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Open Board Seats 2012 – Vencie NC

Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Richard Duncan 

I have loved Venice from the first day I moved here. I have made lifelong friends and truly consider this my home. As president I intend to bring rational, thoughtful, and moderate solutions to the issues we face today and in the future.
As a single parent, I understand the needs of our children. As an artist, I understand the need for diversity to help cultivate and grow our rich culture. As a resident, I understand the issues we all face daily.
I have no political aspirations, and am running to help us solve the complex problems we are facing as we toward the future. To bring balance to our community. To reach everyone and bring true representation at every level. To tear down the divisive political landscape and work together with everyone to keep Venice great and make our community an outstanding example of what we can do together.

Linda Lucks

I have been involved with the Venice community since moving here in 1970 with my young children. I want to protect the things I love about Venice. It’s not just the sun and sand, it’s the community, where everyone has a voice and damn well uses it.

I bring rational, pragmatic, balanced leadership to the mosh pit of Venice politics. Where others scream for blood, I look for compassionate solutions. I bring to the table a lifetime of experience building relationships with City officials and bureaucrats, and will continue to call on them in advocating for Venice stakeholders.

I ask you to re-elect me as President of the Venice Neighborhood Council to promote a spirit of cooperation, civility and inclusion, where all feel free to speak their minds and where our collective voice is strong in Venice and at City Hall.

Term: 2 Years
 1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Marc Saltzberg

Venice – the most vibrant, fun and forward-looking community in LA! The beach, art galleries, restaurants, murals, spirit and diversity make us one of the top destinations in America. And, we get to live here!It’s been incredibly fulfilling to address Venice’s challenges as a VNC Board member. First as Outreach Officer, then as Vice-President, I’ve worked with you to improve Venice while growing our Neighborhood Council’s reputation and credibility.

LA’s shrunken city budget and the popularity of our community continually test us to find creative, consensus-based solutions to our concerns. That’s what makes representing you on the VNC so rewarding! Together, we’ve taken on the big issues of homelessness, public safety, development, and more – but we’re not done.

I want to continue to be part of our efforts to make Venice a better place to live and work. I ask for your vote as VNC Vice-President.

Term: 2 Years
 1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Kristopher Valentine

I have served on the VNC since 2009 and been a member of the Administrative, Neighborhood, and co-chair of the Environmental Committee; where we initiated beneficial projects like the Green Film Series and the “Bin Your Butts” campaign to get cigarette butts off our streets and beaches. As Secretary my focus has been making our agendas and minutes more transparent, accessible, and stakeholder friendly.

Venetians have an energy and spirit that is unsurpassed. When a dilemma arises, we are never short of opinions or solutions. To solve the big issues facing our community we must come together. With a unified voice we can influence and build relationships with all levels of government, local businesses, fellow NCs, and the police to ensure we get our fair share of services and improve the quality of life in Venice for all stakeholders.

Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Hugh Harrison 

Chair of Land Use and Planning
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Jake Kaufman

I ran for and won the Chair of the Land Use and Planning Committee 2 years ago because I love Venice; it’s my home. I want to maintain our unique community and ensure that all projects fit the character and vision of Venice. During my term, I learned about many of your concerns and future visions, and also how to navigate and be effective within our very complicated City and State Planning Systems. Now I am even more empowered to change our concerns from frustrated words into targeted actions. We will create parking and mobility solutions. We will maintain the character, density and diversity of Venice while following the Specific Plan. We will demand more attention towards beautification, maintenance and safety from L.A. City.  My #1 goal is to listen to you first.  With your vote, we will keep Venice eclectic, artistic, and most importantly, OUR vibrant and lovely neighborhood!

