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Open Board Seats 2014 – Tarzana NC
Reserved At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 Years
2 Elected Any stakeholder (commonly known as a community interest stakeholder) who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election claiming stakeholder status because of membership in a community based organization or by whatever other means and who does not “live, work or own property” within the neighborhood council boundaries. Any stakeholder (commonly known as a community interest stakeholder) who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election claiming stakeholder status because of membership in a community based organization or by whatever other means and who does not “live, work or own property” within the neighborhood council boundaries.
Varant Majarian
Paul Lawler photo Tarzana NCPaul Robert Lawler – Paul has been active in the Tarzana community for many years. He currently is the vice President of the Tarzana Community & Cultural Center Board. He has served as the President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of Tarzana Park Advisory Board, President of the Tarzana/West Hills Optimists and Scoutmaster of Tarzana BSA Troop 504. Paul has a very busy insurance Brokerage serving the Tarzana community. His goal as a member of the Tarzana neighborhood council is to make Tarzana a better place to live and work, today and in the future.
Syed Hussaini TARZANASyed Abdulmubdi Hussaini – I have been an active member of the Islamic Center of Reseda since 1999. I am dedicated to bringing better representation to the people of Tarzana. I am experienced in the local political landscape as I have worked for various politicians starting in 2006. With the insight I gained as a political science major at UC Riverside I will stand to promote the needs and concerns of our community.
North Area
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election and lives, works or owns property north of the Ventura Freeway. Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election and lives, works or owns property north of the Ventura Freeway.
Barry J Edelman – I’ve been on the Tarzana NC for 3 1/2 yrs. I support TNC outreach, graffiti removal, tree plantings & beautification. I would appreciate your vote!
Warren V Holden – I have been working with the Tarzana NC for the last year. Currently Vice Chair for Public Safety, Chair for Outreach. We helped get Tarzana Park renovated and produced an emergency preparedness fair at Westfield Promenade. I helped form a 5 city coalition of Councils, the CD3 Public Safety coalition. I am looking to become a Board member to further the work of the last year.
Esther Wieder – I have worked at Tarzana Elementary School for the past 9 years. Both of my children attended school here. I was able to involve the Tarzana Elementary students in the Earth Day Poster contest and other community events. I enjoy helping the parents to become more involved in the community. I look forward to continue supporting and helping the residents by serving on the board. I would like to help make our city a safer place for the children and their families.
David Garfinkle – The primary purpose of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council is to enhance coordination between community stakeholders and City officials in order to advise and influence the City on issues of importance to our community. Effective coordination between our community organizations is critical to achieving that goal. I have been active in the community for over 40 years. I am President of the Tarzana Property Owners Association (TPOA) and Chairman of the Melody Acres Neighborhood Association (MANA). As a TNC incumbent I have worked with the community, the City, and businesses to enhance the way of life in our unique area. I was a leader in developing an effective anti-mansionization ordinance, and am currently active in efforts to limit large eldercare, community care facility, and murals in our residential areas and to reduce helicopter noise.
Reelect me to the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. Contact me with your issues and concerns at
Susan Weidman – As a real estate professional for over 20 years, I know how important it is to keep up property values. How do we accomplish this and draw people to Tarzana?1) The beautification of Ventura Boulevard and the addition of shops and restaurants is a great start. Now, we need to help our businesses flourish. Pot holes are an eyesore, repairs are scheduled throughout Tarzana.2) Children are our future. When children succeed, our community succeeds. I live in Tarzana. My grandchildren go to Tarzana schools. Helping our schools, benefits us all. Serving on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council (TNC) for the past 6 years has been extremely rewarding. The TNC is the liaison between the government and you. My focus is to represent you, the “stakeholder”, on the issues that are important to YOU.I’ll listen and take action. Let’s work together to promote a safe, and prosperous Tarzana!
