s city and one’s nation. As a writer, photographer, artist, active Neighborhood Watch member and responsible citizen, I believe I can help make this a better place to live.
John_McDowell_Reg7_SLNC_2014John R. McDowell, Jr. – My wife and I have lived in Silver Lake for 30+ years. Our children were born and raised here and attended the local public schools that I was involved with, including serving on the Marshall School Site Council. Silver Lake is rich in creativity, individuality, and enthusiasm for culture and health. To make Silver Lake a more beautiful and safer place to live and enjoy, we have to change the culture to become bike and pedestrian friendly, maintain green space and parks, improve air quality and support local business. My passion for grassroots activism since the 60’s taught me that change starts from the bottom up. As a community college educator, I’ve protected access to education and empowered students. I’ve developed a valuable set of advocacy skills and built relationships that will help me effectively represent your views. Let’s work together to shape a future with better quality of life.
FinalAdam Lotz – Silver Lake is my favorite part of Los Angeles–It is authentic, vibrant, and full of a culturally rich and diverse group of people. I believe this is what makes Silver Lake a great place to be, and I want to work to preserve these qualities.As great as Silver Lake is, I think it could be even better. As one of the most bike-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles, I believe we should focus on improving safety for bicyclists as well as for pedestrians. I also think that the neighborhood should be more active in clearing trash off of the sidewalks and the streets.I work as an analyst at a wealth management firm and graduated from California State University – Northridge. I am regular jogger at the reservoir and a frequent user of the Silver Lake library. On the weekends I enjoy dancing salsa and tango.
JoshuaKirchmer_SilverLake.REg7Joshua Kirchmer – Having lived in Silver Lake since moving to Los Angeles, I would welcome the opportunity to improve our community through serving on the SLNC.I am an active member of the Time Bank and support the idea of a sharing economy! I have been in continuous contact with D13 Councilman O’Farrell to help improve things around the neighborhood, such as the crosswalk at Glendale/Deane.If given the opportunity, I will bring the SLNC into the 21st century and make the entire process more open and accessible through great use of technology and community events.I can assure you I will be a proponent of REAL, VISIBLE action that will strengthen our community and make living here even better!I look forward to getting great things done in our Neighborhood!
Lisa HartLisa Hart – I have lived in Silver Lake for five years, and lived in Echo Park for more than six years before that. I love LA and I love this neighborhood and the sense of history and momentum here. It is such an exciting time to be in Silver Lake, although along with the changes come challenges. I hope to be your voice to help shape our future and create opportunities for community and engagement.My vision for Silver Lake is: walkable, safe, affordable, beautiful, nature-filled, diverse, with access to public transportation, bikeable, sustainable, supportive of small businesses, and engaging of people in community and in decisions that affect all of us.With a background in public policy, community engagement, organizational effectiveness, and diversity, I am prepared to bring people together, ask tough questions, and help move things forward.Hablo español. Questions? Contact me at
Paul _NeumanPaul Michael Neuman – My mission is making certain that your ideas are heard, your questions are answered accurately and your concerns addressed satisfactorily. As a current board member and past co-chair, I strongly believe in grassroots neighborhood empowerment. I’ve also worked in four different L.A. City Council offices, including the one that championed creating neighborhood councils. (My most recent work has been for a fracking ban in our city.) Working with people faithfully and fairly, I always prioritize getting facts and resources out of City Hall and to our community. I have founded two different local neighborhood watches, including the Northeast Silver Lake Neighborhood Watch – 150-200 people attended our last meeting! – and last year initiated a successful “National Night Out” public safety/community celebration here. My constant goal is to strengthen the voice of the community. I’ve lived in Silver Lake for 20+ years, and I’d be proud to have your support
teresa_bwTeresa Sitz – Teresa Sitz joined the SLNC in 2012. She re-established the Outreach Committee and co-founded the Education Committee. With SLNC and community members Ms. Sitz authored/co-authored more than 20 motions and 2 bylaws amendments. Through the Education Committee Ms Sitz co-produced a bike rodeo for neighborhood youth, a workshop on bullying, and with the Echo Park Neighborhood Council, established a joint subcommittee on Hunger and Homelessness. Ms Sitz volunteers with the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic and helped produce Silver Lake’s Christmas luncheon for needy families. Ms. Sitz knows empowered people are Silver Lake’s most valuable asset. The LAPD, City Attorney’s Office, and even the City Council can’t solve our problems without our help. Neighbors communicating and working together are the key to safe and secure communities. If you care about important issues: supporting the shared economy, community gardens, restorative/social justice, homeless and indigenous rights, transparency and accountability, vote for SITZ.