Sue Kaplan

Neighborhood councils make government smaller. The building permit process is one of the most intractable and I plan to make it easier by educating and guiding residents. Everyone should have a say in the development of their block, street and neighborhood.
Leading the Walk Streets Association, I nurture my neighborhood through challenges and just day to day, cultivating neighborliness even during conflict.
I’ve assisted residents before the Planning Commission where projects would be detrimental to our neighborhood. I successfully introduced a VNC motion to consider mass and scale. I’ll bring fairness to all deliberations and be guided by all applicable land use documents.I pledge to pay attention to the needs of all of Venice including east of Lincoln and the Oxford Triangle.
It’s about the neighborhoods; it’s about the neighbors; it is about fairness to all; it is about transparency.

Matthew Schildkret

Venice is magic, but really dirty and in need of repair. Venice can be the European dream Abbot Kinney once envisioned. Let’s create a Venice that reflects this magical lifestyle that we have here. Our sidewalks, allies, streets, trash bins, billboards, roads, and trees can all be a mirror of our amazing community and lifestyle. I have a Masters in Urban Planning from University of Michigan, centered around community engagement and redevelopment. In 2009, I was recruited by the Obama White House to work at the Council on Environmental Quality advising the President on new techniques for communities to live more sustainably. Empower me to lead the way and bring more trees, cleaner sidewalks, and paved allies to Venice. I would be honored to use my ability to be resourceful, my education, my experience, and love for Venice all to improve the way Venice looks and feels.

Communications Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Helen Stotler

Hello, Venetians! I communicate for a living (and for fun) and am inspired to run for Communications Officer because I want to help my fellow residents to become involved in moving our community forward as the vital and inviting place it always has been.

Like all of us, I love the creative culture, history and beauty of Venice. I worked hard to make my dream of living here come true and am now a homeowner who is active with the VAC (which, of course, promotes both the arts and business in our community).

I am excited to work with the other members of the VNC to represent our constituents and I will do my best to help make things better for everyone. I look forward to communicating with all of you soon. You can reach me at

Let’s work together to make Venice the best it can be!

Jed Pauker

Eight years after learning of the “Grassroots Venice Neighborhood Council” (, six years after being appointed to the Land Use and Planning Committee, two and half years after you elected me as Community Officer (, I am more optimistic than ever about our community’s bridge to City Hall.

Serving as Chair of the Fences and Hedges Ad Hoc Committee; surveying neighbors for recommendations to the Food Truck Task Force; working with the Outreach Committee since 2007 and the Communications Officer since 2010 – I’ve been blessed with diverse experiences to inform my service to the Venice we share.

As your Communications Officer, I plan to continue applying my professional skills to developing the VNC domain and website, addressing our common concerns and fostering positive initiatives to protect our community’s uniquely independent spirit. Abbot Kinney’s Venice can thrive when we listen and work together.

I ask for your vote on October 28.

Outreach Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Gogi Overhoff

As a candidate for Community Officer, I pledge to collaborate with the residents of Venice to face the challenges of our community both today and in the future. I believe that through cooperation and collaboration we can foster a dialogue that creates good ideas and builds relationships. These are the principles that I believe to be the cornerstone of a strong and flourishing community.

I have been residing in Venice for over two years and am proud to call this vibrant neighborhood my home. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Oregon. During my studies I have examined societal issues through the lens of culture, and have developed a unique perspective and appreciation for the differences among us, and in-turn, their ability to unite us as a multifaceted community.

I look forward to representing the VNC with strength, leadership, and integrity. Thank you for your vote!

Matt Kline

I’ve served on the Venice Neighborhood Council for the past year as Chair of the Outreach Committee and Co-Chair of the Visitor Impact Committee. I produced the April town hall, “The Emergence of Silicon Beach,” which presented a forum for residents and local tech companies to engage with one another. I led the committee that voted “NO!” to the City’s attempt to install an out-of-place observation wheel on Venice Beach. I’ve worked with the city to improve safety at dangerous intersections and to install more bike lanes and bike racks. I enjoy engaging with businesses and individuals who are similarly passionate about Venice and eager to see improvement. I’m proud to be a voice for you and look forward to your support.