Rita De Long – I live in the Tarzana area and am also a property owner. I am eager to become a part of the Neighborhood Council and begin working within the Community. I believe I would do a good job representing those who live and work in Tarzana and offer an informed point of view as well as a fair and measured voice on a variety of issues. I would love to be on the Board and contribute as much as time permits to the Community. Thank you for your consideration.
South Area Representatives
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election and lives, works or owns property south of the Ventura Freeway Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property south of the Ventura Freeway
Reuben Dori – I am a retired business man. Have lived in Tarzana 32 years.I am looking to become a TNC member and work hard for you. My goal is to improve the prosperity and well being of businesses and residents of our community. I will utilize my successful business experience and other available resources to achieve this for you.
Daniel Kashani – My parents moved my two brothers and I to Tarzana when I was 8 years old. I continued to live in our here until I went to law school in 2003. Although no longer a resident, I have made substantial investments in Tarzana as a commercial real estate developer. Currently my company is developing a 112,500 square foot medical office complex in Tarzana, which will enhance the supply of quality healthcare in our community. I believe that my background as a real estate developer and attorney will help me as a member of board of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. Having both been a resident of Tarzana for close to 20 years and having worked with the TNC on our project, I believe I have a unique grasp on what we want and need as a community and I can help keep Tarzana one of the best communities in the SFV.
Eran Ron Heissler – For the past four years, I have served on both the Governing Board of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council and the TNC Land Use Committee. I am actively involved with the Community- Police Advisory Board.Currently I’m serving as the 2nd. Vice President of the TNC..
I also serve as President of SilverHawk H.O.A. for the last 18 years. My interest for doing this is to keep our neighborhood a safe and beautiful place to live. I have managed this by keeping our budget in a large surplus and maintaining H.O.A. fees under check. Our neighborhood has enjoyed excellent standards in living and is a prime living community that is admired by other H.O.A.s.
My main reason for running again for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council board is to continue to implement the above qualities outside of our neighborhood gates in order to keep Tarzana- a safe, friendly and desirable place to live
Harvey Goldberg – Public service is my way of giving back to the community. I’ve been a member of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council (“TNC”) for 10 years and a member of its Organizing Committee. For nine years, and, currently I am Treasurer and Budget Committee Chairman. I also served on the Transportation, Rules and Executive Committees. I am the TNC’s Budget Representative to LA City’s 95 NC’s and was elected a Budget Advocate to work with various City Department heads to review the Mayors proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 2014. The BA’s will present the concerns and interests of the City’s communities to the Mayor and City Council regarding the Budget. I believe living over 30 years in Tarzana, raising my children here, and, my professional experience as a CPA and Chief Financial Officer along with my prior community experience, uniquely qualifies me to be reelected as your representative.
Myron Frank Crystal – I have been a resident of Tarzana for 40 years. Now that I have time I would like to be involved with community improvement. I jog through the neighborhood daily and see things that would help improve Tarzana property values.
Yolanda Curtis FarrI have lived in Tarzana for over forty years in the same home. My children went to Wilbur, Portola, and Taft. I have worked as a full time high school teacher and substitute in LAUSD and as a travel agent and also as manager of a travel agency in the west valley. My community is important to me and I have a desire to participate and do what I can improve Tarzana and its environment.
Michael Belcher – Michael Belcher, a 30 year resident of Tarzana and recent retiree from the practice of law, is determined to devote more time and energy to his community through active involvement. He has served on the Board of local organizations, participated in grass root activities, and been witness to dramatic changes, growth and development over the years. As such, he recognizes the need for careful analysis of all issues that might impact the future of this community as they are brought before the Neighborhood Council for review.“I cannot tell you that I will have all the answers. However, if you elect me as your South Area Representative, I will do my best to ensure that all items presented to the Council will be fully aired and that any decisions I make will be fully informed.”
