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Open Board Seats 2012 – Tarzana NC

Homeowner Representatives
Term: 2 Years
4 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who owns a home within the TNC boundaries Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries

Jonathan Reich

Why vote for me? The simple answer is that I believe we live in one of the greatest neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles and I want to help keep it that way. I have lived in Tarzana for more than 18 years and my Los Angeles roots go back to the 1890’s. I am dedicated to maintaining the family friendly atmosphere that originally drew us to Tarzana – local businesses, local schools, local recreation and welcoming neighbors. This is what I believe sets Tarzana apart from other neighborhoods and other cities. As a professional, I also understand the need to bring in the government resources needed to help our local businesses thrive and to preserve our community atmosphere.

Brian Barnett

As a homeowner, parent, and superivising social worker, it is important to me that Tarzana be a place where all stakeholders can live and do business in a safe and friendly atmosphere. If elected, I will do my best to ensure that the neighborhood of Tarzana is one in which people choose to live and do business. I will advocate for all members of the Tarzana community and promote equity and fairness. As community members, it is important that our voices are heard and decisions are based upon what is best for the community of Tarzana.

Susan Jefferson WITHDREW


Kathy Delle Donne

Tarzana is a great community and I want to continue to work toward making it better. In 2003, I helped form our neighborhood Council so that we would have a stronger voice in City government. Accordingly, I have served a s its Vice president and Chair of the Land Use Committee. In addition I have coordinated many other projects, such our new Mecca Park, several tree plantings along Ventura Blvd. and plans for the future development of Tarzana Crossing.

Over 36 years ago, I moved to Tarzana and immediately became an active volunteer in the PTAs of the ocal schools and many of Tarzana’s organizations. I worked on the purchase of the Vanalden property which, I am pleased to say, it is now our Tarzana Community & Cultural Center. Currently, I’m President of the Tarzana Improvement Association, a Group that works toward marketing and promoting Tarzana Safari Walk.

I ask that you vote for me on Thursday, September 20, 2012. I have the experience and knowledge that will help Tarzana Neighborhoood Council to become even more effective in the years ahead.

Doug Sarver

One thing I have always strived for is to try and leave every room better than when I entered it. I do this at home by landscaping the front yard and getting some of the local stray cats fixed. I do this at work by listening to my co-workers and changing company procedures to make the Accounting department more efficient, more effective and more friendly. Now, I want to give back to my neighborhood.
I’ve been a homeowner in Tarzana since 2009 and a resident of the San Fernando Valley my entire life. I’ve watched the Valley shine with projects like the Metro Orange Line and investment in Lake Balboa Park. I believe we can turn Tarzana, and the entire Valley, into an even better place than it already is. Please support me in turning this belief into a reality.

Eileen Maronde

I am a person who cares about people, my community and government. I believe in the importance of speaking up about government policies and services and community involvement in local governance. Over the years, I have advocated for local concerns. This includes a two terms as president of women students at CSULA, active participation in my church and with County committees and agencies. Additionally, I have served on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Transportation Committee.Government needs to hear and respond to local communities. I have a strong background in quality improvement – monitoring the work process and product with the goal of improving services. I have been a resident of Tarzana for twelve years. As a Tarzana Neighborhood Council Board member, I will advocate for community needs and requests.

Residential Renter
Term: 2 Years
2 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who is a residential renter within the TNC boundaries Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries

Francisco Fernandez Rua


Joyce Greene

Over 20 years ago I discovered Tarzana while doing residential security partrol in the San Fernando Valley.

I found Tarzana to be the friendliest, most diverse and well governed district on my patrol. For this reason I felt Tarzana to be the place for me.

Currently I serve as a board member on Tarzana Neighborhood Council, co-chair TNC Energy & Environment Committee, and liaison between NC Department of Water and Power Memorandum Of Understanding Oversight Committee and the TNC.