hc_pic_slncHeather Carson – I first got involved when a board member obtained the SLNC’s backing for a zoning variance on his personal property despite 320 neighbors protesting against it. Ultimately the neighbors prevailed. Then I discovered 4 of the Board Members present for his hearing neglected to attend a Special Board Meeting a few hours later to vote on funds for our community. $3500 in funds was returned to the city. Twice I went before the board to state this for the Public Record and twice the 4 erased their names from the Minutes. I got involved again when a motion was proposed to ban Short-Term Rentals. In 3 days we gathered 4000 signatures in LA -975 signatures in SL alone- in support of regulated Short-Term Rentals. I want a Neighborhood Council that serves the neighborhood and not the council.Member:
SLNC Urban Design & Preservation Committee
Silver Lake Time Bank Nurture Council
ac-amandalopez-laweekly2013Amy Clarke – I love Silver Lake and would be honored to continue serving our COMMUNITY – dreamer and doer, musician, mama, artist, & community gardener, I wish to CELEBRATE our diversity, innovation & harmony, ELEVATE the unique artistic elements & cultural heritage that give Silver Lake its distinct character, and discover more ways to UNITE to grow a sustainable future. I approach each situation holistically, always LISTEN to stakeholders over outside parties or officials, and only make a final voting decision after hearing from as many constituents as possible. “Thinking globally, acting locally” and desiring FUN in problem-solving, I am enthused to collaborate TOGETHER for social justice, a sharing economy, alternative transportation, green space, arts, education, and cooperative values of equality, tolerance & open-mindedness ~ co-creating a more peaceful world for all. Arts & Culture Co-Chair, Micheltorena Garden Volunteer, Make Music LA, Music Box Steps Day, SL Time Bank, Gaia Grove.
imageNadine Trujillo – I have worked and lived in this Community since 1995. I am a current Board Member of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Representative at Large and Chairperson of Public Safety Committee. I have organized two yearly CERT classes, a CERT Community Fair, initiated a Community wide Neighborhood Watch Alliance Group to help keep Silver Lake safe from crime and violence. As a Representative at Large I have been able to provide stakeholders with information and direction to solve issues. As our Community grows we need to focus on the needed infrastructure, resiliency, sustainability, safety, jobs and most importantly the inclusiveness of all our diverse and eclectic stakeholders. I am here to represent you.
_MG_8908F border 4webAnne-Marie Johnson – As current co-chair of the SLNC, co-chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee, voting member of the Urban Design and Preservation Advisory Committee, an At-Large representative and a life long resident of Silver Lake, I’ve had the honor of serving this great neighborhood for over 2 years. I believe residents’ needs should be the boards’ first priority; working to maintain an acceptable balance between the requirements and safety of our residents and the needs of our responsible, local business partners. Growth for growth’s sack is unacceptable. As a board member, I do my homework, listen to all sides and once I’ve made an educated decision, there will be no question where I stand. I am your tireless advocate for; public safety, quality of life issues, protection of R1/R2 ordinances, responsible growth and realistic discussions regarding the future of our reservoir. I appreciate and need your support.
Picture of Kinoka OgsburyKinoka Ogsbury – Kinoka Ogsbury is a mother, designer at a SL apparel company, and a resident of this beautiful oasis for the past 7 years. Kinoka Onnah means “Blue Sky” in the Lakota Sioux language., and her love of the green outdoors instilled growing up in Boulder Colorado is what drew her to Griffith Park and the Silver Lake Reservoir. Kinoka is wrapping up her EMBA at UCLA Anderson in May of this year and believes that the sharing economy is one of the few positives injecting creativity and resources into our community, especially in these tough economic times.”I feel very strongly that the neighborhood council should reflect the prevailing beliefs and values of our community, and I feel equally disappointed that it has failed too often in this charge. We need to elect people that show compassion, respect, and generosity to all they claim to represent, not just their friends.”
Jose Manuel De Leon – I came to Los Angeles in 1970 from El Salvador and made my home and new friends near the Los Angeles River. As an adult, I move to a new address, which is in the Silver Lake district. I have a passion for helping my community stay clean and safety conscious. For the past 32 years, I have done my share of helping towards these goals by working as a police officer and detective. To help improve it’s quality of life, I have worked off duty in maintaining it clean. I will be retiring soon and I wish to continue working to accomplish the Community Council’s goals by being part of the board of directors. Therefore, I am running for one of the board seats.