Residential Renters
Term: 2 Years
2 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who is a residential renter within the TNC boundaries Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries
Susan Blauner – I am the Director of Operations for Saving Lives San Fernando Valley Drug and Alcohol Coalition, a Drug-Free Communities grantee funded by the White House to reduce youth drug and alcohol use within our community, through education, media advocacy, increased enforcement, and changes in policies. Living and working in Tarzana, I understand the rich cultural diversity of the residents and business owners of our vibrant locale. I believe in working together to enhance the well-being of all the members of Tarzana neighborhood. I want to continue be an active participant in the Tarzana Neighborhood Council to advocate and address important issues that pertain to our residential and business communities. I am also interested in developing beautification and safety projects to continue to strengthen Tarzana as a family oriented and business-friendly neighborhood.
Joyce Greene – Over 20 years ago I discovered Tarzana while doing residential security patrol in the San Fernando Valley. I found Tarzana to be the friendliest, most diverse and well governed district on my patrol. For this reason I felt Tarzana to be the place for me. Currently I serve as a board member to Tarzana Neighborhood Council and representative between NC Department of Water and Power Memorandum of Understanding Oversight Committee and the TNC. Based on concerns expressed to me by stakeholders, my goal for Tarzana is to create a sustainable community by doing the following:-educate on Carbon Footprint Reduction-heighten awareness of Storm Drain Run Off / Rain Water Capture & consequences if neglected.-help establish a Full Service Recycle Center.
-create more Community Gardens
-create a Green Legislation Calendar. I am passionate about serving Tarzana, and hope to continue with your votes.
Linda Safarian
Homeowners Representatives
Term: 2 Years
4 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is a least 18 years of age on the day of the election who owns a home within the TNC boundaries. Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries
Elliot Durant – I have been Chairman of the Public Safety Committee for Tarzana, on the board, Championed our Tarzana Park Playground renovation, established Tarzana’s First Public Safety Fair, helped form the CD3 Public Safety Coalition, brought NextDoor to Tarzana, recently rid our parks of drag racing and after hours loitering, soon to be bringing “Summer Movies in the Park” and more for Tarzana. I have more to give to this community and would like your VOTE in being able to continue my service for Tarzana and its stakeholders. Service like love and friendship, requires great strength, commitment and sacrifice. Please grant me the opportunity to continue my work with your VOTE on March 16th, 2014
David G. Drake – As a homeowner,in Tarzana, CA for the past 14 years I have seen remarkable growth in my surrounding neighborhood. I believe that additional developments should be overseen with care and moderation in regards to population density, school over-crowding, traffic, street and sidewalk repairs plus encouraging a business friendly atmosphere that will enhance the quality of life in our community.
Jon Reich – As a life-long resident of Los Angeles I can truly say that Tarzana, where my family and I have lived for over twenty years, is the most outstanding neighborhood in the City. With a great mix of stores and restaurants, parks and family friendly neighborhoods, Tarzana is one of the most livable areas of the City. As a Member of the Tarzana Neighborhood Counsel I want to continue working to keep Tarzana this way. During the two years the Tarzana Neighborhood Council has helped business to grow and prosper and has pushed the City to deliver needed services, including filling pot holes and trimming trees. There is, however, still more work to do. If reelected, I will do everything I can to help Tarzana grow and prosper. It has been a privilege to serve Tarzana for the past two years and I look forward to doing so in the future.
Max Flehinger – Having lived in Tarzana for fifty years, I have a strong interest in making our community as pleasant a place to live, work, shop and get around as possible. My particular focus is on traffic and transportation. I have been a board member of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council since its inception, and chair of the Transportation Committee for eight of the ten years of its existence. During that time, working with the L.A. Department of Transportation, we have brought about numerous changes which improved traffic flow and safety in Tarzana. These include stop signs, lane striping changes and a left turn signal, among others. I hope to continue working to make mobility in cars, bicycles and on foot in Tarzana and surrounding areas as smooth, easy and safe as possible. With your vote for me, we can do this.
