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Area 1 Resident Representative Seat 2
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Area 2 Resident Representative Seat 2
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Area 3 Resident Representative Seat 2
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Area 4 Resident Representative Seat 2
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Open Board Seats 2014 – United Neighborhoods NC

At-Large Representatives
(Group B: Seats 7-11)
Term: 4 years
5 Elected UNNC stakeholders who live, work, own property or participate in the UNNC community and affirm community interest and who are 14 years or older. UNNC stakeholders who live, work, own property or participate in the UNNC community and affirm community interest and who are 14 years or older.
RonPage_UnitedNeighborhoods.REg10Ron M. Page
Rosie Brown R10_UNNCRosie Brown – I have lived in the United Neighborhoods boundaries all my life. I was appointed to the At-Large seat in February 2014. Prior to my appointment, I regularly attended the Executive and Governing Board Meetings. I am a active member of the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee had a very successful holiday toy drive in Jefferson Park. I would like to get stakeholders involved in improving their quality of life and engaging them to get involved in government decisions that affect everyone on a daily basis. Please help elect me, Rosie Brown, to a full term seat.

Dolores_Spears_Reg10_UNNC_2014Dolores Spears – As a 20 year resident in the community, I have spoken out against LAUSD’s attempts to use eminent domain to take resident homes, opposed new liquor licensing and currently fighting against Fracking in our neighborhood at the Murphy Oil site on West Adams.

To do more to help my community, I was appointed to the City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force and in 2012, appointed to our Neighborhood Council (UNNC) as an At Large Representative/Outreach Chairperson and actively support Disabled Veterans through the American Legion Auxiliary.

As a Board Member, I have supported our Neighborhood Block Club activities, movies in the park for children, and a holiday toy give-away in Leslie Shaw Park where over 500 children were served.

I respectfully request your vote to continue my work in the community.

Laura Meyers R10_UNNCLaura Meyers – I have lived in the Angelus Vista neighborhood in the West Adams District since 1983, and from then until now have been involved in many activities with an eye toward community improvement. I been involved with UNNC since its inception, and have served as the chair person of UNNC’s Planning & Zoning Committee for more than a decade. I bring experience in land use issues, and a passion for cultural history and the preservation of the wonderful character of our neighborhoods, to this volunteer “job.” I am a dedicated community activist, and attend many neighborhood and block club meetings to be sure I am aware of stakeholders’ concerns, to be better able to serve and represent all of our neighbors both at UNNC and also in City Hall, where I attend many hearings on your behalf. Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve this community.

SAMSUNGBetty L Phillips – I am very active in the community.
Vanessa Van Wagner – Hello, neighbors. We are truly fortunate to live in this historic community. By working together we can build on what is good in West Adams to make it even better. We can also deal with the challenges we face as an urban neighborhood. As a resident I am involved with community gardening, emergency preparedness, neighborhood watch, and street cleanup. As a Neighborhood Council member I offer a commitment to listen to you, the stakeholders, understand your concerns, and represent you fairly and honestly. I look forward to being of service to the community. Please vote for me on May 10.

Sandra PaulSandra Paul – I am seeking election to UNNC because I believe that Jefferson Park and its surrounding communities have a significant future in Los Angeles economic development and growth. Some of my community activities include:

-Active engagement in Neighborhood Watch
-Worked with Councilman Herb Wesson’s
office on various community improvements
such as street resurfacing, repairs,
pedestrian lighting in alleyway, and annual
neighborhood clean-up projects
-Supported the Jefferson Blvd Paseo design

I have lived in the Jefferson Park community for over 25 years and look forward to seeing our community continue to improve.

I would like to help facilitate greater community awareness and participation with a focus on implementing changes that will benefit all residents.

helen indrani chaudhuriHelen Indrani Chaudhuri – As a resident and homeowner in Region 6, I am very much concerned about matters of City Planning, which could affect the character and personality of the neighborhood for decades to come. I work in advertising, and have been a graphic designer and a wardrobe stylist. I have produced large photo shoots, and am a good organizer.
Rene_OrtegaRene O Ortega – My priorities are to make the UNNC more accessible and accountable. I am deeply committed to increasing the diversity among the UNNC members, making more information available in a meaningful and timely fashion, and expanding opportunities for public input and engagement. Together we can make our community a better place to live for all people.