David Modern R7_SLNCDavid Modern – David has lived in Silverlake for 17 years. He recently began attending Neighborhood Council meetings out of a concern over a small lot development on his street. After helping organize neighbors in opposing the project, the Council rejected the proposal, making it clear to him the need for participation in the process by people willing to speak up and take action. He has the temperament to be an effective advocate for the community. David is an independent thinker who has strong convictions. Even-tempered and fair-minded, he is an excellent listener. An engineer by training, who was born and raised in Germany, David is rational, logical and honest. He is skilled at using humor to diffuse tension and can be seen riding his bicycle all over LA.

Region 1 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 1 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 1 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
Andrew Macleod – I am a certified public accountant who works locally and has lived in Silver Lake for over 15 years. I am passionate about the following issues for which I am seriously committed to represent the community on the neighborhood council: (1) to provide job opportunities for local residents by reducing the red tape for small business owners to obtain licenses and operate in the neighborhood; (2) to improve the aesthetics and quality of development in the area to be consistent with the history and architecture of Silver Lake but with a common sense attitude to allow for innovation so that we can revitalize neglected properties; (3) to reduce crime and improve the safety of our streets; and (4) to be a spokesperson for all members of the community regardless of background, ethnicity, income, class, straight or gay. I promise to bring a fresh and thoughtful attitude to the neighborhood council.
Jayson Chares Matthews R7_SLNCJayson Chares Matthews – I love Silver Lake, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The Boulevard can look like the 405, graffiti keeps popping up, a “local” coffee costs more than a gallon of gas, I can set my watch to car break-ins, and too many businesses focus on bringing people TO the area rather than serving those already in it. My wife and I have owned a house here since 2007. Priorities in my view are: safety (e.g. street lights, expanded neighborhood committees), traffic management (e.g. the “death crosswalk” on SLB, easier access to the 2 off Duane), concerted but smart business growth (e.g. underutilized space should be easy to lease but not at the expense of surrounding inhabitants), and increased green space. We’re all in this together, so the best way to keep this neighborhood great is to make sure everyone has a voice. Except my neighbor, Dan. He’s nuts.
Richard_HusongRick Husong – I came to Silverlake because I love the diverse architecture of the homes, the trees, the wildlife and of course the reservoir. I have stayed in Silverlake because of the people. Every person I have encountered in this community is full of life and cares about their community. As a home owner and resident for more than 12 years I have watched this community grow and flourish. Silverlake is my home and with your support I would like to help guide it’s future.With the decommissioning of both reservoirs, our beloved community is at an important crossroads. What will the future look like? I have some great ideas, a lot of enthusiasm and I would like to be your voice through this transition. Elect me, and I promise to listen, collaborate, protect the reservoir and keep our community flourishing.Thank you.
photo(4)Helen De La Paz Dion – Helen Dion immigrated to the US from El Salvador in 1984, living in Silver Lake the last 7 years with her three children. Dion has worked as the community representative at Micheltorena Elementary School the last 3 years, forming partnerships with non-profit agencies to bring services to students and their families.Dion volunteers at the Micheltorena Community Garden and the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. She is an advocate for children and families dealing with food and housing insecurities and worked to form the Joint Subcommittee on Hunger and Homelessness under the Education Committees of the SLNC and GEPENC (Echo Park). She managed the kitchen staff, serving more than 250 needy families at the annual Christmas Luncheon.
Dion speaks English and Spanish and is a well-respected community organizer. She regularly attends SLNC committee and Governing Board meetings, engaging parents in SLNC issues. Dion supports the shared economy and social justice.
joshua gomez 3Joshua Javier Gomez – Hello my name is Joshua Gomez, 17 years old, attending to John Marshall HS as a junior. I’ve been living in Silver Lake for 7 years and loving it. I live with my mother, a single mom. The concerns that I have around the community of Silver Lake are graffiti works, irresponsible driving, bike safety. Recently a student at John Marshall was killed in bicycle accident, which concerned many young bicyclists about safety on the road. I know what the Gang Injunction is and it would be great to talk to families who are effected by this. I would like to represent the people of region 1 and represent the youth in this and all of Silver Lake. I am part of the Boy Scouts of America working to acquire the Eagle rank and love to do volunteer work.