Based on concerns expressed to me by stakeholders, my goal for Tarzana is to create a sustainable community by doing the following:

  • educate on Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • heighten awareness of Storm Drain Run Off/Rain Water Capture & consequences if neglected.
  • help establish a Full Service Recycle Center.
  • create more Community Gardens
  • create a Green Legislation Calendar.

I am passionate about serving Tarzana, and hope to continue with your votes.

Jason Hayes

Having grown up in a small town in the Midwest, I have a strong understanding of the value of community and what that can mean for our neighborhood. My name is Jason Hayes. If elected, my service on the council will be dedicated to the strengthening of our community’s voice within politics. I’m a husband, a father and an educator. I’ve lived in Tarzana since 1999 and I’m excited to be part of my Neighborhood Council. Whether a homeowner, business owner, renting resident or a visitor to our cultural center, your thoughts and opinions will be heard.
In service,

Fernando Orsi

I have been a resident of the San Fernando Valley most of my life and am very excited to take an active role in ou comunity. I work in political fundraising and play an active roll in issues that affect our lives.

Business Representatives
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is a least 18 years of age on the day of the election who owns a business or is employed within the TNC boundaries. Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries

Scott Greenwood

My name is Scott Greenwood, to many in Tarzana I am known as Sensei, the Japanese word for teacher. I have worked hard to build a Karate school here. My goal as a teacher has been to teach children how to set and achieve goals in life. As a member of the TNC my goal is to support our neighborhood businesses as well as work hard to encourage the prosperity and safety of our fellow citizens. I work and live in Tarzana. What happens here directly affects my life as well as many others. With your help I believe we can make Tarzana an amazing place to live and work. Together we can focus on the changes that will bring a better future for our community. Encourage a sensible and sustainable approach to environmental problems. Help the elderly and the young, build a better tomorrow for us all.

Esther Weider

Evan Levi

Evan Levi has been a Tarzana small business owner for twelve years, serving on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council’s Governing Board, the Land Use Committee and the Sub-Committee for the review of the Oxnard-Topham Corridor.

Having been a real estate professional for 30 years, and a San Fernando Valley resident for 40 years, Evan is well equipped to analyze growth measures and initiatives affecting our neighborhood. He will use his years of experience in examining the factors that make communities thrive to ensure that the Tarzana community maintains its stature of excellence. Evan is firmly committed to upholding this reputation by retaining the suburban charm of Tarzana, while supporting business development and job growth. Only by fostering a partnership of all community stakeholders can our neighborhood continue to thrive and grow.

Leonard Shaffer

Since becoming a resident of the San Fernando Valley in 1971 Leonard Shaffer has volunteered in many capacities.  His participation in neighborhood organizations began in 1972 when he joined the Tarzana Property Owners Association and he has continued to be an active board member of the Board of Directors.  He became interested in the idea of neighborhood councils afeter attending a series of conferences sponsored by the USC Public Participation project.  In 2002, as chair of the formation committee, he led the effort to form a neighborhood council in Tarzana.  Leonard is currently the chair of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council.

Leonard was recently appointed to the Commissio that oversees neighborhood councils city wide and is currently the commission vice president.

Leonard retired from the practice of law after 35 years as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney.

You vote will give me the opportunity to continue serving the Tarzana community.

Susan Barney

I am a business owner in the city of Tarzana. Like every business owner, we do our best to service the needs of our customers. I am an accountant so I focus on the financial needs of my clients. I am entrusted with sensitive information that would have harmful results if exposed to others.

As a member of the neighborhood council, I will work to improve the safety and well-being of our community. Last year my office was broken into. I was lucky and no property was damaged or stolen. Some of the other business owners in my building were not so lucky. We must participate in our community to protect what we all work so hard for and value.

At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 Years
 4 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries. Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the TNC boundaries

Matthew Austin

I am a homeowner in Tarzana and a tax attorney with extensive experience consulting individuals and businesses with complex legal and financial matters. My background has given me a firm commitment to fiscal responsibility and solid negotiation skills, particularly in dealing with governmental entities.