Area 1 Resident
Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 1 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 1 who are 14 years or older.
Denise Jackson RE PhotoDenise Jackson – I have been a resident and home owner in the Arlington Heights neighborhood for over 10 years. As residents, I strongly believe that we deserve an economically sound, environmentally friendly, clean and safe community.By attracting businesses to our communities we create jobs and recycle dollars within our own neighborhoods creating a healthy, thriving economic base that positions us for a viable future for ourselves and our families.Sufficient green spaces, safe bike lanes, and interactive parks and recreation zones support a sustainable environment and contribute to a healthy society.By ensuring that we are provided the services that maintain clean and safe streets and roadways, we become a valid option for businesses and residents seeking a flourishing, progressive community.As an UNNC Board Member I will work to realize this vision for my family and yours.
Area 2 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 2 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 2 who are 14 years or older.
MyPictureDavid Nico
Heidi Cabero R10_UNNCHeidi Cabero – I am a resident of Los Angeles for 25 years. I was raised in Harvard Heights until I was in high school, and now In my adult years. This community is very close to my heart and I want to see it flourish and grow as the beautiful community I grew up in. I’d love an opportunity to hear the people of the community voice their concerns to me and together we can put them into action and make things happen. Vote for Heidi Cabero for Region 2 Seat 2 Harvard Heights on Your UNNC Elections on May 10, 2014. Thank you.
Area 3 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 3 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 3 who are 14 years or older.
Jeff_CampJeff Camp – I’ve been a part of the West Adams Avenues community for more than 15 years.I’m active within our neighborhood and have served our Neighborhood Council for the last four years as not only a board member, but as Public Safety Chair, and recently on the Executive Committee as Signatory.I’m also on the board as Secretary for the Southwest Community Police Advisory Board.I’m looking forward to continuing to serve our neighborhood and its neighbors. Thank you for your support!
Area 4 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 4 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 4 who are 14 years or older.
1454989_10151672100191432_1964954728_nTalicia Raggs – As a long time resident of the West Adams area, I am deeply concerned with quality of life issues that confront us daily. My goal, if elected, is to mine for solutions to these issues, and be proactive in the implementation of these solutions. Thank you.
Area 5 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 5 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 5 who are 14 years or older.
Richard_Brenton_Reg10_UNNC_2014Richard Brenton – I am petitioning to gain your vote to elect me as your representative on the UNNC Board Council.My background consists of growing up in Los Angeles and experiencing activities that are beneficial to the long term improvement of life while living Los Angeles.My intentions as your representative are to listen to you and cooperate to deliver your best interests to your happiness and success and especially your families and loved ones.My first Platform is about our kids. I have a detailed action plan scheduled youth community program that I guarantee will empower your kids toward a positive contribution and success in their lives.Please vote for myself and our future support organization on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in the interests of a daily visible improvement of our people, places and our things.Sincerely,Richard Brenton
Ophelia Daniel – I have lived with my family in the West Adams area as a home owner for twenty-seven years. I worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District for over twenty-years also in the area. If elected, I will do my best to target crime, graffiti, parking among some of the issues we face in order to have a much safer neighborhood for children, the youth, seniors, and working class people. I would also like to encourage neighborhood block-clubs and neighborhood and home beautification projects. I would like to see more greenery, (such as more tree-lined streets), and perhaps a neighborhood garden. More community minded police who would become part of this neighborhood as to take an interest in getting to know the people of whom they protect may well be a major solution to the brutality we hear so often about in the community. Also encourage businesses.
Area 6 Resident
Representative – Seat 2
Term: 4 years
1 Elected Resident stakeholder of Area 6 who is 14 years or older. Resident stakeholders of Area 6 who are 14 years or older.
Marius Stelly – Joining the neighborhood council is about making decisions that impact your neighborhood now and in the future. We have one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the entire city and working to keep improving it is one of my main goals as a United Neighborhoods NC Board member. Since my appointment last year, I have been involved in the Planning and Zoning Committee, Outreach Committee, and am the Chair of the Sub-Committee for Exploring Reform of the City’s Oil Regulatory Framework. These and other projects have allowed me to see how a Board member can be an effective voice for the community and with your support; I will continue to do my best to represent our neighborhood. Thank you.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

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