Flor PicFlor Cruz – I am currently serving as one of the Region 1 representatives on the SLNC and I’m also a co-chair for the outreach committee. Over the past year it has been a pleasure serving the Silverlake community by being involved with various committees and neighborhood activities. I have not missed any general board meetings and do not take things lightly. I’m very aware that the parking situation has to change and would like to work with the community and city departments for a great future for the reservoir. I realize that there is much more to do and hope to be given the opportunity to serve for a second term.

Region 2 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 2 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 2 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
Georgene Smith Goodin – Georgene Smith Goodin has been a homeowner in Silver Lake since 2010. She is passionate about the neighborhood’s walkability, eclectic artistic and cultural environment, and the unique small businesses that keep Silver Lake from being a cooking cutter neighborhood. She is interested in growing the community sustainably, preserving the neighborhood’s historical architecture, and increasing green spaces such as parks and community gardens. If she is elected to SLNC, she will work to improve the council’s outreach to stakeholders.Georgene Smith Goodin has worked with SLNC as a volunteer on the outreach committee for the Mayor’s Budget Survey. She founded and ran a Neighborhood Watch when she lived in East Hollywood and has taken CERT training (Community Emergency Response.) As a successful businesswoman, she has the skills and experience necessary to ensure SLNC’s budget is spent wisely on neighborhood improvements and community partnerships that will truly benefit Sliver Lake’s stakeholders.
Karen Speitel – After recently opening a Pilates studio in the Silver Lake neighborhood in May 2013, Karen has been fortunate to meet many of the stakeholders in the area. They have voiced their opinions and concerns of our growing neighborhood and their ideas to keep the area the eclectic, diverse and bustling city it has become. As a council member, Karen will be able to present these ideas and concerns directly to the council. Karen is passionate about the safety of our city and how to prevent crime and keep the neighborhood walkable and bike friendly. She also wants to work with the council and stakeholders to find solutions to the graffiti on buildings and abandoned trash on sidewalks and walkways. Lastly, Karen is committed to finding ways to bring more positive businesses to our area and how we as a neighborhood can support those businesses so they remain in our area.
bARBARA rINGUETTEBarbara Ringuette – 25 years a Silver Lake resident, I serve on the Governing Board, Co-chair of the Transportation Committee, SLNC representative to Alliance of River Communities and to City Budget Advocates, committed member of the Urban Design Committee, trained by City Planners, and originator of Adopt a Street in Silver Lake.I have organized community cleanups, crime prevention campaigns and the continuing City-funded graffiti removal program. With neighbors we successfully opposed a zone change, preserving our neighborhood as entirely residential. I am advanced CERT trained.I look to enhance both residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors. High on my list are: safe streets, sidewalk repair, a Dash, well-planned developments, fair utility rates with service improvements, parking solutions and emergency preparedness.I will continue to listen to all, bring additional services to Silver Lake, coordinate with City Departments and make your voice known to City government.I request your vote on April 12th.
Nick_1795Nick Somilleda – Fifty year Silver Lake resident. Ready to give back to the local community and committed to making our neighborhood the gem of the city.
R.Drake.SLNCRalph Drake – I came to our neighborhood a little over ten years ago and haven’t looked back since. Silverlake is a community. It’s supportive, it’s a haven, it’s a place where artistry and know-how intersect. Granted, we’re not perfect, but who is? We’re going through an immense change and I ask for your vote to be part of the mix. My background speaks of a bachelors in Lit. from UCLA (’93), and years of experience in the studio system (Walt Disney, Universal, Warner’s and Sony). I currently work as a writer and script consultant. And, I’m local. Born in L.A and raised in Philadelphia. Silverlake, CA is a unique nest within L.A culture and Forbes article aside, we can do this. Let’s Go!
Region 3 Representative
Term: 2 years
2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 3 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 3 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
JoeMalone_SilverLake.REg7Joseph Malone – I have a history of working to improve Region 3 of Silver Lake and the neighborhood as a whole.I have been a part of the SLNC in the past and would like to serve once again to help bring the issues of Silver Lake residents to the attention of neighborhood and city officials.The future of Silver Lake is in the hands of its stakeholders, and I would love the chance to serve on their behalf as a representative of Region 3 on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.