Tarzana is a vibrant and diverse community and if elected I look forward to working with residents and business owners to address their needs and make our government more efficient, responsive and cost-effective. My goal is to ensure that Tarzana attracts its fair share of city resources for improvement projects so that we can continue to attract businesses and make certain that our neighborhood remains attractive and prosperous for years to come.

Susan Blauner

I am the Director of Operations for Saving Lives San Fernando Valley Drug and Alcohol Coalition, a Drug-Free Communities grantee funded by the White House to reduse substance abuse and youth access within our community, through education, media advocacy, increased enforcement, and changes in policies. Living and working in Tarzana, I understand the rich cultural diversity of the residents and business owners of our vibrant locale.I belive in working together to enhance the well-being of all the members of Tarzana nieghborhood. I want to be an active participant in the Tarzana Neighborhood Council to advocate and address important issues that pertain to our residential and business commmunities. I am also intrested in developing beautification and safety projects to continue to strengthen Tarzana as a family oriented and business-friendly neighborhood.

Tonica Lucas

For over 12 years, I have spent my career in the nonprofit and government sectors – providing services and acquiring attention for the communities that need it most. I have helped communities and community based organizations restructure their messaging, advocate and community organize, coordinate fundraising efforts, and develop communication/marketing plans. Through my efforts, I have organized groups of constituents to speak at legislative hearings at the state capital, given trainings to over 500 community members on how to advocate on several subject matters, and created overall awareness to the issues that face varying communities.
New to Tarzana, I am running for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council with the intent to be a vessel for the community – advocating for Tarzana to those who have the ability to effectively make change and/or ensure that the wonderful attributes of our neighborhood remain.

Deanna Scott

I have been a home owning resident of Tarzana since 2008 with my husband, daughter and three pooches. I care very much about the community and I like to be involved.

I am a published writer and avid blogger. I can bring a lot to the website, newsletter and social media with my journalism and writing experience. I would like to highlight businesses and let residents and everyone know what is happening in Tarzana.

I care very much about all the issues in the community and want to help and have a voice in improving what needs special attention and bringing awareness to what is incredible in our city. My family thrives here and I want to  be a support and help to all residents by serving on the board.

Susan Weidman

It gives me a great sense of pride to be part of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. As a real estate agent, the beautification & quality of life here are of paramount importance.

South Area Representatives
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election and lives, works or owns property south of the Ventura Freeway Any stakeholder, other than afactual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property south of the Ventura Freeway

Harvey Goldberg

I am a 30 year resident of Tarzana.

I have held the position of South Area Representative, Treasurer, Chairman of the Budget/Finance Committee and member of the Transportation, Rules and Executive committees since the NC’s inception.

By profession I am a financial executive and a CPA.

Why vote for me?
• Experience
• Professionalism
• Track record in public service
• Proven willingness to serve the community

My prior experience, both civic and professional, has prepared me to serve the stakeholders through understanding, compassion, fairness and being creative. By using the skill set that I have developed as an executive and through public service, I can improve the quality of life in Tarzana during these times of fiscal restraint.

If elected, I will continue to work with the stakeholders and their concerns, needs and issues, in addition to, interacting with Boards from other communities and elected officials.

Maya Efrati

I’m from the San Fernando Valley, born and raised. I went to school here, worked my first job here. Last year I graduated from IDC Herzliya, in Israel, with a degree in Government. I immediately returned to the Valley. Yes, I’m only starting out. I don’t have 30 years of experience – I don’t sit on any fancy boards. But I am deeply involved, and I’ve personally felt the repercussions of this economic situation. I currently work for a political campaign on a ground level, talking to individual voters and discussing the issues that really matter for Tarzana, and Valley, residents. I spend the entire day listening to my neighbors, and figuring out how to solve issues that affect all of us. I’m an advocate for Tarzana. I hope you will help me be a more active part of our community.