Mariana Aguilar

As Outreach Officer, I would have many responsibilities–but none would be more important to me than keeping you, my neighbors, apprised of items being considered by the City and VNC that could affect our lives here in Venice.  I have been a Community Officer for the last two years and chair The Great Venice Toy Drive, a local toy drive that last year ensured 250+ Venice kids had a toy for the holidays.  My time as a Community Officer has taught me that sharing information is key to involving people in neighborhood issues and VNC activities.  I have consistently provided my neighbors with accurate up-to-date information on topics that concern them through web posts, email, telephone calls, and, at times, walking the neighborhood and knocking on doors.  If elected Outreach Officer, I would continue this work and strive to build a network that inspires more Venetians to become involved.

Beth Allyn

While I may not have been lucky enough to have been born here I have called Venice home for almost 27 years. I love her free spirit, her energy, her neon lights and gritty sights. I don’t like seeing her encased in high fences with an indifference for others suffering. I want her to always be a neighborhood, where neighbors know each other and say hello. If I am elected to the VNC I will work with the other board members to do everything I can to make her clean, safe and tolerant of all her residents.

Peter Cambor

Like everyone else here expressing interest in serving on the Venice Neighborhood Council, I love this place.

I believe that government – small or large – is a means for communication and hearing ALL voices. What makes Venice unique is this sense of community and an understanding that we are all in this together.

Everyone should be heard… The renters, the owners, the people who have lived here before Venice WAS Venice. I want a safe community, a diverse community – and I understand what we need to do – as a collective – to move forward.

I cannot wait to serve my home.

At-Large Community Officers
Term: 2 Years
 13 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the VNC boundaries who is 16 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, or own property within the VNC boundaries who are 16 years or older.

Thomas Sauer

I am concerned about matters affecting our great community, the number one tourist destination of VENICE! Having been part of the VNC neighbourhood committee representing the area near Rose and 3rd for the past year, Ive had the pleasure of meeting the current Board and have gained an understanding of the issues most important to the people living in the communities we represent. In addition, I bring a unique business and technology perspective to the VNC, having been a licensed CPA in the States of OH (since 2000) and CA since 2011 (Venice resident since 2009), and plan to be a longtime resident of Venice for many years to come. Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for further details:

Bree Walker WITHREW

Yolanda Gonzalez

I  am a graduate of the N.C  movement. I have no political ambitions I am community orientated and love Venice. OurVenice issues are serious as our City Hall decisions. I want to bring back as an advisory board, to appoint our own Commisioners, To police Dept, Land use and Planning, D.W.D Laison, I want to work eith the neighborhood committee to get D.O.T, on a plan for traffic to move efficiently in Venice.  Secure Venice Neighborhoods of Venice with better restrictions on our parking situation.

I balance my check book, the city needs to do the same.  Our public debate of issues as property owners, business, and stakeholders have boiled which have evoked fear. We need to embrace this community to eliminate those fears and support a world class architectural icon which is Venice.  Trees need cutting, alleys need cleaning.

I am a doer.  I have gotten the job done in the past.  I have no fear.
My moto, do not trust me, testme.  I have always gotten the job done.

Vote for me.
Any questions I will be there.
Yolanda Gonzalez

Michael Lindley WITHDREW

Rita Cooney

Venice is my community, the place I’ve lived for 30 years which I have no intention of leaving; and have a strong investment in this “village.” Who I am in community is a participant, a volunteer of service in many venues including the Vera Davis Family Center, and I had my MFT practice here. I’m out and about in the area daily, not a stay-at-home, since I retired to more fully answer the call of citizenship of Venice and get more involved in my neighborhood.

My vision is to contribute to maintaining the integrity of Venice as a naturally beautiful and culturally historic place in the Los Angeles basin. My skills as a retired family clinician include having decades of relating to people and moving things along toward a good outcome. I have a life-long interest in journalism so I have an ability to understand and communicate issues as they arise in a factual as well as an emotional way.