5452_1184846945850_2817979_nAnthony Crump – I am currently the Co-Chair and one of the Region 3 representatives on the neighborhood council. What’s most important about me, however, is that I’m passionate about our neighborhood and have skills and experience to thoughtfully and effectively represent you. Silver Lake is a dynamic community and Region 3 is one of its most diverse corners. While outsiders joke about our “hipster” hood, as residents, we know that what brings our neighborhood alive is a dynamic mix of people and businesses coupled with our creativity and progressive views. My goal is to preserve and enhance that mix while addressing quality of life issues that can make coming home each day a pleasure or a pain. At the top of my list are issues like graffiti, walkability, transportation (Dash?), responsible development, and safety. It is my hope that you allow me to continue to serve you and our community.
Seamus_GarritySeamus Garrity – I’ve lived in Silver Lake since 2004. I met my wife in region 3 in the year 2000, and in 2010 we were married in our front yard on Tularosa Drive. Many of our neighbors attended the service and we are now raising our daughter here. I am a piano teacher by trade and I drive all over Los Angeles and the surrounding cities throughout the week. Silver Lake is home.As a family man public safety is always a priority. Not just regarding crime but traffic is also a concern of mine.
As an educator, another one of my main concerns will be regarding education in our neighborhood. Outside of the Ivanhoe school district, opportunities are not necessarily great for everyone, and I want to make sure we are doing all we can to make things better.
I will work hard and be an active listener to all stakeholders.

Region 4 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 4 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 4 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
RustyMillar_SilverLake.REg7Rusty Millar – Currently I am the SLNC Vice-Chair and have served as Secretary and as Co-Chair. As a current board member I take the position seriously and have never missed a meeting and co-chair of the Transportation Committee. My goals have been and will continue to be to listen to the entire community and to work with city staff to ensure that community concerns are enacted. Resolving issues that concern us all requires people that have a proven track record to translate community issues into a final product. I count my working relationship with council staff, the mayor’s office, city departments, other board members, our stakeholders in making Silver Lake a better place for all of us as a positive benefit for all. Listening to stakeholders and being a go to person to get things done is a badge I wear proudly. I ask for your vote on April 12, thank you.
Scott Crawford R7_SLNCScott Crawford – S.L.N.C Governing Board Make Music L A Silver Lake Jubilee Sunset Free Clinic Shanti Friends of Hollyhock House Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, Theatre of Hope for Abused Women Griffith Park Neighborhood Council Dillon Street Players Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
rob_johnsonRob Johnsen – I believe being of service is one of the highest callings and I would love to serve my local community as a representative of the SLNC.I bring over 20 years of business leadership to the role, both as an executive for major corporations and as an entrepreneur with a track record of success.I thrive in working towards a common goal with a diverse group of people and believe my ability to analyze issues and figure out solutions will serve me well in the SLNC.
mitchMitch Edelson – I have been a member of the Silver Lake community for four years now. Through my job as a music curator, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Silver Lake’s arts community. If elected, I plan to use my extensive knowledge of technology to bring residents, business owners, and representatives together, in order to better our shared economy. I, like many residents of LA, have received exorbitantly expensive parking tickets. If elected, I will work to put an end to the parking ticket usury, by working closely with The City Council and LA Department of Transportation, to extend free parking hours and lower fines. As an outdoorsman and dog owner, our public spaces hold a special place in my heart. I will work to improve sidewalks, add bike lanes, and encourage building more parklets in our community. I look forward to bringing fresh ideas to the SLNC.
TedAdamsSLNCfinalTed Adams – Ted Adams has made Silver Lake his home for eight years, embracing its progressive, accepting, and sometimes whimsical character.
Adams has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Planning, Public Policy and Management, and will receive a Master of Social Work degree in May. He works at a mental health agency where he conducts therapy with children, adults, and families. Adams spent several years working for non-profits in India (the Dalai Lama Foundation) building schools serving children growing up in slums, and in Guatemala (UNICEF), administering a food distribution program. He speaks Spanish fluently.Adams looks forward to extending his experience in neighborhood organizing to the council and community members. He plans to reach out to underserved communities, and to increase access to health care, support agencies, and prevention programs for Silver Lake youth and their families.
James Bigelow – I care deeply about community, service and action. I’ve worked with children for 13 years; doing behavioral work and coaching parents. I work predominately with “at-risk” youth in homes, schools and community, and currently with the LAUSD. Iâ??ve been a renter in Region 4 for 2.5 years. I think it’s important renters have a voice. I hope to advocate for other renters, and open dialogue in the community about landlord/tenant relations. I’m a volunteer teacher and gardener at Micheltorena School community garden. I teach Radical Empathy (a needs-based process for language that facilitates connections and effectively mitigates conflict) every Tuesday in the community. I will work for a council that prioritizes listening and collaborating with the community. I will work for a community that recognizes and promotes our shared humanity, prioritizes listening over speaking, direct action, restorative justice, consensus-based decision making, developing networks of mutual aid, and free association.