Shirley Ford WITHDREW

Max Flehinger

I have been a resident of Tarzana for almost fifty years and chair of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Transportation Committee since the inception of the TNC. By forming a reasonable working relationship with the L.A. Department of Transportation, we have been able to implement many changes that have improved traffic flow and safety in Tarzana and the surrounding areas.
Examples are the left turn signal at Ventura/Wilbur and the extended left turn lane at Ventura/Vanalden. We were at the forefront of the successful move to eliminate the advertising trailers from the streets and have an agreement from Caltrans to replace the burned out lights at the freeway exits. Since many traffic issues are ones of enforcement, we have established an excellent relationship with the LAPD
I would like to continue the work to make transportation in this area as smooth and aggravation-free as possible.
Max Flehinger

Eran Heissler

For the past two years, I have served on both the Governing Board of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council and thee TNC Land Use Committee. In addition, I am actively involved with the Community- Police Advisory Board(C-PAB).

I also serve as president of SilverHawk H.O.A. – a position that I have maintained for the last 15 years.  My interests for doing this is to keep our neighborhood as a safe and beautiful place to live.  I have managed this by keeping our budget in a large surplus and maintaining H.O.A. fees under check. Our neighborhood has enjoyed excellent standards in living and is a prime living community that is admired by other H.O.A.s.

My main reason for running again for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council board is to continue to implement the above qualities outside of our neighborhood gates in order to keep Tarzana- a safe, friendly and desirable place to live.

North Area Representatives
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election and lives, works or owns property north of the Ventura
Any stakeholder, other than a factual basis stakeholder, who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property north of the Ventura Freeway

David Garfinkle

I am an incumbent TNC North Area Representative and Chair the Government Action Committee. I have been an active Tarzana resident for over 40 years, am President of the Tarzana Property Owners Association, Vice President of the Melody Acres Neighborhood Association and on citizen advisory committees for the City Attorney and State Senator Fran Pavley.I firmly believe in the preservation of the look and feel of our unique community, was a leader in development of the Mansionization Ordinance, and am currently active in development of an effective sober living/community care facility ordinance. I support projects that will be beneficial to our community, such as the Village Walk, and oppose the intrusion of commercial and multi-family projects into the interior of our single family residential areas.

A vote for me is a vote to continue community efforts to preserve and enhance the way of life of our unique area.

Barry Edelman

I have been faithfully serving on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council for the last 2-1/2 years. During my tenure on the TNC, I have been involved in expanding and supporting outreach of the TNC in our community, quality of life improvement issues like graffiti removal, tree plantings and neighborhood beautification projects. I am also a committee member of the Tarzana Community & Cultural Center’s Emergency Preparedness Team – whose main focus/goal is to ensure that the greater Tarzana community has a plan in place and is prepared for possible, future emergencies and disasters.

I have been a Tarzana resident since 1989. I have served on the Board of my condominium homeowners association for 7 years. I would greatly appreciate your vote so that I can continue my work on the TNC and continue to support the residents of our beautiful and vibrant Tarzana community

Yaron Weinberg

The well-being of my community and all that surrounds its good nature. I wish to uphold a duty that can define as well as recreate our true self awareness in accordance with the law and the constitution of the United States. For the people I stand, and with the community I hold my greatest values. It is in my interest for this community to thrive not only because I dwell here, but because I have a deep concern for the citizens that exist within my community.

Warren HoldenI have been a resident of Tarzana for over 20 years. I was a founding member of K.Y.D.S or Keep Youth Doing Something under Council woman Laura Chick and her successors. I was a board member of the West Valley Comunity Council untill 1994 when I went to work for Ralph Nader and The CNA to help push the Patients Bill of Rights. As an artist manager in the music business I have negotiated numerous contracts, arranged complex global tours and mediated rancorous , ego laced meetings to equitable conclusions.