Thomas Elliott

As a 15 year resident, and owner of the Venice Ale House, I am grateful to have been asked by many of my friends, neighbors and customers to run for the a seat on the VNC.

The number one concern I hear about every day from local patrons at our restaurant by the beach, is for the homelessness, hopelessness, hunger, vagrancy, filth, and illicit drug-use on the boardwalk. The situation is intolerable. It is a societal blight, a health hazard, a danger to the community and a destruction to the local economy. The homeless population of Venice is in dire need of care, and they are not getting it living in squalor on the beach.

I am extraordinarily passionate about serving local, organic, sustainable food to Venetians and tourists. I am equally passionate about seeing that we come together as a community to solve the homeless problem.

Thomas Elliott

Ira Koslow

I was elected six years ago to the first of three terms served on the Venice Neighborhood Council. My goals over the years have been:

To serve my specific constituency, the walk streets Windward north to the Santa Monica border.
To make decisions that I feel are in the best interests of the whole Venice community.
To have the VNC be consistent in its procedures so that stakeholders and applicants know what to expect and how to approach the Council.

In order to accomplish these, I have been on the Administrative Committee for my entire tenure and Chair of the Rules and Elections Committee for the past five years. These are still my goals because they are open-ended and I can only say that I have been open and honest throughout. I have voted my conscience on all issues and I will keep up the good fight to ensure our quality of life against the onslaught of aggressive commercialization.

Deborah LaShever

In Venice, Heart defines us.
Growth will happen. It is inevitable.
But Venice is not a get rich quick scheme, She is a beautiful way of Life.
In our growth process, we must be careful to also preserve our rich, artistic history and colorful, inspirational present.
If we lose our Spirit, our Heart and Soul, we have nothing.
We will have destroyed what gives us our beautiful, enigmatic edge that millions of people flock to and revel in.
Some think that by paving over our sense of community, our aesthetic and inclusiveness, we will somehow be a better place.
I wholeheartedly disagree.
That is why I am stepping forward to serve as a Community Officer on the VNC.
I will stand for the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Venice. You have my word.

Noah Lewkow WITHDREW

Barbara Lonsdale WITHDREW

Joseph Murphy

Elected six years ago, my key goal has been to enhance the viability of the Neighborhood Council experiment by proposing and encouraging consistent use of the VNC Vision Goals (Standing Rule 20, adopted 2009) summarized below:

Consensus Building – provide procedures to facilitate more deliberation of long-term contentious Venice issues.
Housing Options – explore alternatives for providing more accessible housing opportunities for less wealthy current and potential residents in order to prolong diversity in Venice.
Mobility – explore options for enhancing alternatives to the current predominant use of automobiles for accessing and moving around in Venice by residents and non-residents.
I served on the Bylaws Committee, became a Community Officer & chaired the Rules and Elections Committee, and served on the Administrative Committee as VNC Secretary.
I recently formed the Discussion Forum Committeeintending to generate appreciation of, and encourage broader use of, the VNC Vision Goals in the VNC decision-making process.

Austin Rovetti

As a candidate for Community Officer, I pledge to collaborate with the residents of Venice to face the challenges of our community both today and in the future. I believe that through cooperation and collaboration we can foster a dialogue that creates good ideas and builds relationships. These are the principles that I believe to be the cornerstone of a strong and flourishing community.

I have been residing in Venice for over two years and am proud to call this vibrant neighborhood my home. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Oregon. During my studies I have examined societal issues through the lens of culture, and have developed a unique perspective and appreciation for the differences among us,  and in-turn, their ability to unite us as a multifaceted community.

I look forward to representing the VNC with strength, leadership, and integrity. Thank you for your vote!