Region 5 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 5 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 5 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
Dorit Dowler-Guerrero – During my time as a SLNC Board Member, I was elected treasurer, chair of the Budget & Finance committee, co-founded & co-chaired the Education Committee and became an active member of the Urban Design & Preservation, Hunger & Homeless and Transgender Tasks Force Committees.As chair of the Budget and Finance committee, I invited the public to weigh in on how the SLNC spends the tax payers money. As a board member I listen to the communities affected by motions and vote based on that outreach.During my 17 years as a Silver Lake resident, I started a fundraising group at Micheltorena Street School, served on two School Site Council, served on the Belleview Park Advisory Board, participated in People Assisting the Homeless, Silver Lake Homeless population inventory, got a traffic light installed at Hyperion and Sunset, and participated forming the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.
plante_pix1Scott D Plante – I have been a resident of Silver Lake since 2009, and been participating in the community since 2010: first, as a member of the Urban Design and Preservation Advisory Committee, and, since 2012, as a member of the Neighborhood Council and Co-Chair of the Urban Design Committee. I am also Secretary of the current board.An architect, I have a small consulting business based in Silver Lake while I continue to work for a large downtown firm. I became interested in improving the neighborhood while walking the Micheltorena Street steps, where improved lighting is expected to be installed this year pending City approvals.I believe you can make a difference, a balanced approach, and I would like to continue to work to improve our neighborhood.
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.43.15 AMChristine Kantner – I have been in Silverlake since 1997 and care deeply about maintaining the character of our neighborhood. If elected I plan on improving on our unique community while keeping outside corporate interests in check.I hold a BA in Art History from USC and am a member of the L.A. Conservancy. Please vote for me if you love Silverlake.
frances_tran_1Frances Tran – Frances Tran has been renting in Silver Lake since 2010. She’s a 4th year doctoral candidate at USC in molecular and computational biology. She volunteers 10+ hours a week at the Micheltorena Community Garden which she uses as a model for teaching local and sustainable living. The garden provides resources and ideas that are shared with the community. In the summers Tran cooks healthy and delicious food for the weekly potlucks that attract people throughout Silver Lake. Tran listens to their concerns and envisions building a shared economy based on local and environmental sustainability. Silver Lake is a diversely wonderful community and Tran strives to make it more inclusive and supportive to those who call it home. Tran is driven to giving voice to those who are marginalized and underrepresented and seeks community solutions to community issues. She advocates for bike awareness, the Metro system, and alternative means of transportation.
Mathew Mooney Silver LakeMatthew Maxwell-Taylor Mooney – I became involved with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in 2012 by assisting Board members during meetings to earn college credit while pursuing degree in Urban & Regional Studies at Cal State Northridge. Upon graduation I became deeply involved in the Councilâ??s Transportation & Public Works committee as well as helping to reinvigorate the then dormant Public Outreach committee where I sat as co-chair.
I believe that everyone has a place in our neighborhood whether you roll, walk, hop or crawl.
I believe in not overburdening our small businesses with unnecessary obstacles and petty demands.
I believe in the Neighborhood Council as only an advisory committee not one that overreaches into our private lives. I believe that our most important and critical goal is to get the neighborhood on a path to sustainability where we act responsibly now as to not overburden subsequent generations.
We can do this!

Region 6 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 6 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 6 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.


Cesar_Fishman_Reg7_SLNC_2014Cesar Fishman – As a resident of Silver Lake, I appreciate the sights, sounds, and resources that this neighborhood offers us every day. Though I have not lived in Silver Lake for very long, I am constantly in the community, and have been to many Neighborhood Council meetings – connecting with the people of Silver Lake to understand how far we have come, and what needs to be done to get where we are going. As our neighborhood grows, we must together face the challenges of protecting the safety of our residents while at the same time nurturing a growing local economy. As the representative for Region 6, I will find this balance by listening to our diverse residents and small business owners and implementing their ideas into action. I would be honored for you to vote for me, Cesar Fishman, on Saturday, April 12, 10am-4pm, at the Micheltorena Elementary School Auditorium.