Erick Matthew Calderon – Erick Matthew Calderon Business Person Tarzana Home Owner Since: 2002 Activities: Board of Trustees Los Encinos School, Charity Volunteer, BJJ Practitioner, & Runner I have lived in Tarzana with my wife and 2 children for over 11 years and I would be honored to serve this community on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. As a council member my focus would be to work with our community to improve public safety, education, and our local economy. I believe my experience in business and technology would be a great asset in helping to represent the people and businesses of Tarzana as we continue to grow and change. I would appreciate your support and trust. Thank You.
Robin Correll – I’ve been a resident of Tarzana for the past 18 years. I am currently serving on the Silverhawk HOA, a position I’ve continued to hold for the past nine years. I look forward to the opportunity to keep Tarzana safe, beautiful and harmonious.
Ken Schwartz – I have been a Tarzana resident since 1972, raising two children in this community. I am a CPA and passed the NYS Bar. I was the Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office of a national CPA firm. I have been active in various business and charitable activities. For the last 10 years I have served on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Budget & Finance Committee. I am concerned as to the future of our community resulting from the constant reduction of City services due to its budget problems. As a Board member I plan to very closely monitor the delivery of City services to ensure our quality of life is not diminished. Therefore, I have decided to expand my activities and run for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Board.
Kathy Delle Donne – Since October 2012 I have been honored to serve as President of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. I have been working 24/7 to make this a great community. In 2003 I helped form this neighborhood Council so that we would have a stronger voice in City government. While serving as First Vice president and Chair of the Land Use Committee, I coordinated may projects, such Mecca Park, tree planning along Ventura Blvd., our new shopping center-Village Walk, two new medical office buildings and the future plans for the development of Tarzana Crossing. Over 38 Years ago, I moved to Tarzana and immediately became an active volunteer in the PTAs of the local schools and many of Tarzana’s organizations. I ask that you vote for me on Sunday, March 16th. I have the experience and enthusiasm that will enable the Tarzana Neighborhood Council to be even more effective in the years ahead.
Robert Shmaeff – I am a homeowner and resident of Tarzana for over ten years. I am an ordinary citizen interested in my community and participating in local governance. I am interested in the wellness of my community; particularly the safety of our community, educating our students, maintenance our streets. I work at the Los Angeles Jewish Home as the director of Pharmacy Services. I have a strong interest in our senior citizens and enrichment. I would like to foster business in our community. I would like to assist the Santa Monica Conservancy in maintaining the wilderness in our most southern area.
Eileen Maronde – Please allow me to continue serving our community as a Board Member of our Neighborhood Council. I enjoy actively finding ways to improve life in our community. The Neighborhood Councils are called upon to serve as a grassroots voice to the Mayor, our City Council and government agencies. My work as a therapist has taught me the importance of communication and of standing up and participating in decisions that impact our lives. I care about people and listen carefully to Tarzana stakeholders as they comment about their wishes, needs, and experiences. You might have spoken with me a few months ago at our Tarzana Neighborhood Council booth for the Emergency Preparedness Fair or at Movies in the Park this past summer. I am an active and effective Tarzana Neighborhood Council Board Member. Please allow me to continue serving our community with your vote.
Iris B Polonsky – I’ve been a homeowner & resident of Tarzana for 20 years.I’ve been a member of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Land Use committee for at least the past 8 years.When available, I volunteer in community events.I care about my community.
Mitchell Brachman – I am a 20 year resident of Tarzana and have lived in the West Valley for many more. I have seen many of the ups and downs of the community and would like the opportunity to assist in continuing to revitalize the area. I am an attorney specializing in the representation of community associations and that expertise can be helpful in overseeing this large community. I look forward to the opportunity to serve this lovely community.
Business Representatives
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is a least 18 years of age on the day of the election who owns a business or is employed within the TNC boundaries. Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries
Evan E. Levi – Evan Levi has been a Tarzana small business owner for over twelve years, serving on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council’s Governing Board, the Land Use Committee and the Sub-Committee for the Review of the Oxnard-Topham Corridor.