Marisa Solomon

My name is Marisa Solomon, I live and work in Venice and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. Venice needs to be protected however she also needs to grow. I believe a good strong board can address “her issues” fairly. We need to balance all community issues including land use. Our neighbors need to come to together as community not “divide”. I am fair-minded and know that I will be an asset to the board. As Walt Disney stated: “I don’t believe there’s a challenge anywhere in the world that’s more important to people everywhere than finding solutions to the problems of our cities. But where do we begin—how do we start answering the great challenge? Well, we’re convinced we must start answering to the public need.”

Mary Anne Thomas

Evan White 

Having lived in the Venice Beach Community for only 12 months, I think I will bring a new view to the Venice Neighborhood Council.  I moved here for the amazing art and culture, as well to to be a part of the growing Silicon Beach movement.  I live on Abbot Kinney, and work on Hampton at a mobile app company, called Viddy.  As a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council I would help to bring the new class of ‘Silicon Beach’ technology companies and employees into the conversation, and help to harbor the conversation between the passionate individuals in the area.  Venice is a unique and inspiring neighborhood that has so much to offer, I am excited to bring my voice & yours to the table.

Sylvia Aroth 

Venice has been a Bohemian community for most of the past century, and I would like to help keep it that way.
I discovered Venice in the late 60s while attending UCLA, and fell in love. I love its cultural , economic and ethnic diversity. There is no beach community like it.

But, Venice has been changing, gentrifying, at an alarming rate. Change is inevitable, but I think balance is the key to making the community work for all of us. It’s great to have so many delicious restaurants, gorgeous shops, and fabulous architecture, but I think we can take care of the less fortunate residents of Venice, and address their housing and job needs, at the same time.

I hope to bring that spirit to the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Melissa Diner 

United We Stand
Compromise, trust and hard work through action are the keys to success and results in personal, business & political relations.

I am running for Community Officer to try to create win win situations, think about the positions of all others and compromise so we can make decisions and move on.

You can trust that I will make decisions for the best interest of the community at large while taking into consideration the obstacles of the law above us.

I aim to represent that hard work has reward, no one benefits from hand outs without first showing progress and if we aim to work together despite our differences we can accomplish anything. I hope I can count on your vote for Community Officer on the Venice Neighborhood Council. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Hablo Español

Joseph Shields 

Since the early 1970’s I have lived within the same four blocks of the Venice. We have raised our children here. This is our home.

Over the last decades, I have watched and been part of the growth and evolution of the Venice community – “transformed” from a place “where the debris meets the sea”, into what is now being featured as LA’s center of style & hip.

For me, this is a community that places a high value on personal freedom & individuality – As well as a sense of shared sense responsibilities to our neighbors in the community. The benefit is that as neighbors, we tend to look out for each other.

This is why I want to be part of the VNC – to contribute ideas about how to continue to make the Venice Community a vibrant and productive place to live.

Alex Hendren

I feel I have the academic and professional background to make a valuable contribution to Venice’s Neighborhood Council. My background is highly varied from working construction to being part of a startup company to helping out with my father’s small business back in Boston. I am a second-generation American and embrace the immigrant narrative through ties to my grandmother. Furthermore, I have a solid academic background in science and policy to bring larger context to seemingly small local decisions. I never shy away from a challenge, confident that through hard work and determination I can accomplish anything. I know that my work ethic, drive and out-of-the-box thinking will make me a great community officer and hopefully a member of the neighborhood council for years to come.

Robert Schwan

E. Colleen Saro WITHDREW

Adam Glick

I have served Venice and Venizens for years. I helped turn a drunk and drug user hideout into a lovely community asset (the grand canal east side walk path.
I help deter and report crimes, helped vet community improvement grants, and work hard to keep Venice a clean, safe, and friendly place, that is inclusive of all good citizens and tourists.

Gigi Gaston

I have lived in Venice since 1992 and love this city. I take great pride in watching her grow. I come from a lineage of politicians, one was Mayor of Boston and Governor of Massachusetts. They stressed ‘by the people for the people’. I feel that is why the VCN is so important, to be the voice of the people, especially with the global companies that are coming to Venice now. I believe in the individual and how we must protect each and every one, yet still grow fast enough to lead the way in innovation without forgetting all our neighbors. I would love to help keep Venice’s uniqueness and help her grow into the future and have all neighborhood thrive. I am your voice and will listen!