Sharon Wermut WITHDREW

Elliot Durant

I bought my house in Tarzana the end of November 2000 to which I still reside.

Father of two children whom are locally educated, married 17yrs. I’ve been a Baseball coach at Tarzana and Reseda parks and Mid Valley. I was given citations from Vanalden Elementary for years.Helped my wife acquire new benches & picnic tables which I assembled. In addition,bought,painted and stenciled the mural of character counts at the school.

Also, bought and planted gardens in the front as well due to the lack of funds in the system. I’d also organize clean up days with other parents,kids, groups at the school. Even as a young man volunteered to work at retirement homes on weekends, Sen. McGovern’s youngest employee during 1972 election, was most decorated scout in NYC during my nine years then became a volunteer policeman in NYC, worked with the OUTREACH program in NYC for yrs.

All to say my sense of duty and community service has been instilled from a young age. There is a sense of fulfillment and joy that comes to me when I feel involved in my community and helping others. I am originally from NYC where block clean/paint block parties and community involvement was paramount. I would like to invigorate the neighborhood to one of community involvement, awareness, and oneness. I can assure you I will always be committed to the improvement and concerns of my neighborhood. Thank you in advance for your support on September 20th and together we can be heard. I have a history of getting things done!

Lawrence Marks

Hello, my name is Lawrence Marks and I am running for a position on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council. I am asking for your vote.

I am a 13 year resident of Tarzana, married father of two, and business owner and I absolutely love the Tarzana community. As many of the communities of the San Fernando Valley seamlessly blend together, Tarzana stands out. Urban at the same time rural, quiet and close knit, and above all family friendly; this is the Tarzana I wish to see continue.

Community goals I plan to pursue with the Tarzana Neighborhood Council are:
1. Ensure the Tarzana community receives its fair share of L.A. City funds and services
2. Ensure the safety of the Tarzana community
3. Preserve the family friendly atmosphere
4. Embrace and promote the namesake and history of Tarzana

Denyse Selesnick

I have lived in Tarzana for twenty-four years, with a background in organizing events and conferences. My goals for the Tarzana Neighborhood Council (TNC) are to develop an “army” of non-partisan volunteers to provide “extras” for our schools and seniors, encourage environmental sustainability; promote public safety; and encourage all Tarzana stakeholders to participate in keeping the LA city services- both elected and bureaucratic- accountable.

Having been appointed to the Board of the TNC two years ago, I am the Outreach Committee chairperson. To date, we have organized some very successful events, including The First Annual Earth Day and two very successful ONEgeneration Senior Symposiums. In fact, Empower LA, the City agency responsible for the Neighborhood Councils, designated me as a “local hero” for the most recent project.

Working together makes a big difference. We want Tarzana to be a real community-NOT JUST a suburb in the San Fernando Valley.

Special At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 Years
 2 Elected Any stakeholder (commonly known as a factual basis stakeholder) who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election claiming stakeholder status because of membership in a community based organization or by whatever other means and who does not “live, work or own property” within the neighborhood council boundaries. Any stakeholder (commonly known as a factual basis stakeholder) who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election claiming stakeholder status because of membership in a community based organization or by whatever other means and who does not “live, work or own property” within the neighborhood council boundaries.

Varant Majarian

I am very open to hear residents and business owners suggestions and try to fix them.

Paul Lawler

Paul has been active in the Tarzana community for many years. He currently is vice President of the Tarzana Community & Cultural Center Board. He has served as the President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of Tarzana Park Advisory Board, President of the Tarzana/West Hills Optimists and Scoutmaster of Tarzana BSA Troop 504. Paul has a very busy insurance Brokerage serving the Tarzana community. His goal as a member of the Tarzana neighborhood council is to make Tarzana a better place to live and work, today and in the future.


Tarzana Community & Cultural Center
19130 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356

Polling Hours:
4 pm to 8 pm

Candidate Filing closed


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