Having been a real estate professional for over 30 years, and a San Fernando Valley resident for 40 years, Evan is well equipped to analyze growth measures and initiatives affecting our neighborhood. He will use his years of experience in examining the factors that make communities thrive to ensure that the Tarzana community maintains its stature of excellence. Evan is firmly committed to upholding this reputation by retaining the suburban charm of Tarzana, while supporting business development and job growth. Only by fostering a partnership of all community stakeholders can our neighborhood continue to thrive and grow.
Steven J. Prager – I am the owner and managing attorney of the Law Offices of Steven J. Prager, a full service law firm engaging in Civil Litigation, General Practice, and Criminal Defense.As an Officer of the California Supreme Court, my objective is establishing successful Attorney-Client relationships through zealous advocacy, integrity, and trust.I began my career with the Alternate Public Defender. I have worked on many high-profile criminal cases ranging in content from murder to international terrorism. I have successfully litigated civil matters including business disputes, personal injury, and foreclosure defense. In the world of entertainment, my list of clients range from media companies to established talent and agencies.As a Board member my focus would be using my legal expertise and training to advocate the Tarzana Neighborhood Council’s agenda and policies while accommodating the needs of Tarzana business owners.
Leonard J. Shaffer – Since becoming a resident of Tarzana in 1971 Leonard has volunteered in many capacities. In 1972 he joined the Tarzana Property Owners Association and has continuously been an active member of its Board. As a member of the Tarzana Community and Cultural Center board he helped negotiate the purchase of the property at Vanalden and Ventura. In 2002 Leonard led the effort to form a neighborhood council in Tarzana and has served as both its president and first vice president. As a member of the Tarzana NC Land Use Committee he has appeared before city agencies regarding major Tarzana projects such as Village Walk, Temple Judea, the Islamic Center, and the medical center being constructed on the old Michaelâ??s site.Leonard is currently the Mayorâ??s appointee to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners that oversees neighborhood councils. Your vote will give me the opportunity to continue serving the Tarzana community.
Ornit Dotan Toren – I was born in 1965, in Israel, and moved to Los Angeles right after graduating college. In 1996 my husband and I moved our family to the city of Tarzana, looking to start a family in an area with quality way of life. As a young mother, I volunteered in my kids schools and Jewish organizations in serious projects.
Together with my husband, I am an owner of a construction company since 1988. I gained experience in workforce management. The skills that I acquired through my work will allow me to contribute to the effort for change, in making Tarzana a better place to live and an attractive place for businesses.
Scott A. Greenwood – I want to see Tarzana grow and prosper. I believe when people work together great things can be accomplished.
Eric Devezin – Eric moved to the San Fernando Valley in 2001. For the past 15 Years Eric has been a professional makeup artist in the entertainment Industry and founder of Beauty within Teen Esteem, a community Organization geared to resolving the ongoing struggles that teens Face every day. Eric currently works as Creative Director for Devezin Cosmetics. Eric served as a CORE Volunteer in Oakland CA and for Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, As a Member of their Government Action Council (GAC) he gained a deeper Understanding of the community. Eric recently chaired the bwte “I am esteem day” worldwide event. And with your support, I will bring those Qualities to the NC to effectively address the key issues that we face. I plan to maintain a safe economically viable community. Additionally, I’d like to serve seniors – Tarzana’s senior services must be modernized for our aging population. Make government accountable.
At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 Years
4 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries. Any stakeholder, other than a community interest stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries
Allen Adjamian – Tarzana is blossoming and I am proud to be a part of this friendly community as she grows. Please support me in making sure that our community remains a great place to work and visit and a safe place to live. I have 20 years experience in business technology and own and operate a successful local company. I look forward to serving my community.