Abigail Myers

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and have been part of the Venice community for 7. I was raised in a small artistic community in Southern California and am familiar with the importance of maintaing a communities character. My family and I love Venice for the eclectic and creative haven it is. I’m running for a seat as a Community Officer to be part of the encouraging changes I see and help curb those that threaten our unique home.

Heather Priest

Over 15 years I’ve seen our community transform dramatically – in good ways and in bad – and the challenges we face are many and multi-faceted: How do we meet the forces of transformation with sensitivity to our long-time residents? How do we maintain the unique character of our historic bungalows while addressing the increasing population and influx of new development? How do we sustain the artists and the creative Venetians that have come to define our community – how do we move forward with concern for their survival in this extreme economic climate? These issues require compassion and a long view focused on sustainability and quality of life. I actively supported the fight to preserve Lincoln Place, and I fought against the “video” billboards that began popping up all over town. I love Venice, and I am passionately devoted to maintaining the charm of our amazing community!

Max Sloan

My name is Max Sloan and I was born and raised in West LA. I’m currently a graduate student at UCLA and have been living in Venice for the past six years.

I am actively involved in our neighborhood and can provide principled leadership as a Community Officer. Venice is rapidly evolving and it’s essential to maintain our unique culture in the face of change.

As a lifelong surfer, cultivating a healthy beach is close to my heart. I’ve worked extensively with the local non-profit Heal the Bay on this mission and I’d continue to place emphasis on protecting our ecosystem.

With strong business experience and liberal ideals, I can contribute unique and youthful insight into the complex issues at hand. As a member of the VNC, I’d work tirelessly to promote the voice and will of our beautiful community.

Sevan Gerard

Venice beach is unquestionably one of the most inspiring and avant-guard communities around. It is well know for its current tradition of progressive artistic innovations, social change and rapid economic development. As such, we hold not only a responsibility toward all Venetians but also, as a frequently visited representative of Los Angeles.
Despite these accolades, Venice does bear some real challenges, notably with homelessness, public safety and space.
I grew up both here and in Europe to artist parents, then pursued a scientific education and finally chose a career in the service of others.
As a Firefighter-Paramedic protecting our community, I believe I have a unique perspective and knowledge of the inner mechanics of Venice as well as the framework of a healthy community.
Being elected as community officer, I pledge to continue listening to the needs of our community and to become a voice representing them truly.

Lisa Green

As an artist on Venice boardwalk for over five years I have participated in number of awareness raising actions. I am living “my” truth, as member of our Venice community, in balance with nature. I walk among many tribes in Venice. I believe in peace, equality and justice. We are all interconnected. Each day I witness and participate in many situations that unite us and bring about a more peaceful existence. I want to continue to be part of the solution which includes finding empowering solutions to our challenges, finding paths to resolving our conflicts using non violent means, treating each other with respect, and love. Let’s create a community that thrives, is sustainable and harmonious.

Bronston Jones

“Los Angeles may put the L.A. in plastic, but Venice keeps it real. Real beauty. Real grit. Real quiet. Real loud. Real safe. Real scary… The reality is, it’s really hard to explain to others who won’t ever really understand, why the locals REALLY REALLY love it. Good or bad, or good AND bad, VENICE IS REAL.”

I’m a stand-up comedian, but I seriously love Venice. I live, work and play here. Venice is a community, maybe too small town at times, but it is a part of Los Angeles, which means it shares in the best and worst aspects of being in a huge city.

I want to participate in the VNC to hear my neighbors’ concerns and be part of our voice in Los Angeles. And if you’ve ever seen me host Venice Underground Comedy, you know I’m not afraid to use my voice.