David A Shafer (WITHDREW)
joe_1_higher_contrastJoe Ryan Ferrell – Joseph Ferrell recently completed a Master’s program in Public Policy at USC. He currently works in the Office of the Mayor and helped save Los Angeles and its resident’s tax dollars through a number of completed projects. Ferrell’s love for policy led him to join the SLNC Urban Design and Preservation Committee, where he effectively advocates for the local community and fellow stakeholders.Ferrell recently represented more than 100 neighbors at SLNC meetings by urging developers to work towards a more sustainable solution for a proposed small lot development. He also helped nominate an architecturally significant home in Silver Lake for historical monument status. Silver Lake is a highly sought after neighborhood attracting large development projects. Ferrell is dedicated to preserving our neighborhood, challenging out-of-scale development that runs counter to the unique characteristics of Silver Lake, and seeks to guarantee that all stakeholders are properly represented in decision making.
kenKen Winick – I am a Realtor having lived and worked in Silver Lake since 1985, the entire time in area (6), of which I would like to represent. I can remember back when I would tell people that I lived in Silver Lake and they would say where is that. I have actively participated in various community events and committees. I presently sit on the board of the Griffith Park Communities Relay for Life. Over the past 4 years we have raised over $120,000 for Cancer Research. I have also been involved in fund raising efforts for the local public schools such Ivanhoe Elementary and King Middle School.My concentration is crime in the neighborhood. Just a few months back our State Representative Mike Ghatto’s father was murdered. Car and home break-ins are also on the rise again which needs immediate attention. I am committed to making the neighborhood safe for all
Steve RenahanSteve Renahan – I have lived in Silver Lake over 20 years; my daughters attended LA Family School, Ivanhoe, King, and Marshall. My daughter Jane was a founding member of the SLNC. I served as Secretary of the SLNC in 2010, producing minutes at no cost to the SLNC, which I will do again, thus avoiding stenography charges that waste funds that should be available for higher priorities. I’m experienced in LA City procedures, the Brown Act, and Roberts Rules and will help the SLNC function collegially. My avocations include helping our veterans; I chair the LA Veterans Collaborative’s Homeless and Housing Committee. Please let me know your concerns and ideas to help the SLNC build community, balance development with appropriate density, and promote participation in city decision-making to improve the quality of life for all Silver Lake stakeholders. Thank you for voting, for being involved, and for supporting me.
unnamedLeana Scott – As a young native Angeleno deeply passionate about public service and community empowerment, I will bring my enthusiasm for Silver Lake and my background in local government to the SLNC. With substantial volunteer and work experience at City Hall, including an internship with Council District 13 under then Councilmember Eric Garcetti, and a volunteer on Mayor Garcetti’s subsequent campaign, I am attuned to the needs and nuances of the region and its diverse stakeholders. I have experienced first-hand the profound influence that neighborhood activists have on public safety, open space, community gardens, and much more, and I aspire to continue this legacy.As a current resident on Micheltorena, I am ready to broaden the range of the SLNC with fresh ideas and insights, while working alongside its many members to keep neighborhood integrity intact in Silver Lake.
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.57.08 PMMatthew Desario – Matthew Desario has lived, owned property, and run a tech firm in Silver Lake for 7 years. Four times he’s fallen in love–with his wife, two daughters and this wonderful neighborhood. Silver Lake and its residents continue to inspire with their empathy and compassion for their neighbors. Matthew is a staunch believer in the sharing economy and green eco-friendly alternatives to conventional travel like home and ride-sharing. He supports regulation that empowers and protects our residents, while giving each compelling viewpoint a voice.”If I had to identify one word that best sums up my philosophy for the time I intend to spend on the neighbors council, it would be Empathy. Some issues will personally move me, and some will appeal more to my friends and neighbors. My job, and the job of all our elected representatives is to represent both types of issues with equal tenacity, effort, and objectivity.”

Region 7 Representative
Term: 2 years

2 Elected A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 7 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older. A Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property in the neighborhood or who declares a stake in Region 7 as a community interest stakeholder and who is 14 years or older.
Jeffrey_SchneiderJeffrey Schneider – I consider myself first and foremost a Silver Lake resident. I moved here from NYC in 1992 and immediately fell in love with Silver Lake’s unique perspective on LA: diversity; the unique landscape of hillside living, and a prestigious architectural history. Much has changed in 22 years, and I’m pleased to have witnessed Silver Lake’s evolution from artistic neighborhood to one of America’s most prolific neighborhoods. As a concept designer, I allow my imagination to go beyond traditional duty; I’ve worked on groundbreaking international resorts, including Bellagio in Las Vegas, which broke traditional rules and helped redefine the city to a new generation. I’ll bring my background to this critical moment in Silver Lake’s story. I’m excited by ideas like Silver Lake Plunge, an urban initiative that has invigorated and divided the community. As a future council member, I have the background and diplomacy to help move our neighborhood forward.