Richard Silverman – I’ve been a homeowner in Tarzana for more than 25 years. I am a physician with an office in Encino, on staff at Providence Tarzana Regional Medical Center, Encino Hospital, The Motion Picture Hospital and Jewish Home for the Aging. As a stakeholder in the Tarzana Community, I am concerned, as many of you are, about the reduction of basic City services, maintaining property values and the increased traffic levels and related increases in commuting times in the South Valley. As a result of these issues, I am running for an At Large seat on the Tarzana NC Board and would be privileged to have your support.
Eva Frances Brusa – I have lived in Tarzana for 30 years and am amazed at the changes that have occurred.Predictably, more changes are coming. Population is increasing, becoming more diverse, and as a consequence, neighborhood councils will be more needed than ever to work toward a smooth transition to those changes. As a retiree from County government, I have the time, the energy and experience to work with the councils to address our neighborhood’s issues.
Benjamin Baker-Sydney Segel-Evans
Mark Weiner R3_Tarzana NCMark Weiner – Mark Weiner has been serving as the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Transportation Mobility Chair since April 2013. President Kathy Delle Donne appointed him to this position by when the position became vacant.
Mark has organized a new committee of volunteers and has accomplished the following:
– Coordinated with Bureau of Street Services for pothole repairs in September 2013 and February 2014.
– Organized outreach campaign to the Tarzana residents about the pedestrian tunnel under the 101 freeway near Vanalden Avenue.
– “Safari Walk” outreach to install bicycle racks on the sidewalks. Racks will be installed in two locations this March 2014.
– Investigated the possibility of installing bathrooms at the Metro Park and ride stations with adjacent neighborhood councils.
Prior to joining the Tarzana Neighborhood Council, Mark worked as the Chief Employee Transportation Coordinator for an institution in Los Angeles. He will use his skills to promote useful ideas in Tarzana.
Deanna Dylan Scott – Deanna is a home owning resident of Tarzana since 2008. She is an actress and writer thriving in Tarzana with her husband, daughter and three dogs. Deanna started the first Animal Welfare Committee on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council and assembled a great team of volunteers helping people and animals. Deanna and her committee address many issues such as spaying and neutering feral cats, volunteering and networking animals at the West Valley Shelter, Educating on topics such as coexisting with coyotes and other wild animals and many other animal related concerns and problems. She would like to continue her work on the board and with her committee serving the people and animals of Tarzana. After all this is Tarzana after Tarzan so coexisting and caring for animals is fitting and we should be the leaders in this to other neighborhood councils.
Sukh Singh – My family and I have owned a house and lived in Tarzana for the last 17 years. We raised our three children right here and have enjoyed living in this community immensely. I would like to give back a little as an appreciation of the much that we have received and keep Tarzana a safe and peaceful city. With my experience in real estate development, I’d like to attract more projects to Tarzana such as the Safari Walk. Please vote for me so that I can help us achieve making Tarzana an even better place to live.
Denyse C. Selesnick – I have served on the Board for three years as Outreach Chair, Second Vice-President, Election Chair and Vice Chair, Outreach. Aside from helping initiate events such as Earth Day, Senior Symposium, Tarzan Stamp celebration etc., I am active in the Neighborhood Council City-wide. My campaign promise is to help make Tarzana a community…not just another suburb.
Allan Wertheim – I have been a resident and 30 year homeowner in Tarzana. As a Film Production Manager and Producer and member of the Directors Guild of America for 50 years, now retired, I realize that I can devote the time that it takes to help improve our community by becoming a fair, balanced and pragmatic Tarzana Neighborhood Council member. I have been a long time member of the TNC Budget and Transportation Committees. I am now ready to become a full time Board member. This will allow me to become an advocate for Tarzana to make sure that our community gets all of the services to which our stakeholders are entitled.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Polling Hours:
1 pm to 5 pm

Tarzana Community & Cultural Center
19130 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356


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