Eduardo Manilla

I am Eduardo Manilla, an Architect and resident of Venice for the past 5 years.

For a number of years, I have been active in the Venice Garden Tour committee – in support of the Las Doradas Children’s Center – and I regularly produce and curate events for the Venice Art Crawl, among numerous other community-focused projects.

My strong desire as a Community Officer is to bring diversity to the VNC, and to continue promoting the artistic, cultural and ethnic growth in this eclectic city.

Spanish Translation:

Soy Eduardo Manilla, Arquitecto y residente de Venice desde hace 5 años.

Actualmente participo en el comité del Venice Garden Tour en apoyo de Las Doradas Children Center y organizo eventos artísticos para Venice Art Crawl entre otros proyectos comunitarios.

Mi intención como Oficial Comunitario es brindar diversidad al VNC y seguir promoviendo el crecimiento artístico, cultural y étnico de esta ciudad ecléctica.

Thaddeus Stauber

I am a Venice Beach homeowner and before that a VB renter with my wife first coming to VB in 1992. We are raising our 2 grade school aged children in VB because we believe it is a uniquely wonderful,diverse and dynamic community for them to grow up in. VB faces challenging times as we strive to retain the dream of it being a vibrant,artistically rich,safe, accessible and inclusive community. In my professional life, I am a law partner leading my firm’s international Arts & Cultural Institutions and litigation practices in LA. I previously served as General Counsel of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and have represented the Housing Authority for the City of LA. I seek to bring my professional experience as someone who has worked with LA City & County officials to the VBNC to serve and advocate for my VB community.

Oren Katzeff

Hello, fellow Venice-ites (that’s a word, right?)! It is with great passion and pride for our city that I ask for your vote for Community Officer.

I’ve been a Venice native for 5 years and have absolutely fallen in love with the city. My wife, Sarah, and I own a house and a business here (Schulzies – any bread pudding fans out there?), I work at a start up on Abbot Kinney, and together with our 2.5 year old daughter, Millie, this community means everything to us.

As Community Officer, I vow to work with you, the people of Venice, to effect change in a positive way. I want to help keep our streets safe, our businesses thriving, and to build on the awesomeness that is Venice. Thank you!

Oscar Hermosillo WITHDREW

Tommy Walker

Growing up in the city of Venice, having gone to Westminister Elem, Mark Twain Middle, and Venice High School, I have seen the community become very diversified, for the better as a long time member i feel that it is nessary to become more involved in the growth and well being of the community, so that I might be able to be apart of the solution, I was once told that if you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem. As a community member it is important that I show leadership by being a part of anything in the community that is positive, by show this leadership it is my hope that others in the community get involved and become  a part of the solution. Some of my achivements in the community, was the start of westside youth asso. which is a football program that service at risk youth, and others in oakwood, Also the first C.A. meeting in oakwood. There is many more goals that needed and to be acomplished in venice.

Cynthia Rogers

Having served as your community officer over the past three years, I have had the good fortune to produce a VNC Town Hall, Co-Chair the Environmental Committee and currently chair the Arts Committee. Moving forward, I would like to apply my experience to foster arts, green initiatives, and spirited community engagement through VNC’s community grant program – spearheading outreach early on to get the best mix of applicants and carrying it through fruition. Couple ideas – edible gardens for our children’s schools, secret Santa and turkey giveaways during the holidays for those in need, to bolstering creative ideas in character with what has made Venice so unique and thriving – such ideas as to support Venice as a pedestrian walking/biking community through holding a community wide contest to develop artful bike racks. Together, let’s give back to our community with fun, vibrant and inspiring programs. Thank you for your consideration.

Justin Henry

Venice is a city driven by passion; passion for the arts, the ocean, freedom and the promise of a better future. As a Community Officer I will see we weigh all interests in our community’s development.
I have lived and worked in Venice for much of the last eighteen years, after having moved here from New York to peruse an acting career. I now have a daughter, a career in digital media, and the desire to help guide the future of Venice.
We have seen incredible changes over just the last few years. The council has been fundamental in supporting those changes. We must keep a sharp eye on the development of our city to see that we do not sacrifice the heart and soul of Venice for the sake of progress. We must remember this is our home and not just a destination.

