“Seating” is the process by which a new Neighborhood Council Board officially succeeds the previous Board and assumes its responsibilities.

When does the seating of a new Board take place?
At the first regular meeting of a new Neighborhood Council board, which must occur within 30 days after that Council’s Election has been certified. (An Election is certified once there are no unresolved provisional ballots, recounts, or challenges to that Election.)

What happens at a Board seating?

  • swearing-in of new Board Members
  • selection of Officers (if they were not chosen during the Election by voters)
  • selection of Departmental Liaisons (Boardmembers who are tasked with representing their Neighborhood Council with City Departments such as Public Works, Animal Services, Planning, DWP, and Transportation)
  • 60-90 minute orientation by EmpowerLA that outlines Neighborhood Council rules and requirements, and explains how they create impact at City Hall; with City Departments; and within their communities. During the orientation, you’ll also learn how EmpowerLA provides support to Neighborhood Councils and their Boardmembers.

How to prepare for your first Board meeting
In order to prepare for your first meeting as part of a new Board, it is a good idea for new Board Members to take the three trainings required by the City, and for incumbent Board Members to make sure their training is up to date. To learn more about required trainings and get links to online training courses, see this article: https://empowerla.org/3-trainings-required-for-every-boardmember-how-to-take-them/