Karina_Andrade_Reg7_SLNC_2014Karina A. Andrade – Karina A. Andrade– I am delighted to call Silver Lake my home! I do non-profit work in Lincoln Heights; have a BA from USC, MBA from CP Pomona and almost done w/an MPA at CSU Dominguez Hills. I also sit on the CA Dept. of Social Services Community Advisory Board.
I believe in making a difference in the communities I work and live in. Although most other candidates are years ahead of me in terms of residency, I think having a fresh perspective is a good thing & as a new resident, I promise to hear your concerns/suggestions with an open mind and to only make educated unbiased decisions. I currently represent community-based orgs on the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council. Iâ??m passionate about education and protecting the quality of life for seniors & the developmentally disabled. Regardless of who you vote for, let your voice be heard!
imagejpeg_0Renee Nahum – I have lived in and loved Silver Lake for 25-plus years, and as a boardmember of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, I always emphasize civility and community empowerment. Working with dedication and determination, I show up whenever asked and wherever thereâ??s an issue and a need. And we have gotten things done — powerfully speaking the community’s views to City Hall, solving public safety problems, protecting the community from harmful projects, successfully requesting city services, championing environmental causes, and promoting local businesses. As co-chair of the Friends of Silver Lake Animals and Reservoir Complex committees, I advocate for the well-being of animals and enhancing the reservoir property (such as with the native plant garden in the meadow). I’m a Cal-Arts graduate — to me, a good neighborhood council, and ours is one, is a work of art but always a work in progress! I’d be honored to have your support.
Hope_ArnoldHope Taylor-Arnold – I believe in a progressive blossoming community, a community that looks out for each other, not just the wealthy, special interests or the poor and hungry but everyone as a whole.I believe in the sharing economy as the way to a successful future in both community and finance. I believe in environment, equal rights, equal pay, transparency, support, functionality and decisions made without an elitist agenda.Need to know info; born in Northern California, lived in greater Los Angeles for 24 years, 16 in Silver Lake. Education; vast and autodidact to include traditional schooling in Commercial Advertising and Theatre Arts. I am an owner of two homes in SL, an Actress, published author, bar owner in K town, and previously in Silver Lake. I have been employed, currently eat, drink, sleep, think and create in Silver Lake.Qualifications; a steady mind, wicked heart and a short temper for BS.
Me.B-W.Hands claspedMichael Masterson – I show up, I listen and I follow through. I have a track record of consensus-building, volunteerism and community activism. It’s important to have representatives that believe in and live that. I’d be honored to continue serving on the SLNC Governing Board, giving back to a neighborhood that’s given so much to me.As a 26-year resident and home owner in Silver Lake, I’ve witnessed our community’s evolution and participated in it. As co-chair of the SLNC History Collective (8 years), I’ve been actively committed to preserving our community’s heritage. As co-chair of the SLNC Reservoir Complex Committee, I’ve focused on our future regarding controlled development and quality of life issues, especially as they relate to the Reservoir area, working closely with the DWP and other parties to ensure that our stakeholders are heard. I’d appreciate your vote and will do my best to deserve it.
john_2John Wingler – John Wingler is a native Angeleno, living twenty years in Silver Lake. After a career in health care administration, he purchased and restored distressed houses in Silver Lake, giving him appreciation for the neighborhood’s unique residential, business, and human treasures and a devotion to protecting their history, vibrancy, and diversity.Main objectives:
• Traffic and parking – work with Metro to initiate DASH lines, improve access to the subway, make shopping easier.
• Improve public space – work with the DWP and Silver Lake Conservancy for a beautiful park, support public arts projects, tree planting.
• Vibrant economy – support time banking, local business development, and sharing of resources.
• Street and school safety – expand art and sports activities for children.
• Sensible balance of preservation/development.- as a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy and a private real estate investor, work cooperatively with the council’s Urban Design and Preservation committee.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Polling Hours:
10 am to 4 pm

Micheltorena Elementary School
1511 Micheltorena St
Los Angeles, CA 90026


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Candidate Filing Closed 2/26/14

Deadline for Filing is February 26


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