Erin Sullivan-Ward

I have lived in Venice for over 10 years. I have been active in the community and when the Postal Annex was for sale, worked on a proposal to change the Annex into a park (it would have been so cool but the city was broke at the time!). I’ve also walked the neighborhood to get support for parking issues. I love where I live and want to work to make it an even better place.

Rachael Petersen

I live in, work in, and LOVE Venice! This gives me the opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much. I am a Real Estate Agent at Pardee Properties and see the advantages and challenges facing homeowners in Venice. An intelligent and measured approach to addressing neighborhood issues is core to maintaining the standards of our community. I plan to foster the principals that make Venice the place we all love to call home.

Scot Kramarich

My name is Scot Kramarich and I would be honored to serve the people of Venice for a second term as an At-Large Community Officer. My first term on the Council has given me experience and awareness, on a local and city level, of what is required to harmoniously represent the different interests within the community in a balanced way. I believe the success of the neighborhood council is reflected by its connection to the community, its legitimacy and the community’s participation.

I am dedicated to representing the community and fostering a collaborative spirit to our politics.
I am a home owner, father, husband and software developer. I have lived in the Rose Avenue corridor of Venice for over a decade. I have cultivated deep roots and pride in our neighborhood I ask that you give me an opportunity to serve you and our community.

Scott Burroughs

Scott A. Burroughs, Esq. is an attorney and law firm owner that practices entertainment, art, and fashion law, and resides in Venice. His experience with the law and as a business owner will allow him to carry out his duties in this position with competency and know-how. His experience at Tasting Kitchen, On the Waterfront, and Hama Sushi will allow him to carry out his duties with understanding and style.

You can read more about him here:

Erin Frankenheimer WITHDREW

Jill Bender

I’m a Southern California native who after many years in San Francisco is proud to call Venice home. I love everything about Venice and plan on living in this amazing city for many years to come. I’ve been a community activist my entire life. I believe that social change happens not from government or politics, but from neighbors coming together as a community. I am passionately committed to doing my part for Venice, giving back, and inspiring others to take action. I will do what it takes to keep this city beautiful and safe. I believe that an effective Community Officer should listen to her constituents, be able to work well with others, and help effectuate change in the neighborhood by building consensus and advocating on behalf of the people of Venice. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as on the VNC.

Roland Eavey

I love all of Venice 🙂

Factual Basis Community Officer
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake within the VNC boundaries and affirms a factual basis for it who is 16 years or older. Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property or declares a stake within the VNC boundaries and affirms a factual basis for it who is 16 years or older.

J. Lloyd Jacobs

i have worked in the Venice area for twenty years and have a strong commitment to the youth and families of the Venice community. As principal of venice High School, I enlisted the support of numerous community agencies and organizations to create a much learning emvironment for younger people. As director of high school programs for LAUSD, I served high schools throughout the city, but I always kept Venice High as a pirorty. As executive Director for Communities in Schools Los Angeles, I retained strong Venice connections in the schools and neighborhoods. I now have more time to give back to the community that gave me so much professionally and personally I’d like to keep “Rowing” on Venice Neighborhood Council!

Therese Dietlin

As a political activist, I have come to appreciate Venice Boardwalk was a global outlet for important information exchange with people from all over the planet. In addition, I have gotten involved with Venice politics – because they are so global in scope, even when it doesn’t seem like it. I have come to every meeting for the last 2-3 years to keep abreast of what is happening in the community and how it might affect everyone else. Venice is on the cutting edge.

It has also given me a venue for my outreach and inspired me in doing so and I feel the need to give back in any way the is useful.


Westminster Ave. Elementary School
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, 90291
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10 am to 4 pm

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