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Open Board Seats 2014 – Winnetka NC
At-Large Directors
Term: 4 years
7 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are at least 18 years of age at the time of the election. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or declares a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder and who are at least 16 years of age at the time of the election.
Eric Lewis – These past four years as a WNC board member have been a fantastic and rewarding experience– learning new ideas and making new friends while volunteering for Winnetka. I would like to ask for your vote so that I may continue to serve the neighborhood.As vice-president for two years and now as board president, I have enjoyed helping to make Winnetka better through a variety of projects: purchasing needed equipment for two local fire stations, beautifying Sherman Way, working to install bathrooms at the Winnetka Ave. Orange Line station, participating in community events, helping Valley non-profit organizations as well as local schools and parks, answering questions for area residents via phone and email, and communicating the needs of the neighborhood to our elected officials and their staffs.Thank you for making time to vote. Help out by spreading the word. Hope to see you at a future meeting.
JJ Popowich – I’m a Winnetka resident since 1996, and a founding member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council (WNC), serving my third term as Treasurer, and ninth as PLUM Committee Chair. Since 2003, I’ve served as President, Secretary, and chair of several WNC committees. I’m asking for your vote so I may continue serving our community. I believe our mission is to work with stakeholders and the City to address problems and bring ideas to improve our community to life, ensuring it remains a safe, prosperous, and fun place to live. Community Experience: A member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Watch, former Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer, Winnetka Chamber of Commerce member, former LAFD Community Emergency Response Team Battalion Coordinator, and former Executive Board member of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils. Work Experience: 20 years of experience managing customer service operations; currently an Assistant Executive Officer for the LA County Employees Retirement Association.
David Anthony Uebersax – The Winnetka Neighborhood Council continues to fulfill its mission to promote increased citizen participation in government and make government more responsive to local needs, and I’ve been pleased to serve on this Board for the past two years.A former Board Member first told me about the NC system when I married, moving into city limits in 2007. Having been involved in Agoura for over 25 years (with business, service and city advisory groups), I naturally got involved with the Greater Griffith Park NC committess for Planning and Neighborhood Improvement, serving on the Board as Treasurer.When my teacher wife and I sought to buy a home in 2010, Winnetka was a natural, being in a key spot between my work in Agoura and hers at San Fernando High.I serve our Planning Committee and chair Public Works and Transportation, representing WNC on Neighborhood Council Coalitions, including DWP Oversight Committees.
Marilyn Robinson – I am one of the Founding Members of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council. I have worked on the Public Works and Transportation Committee, Youth Committee, and the Outreach Committee, reaching out to members of our Community to get more involvement in the public affairs of Winnetka. I am the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee, Vice-Chair of the Youth Committee, and am the Board’s Parliamentarian. I am the Board liaison with Valley Village, our Community’s center for challenged young adults.
My goals for the Council are to keep Winnetka a safe and beautiful Community in which to live.
Erick Lace – My name is Erick Lace. I am a homeowner in Winnetka. I work as an Employment Recruiter. I am Founder and one of the first Board Members of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council, drawing the maps of our area and getting our Council area certified by the City. I have served as Council President and Treasurer, and am currently the Vice-President. I am also Chair of the Youth Advocacy Committee. My goal is to speak for Winnetka to local, county, state, and federal government officials, and to officials of other oranizations that may help Winnetka. My concerns for our Community are public safety, land use, traffic congestion, and most importantly, our Youth. I actively volunteer in Winnetka public schools, and serve on the Winnetka Park Advisory Board, Winnetka Chamber of Commerce Board, and am Block Captain in our Neighborhood Watch. I respectfully ask for your VOTE.
Kevin Kanooni – I am a recent law school graduate and newly minted attorney seeking to make a difference in my community. I believe in civil service and civic duty and will strive to achieve the best possible outcome and interest for Winnetka. I am a younger candidate but I believe my viewpoints, while different than some of my more experienced colleagues, will compliment their viewpoints as we are all interested in promoting the best interest of our great community. I believe in Winnetka, I believe that we are the best community in Los Angeles, and we can truly make a difference for all of our citizens.
Mark Capehart – I am excited to run for the neighborhood council. My objective is to help improve the community, primarily for our youth. As a single Dad with four children, it is rare to come across activities that include the whole family without costing an arm and a leg. To encourage the importance of family bonding, I would like to support more activities for children of all ages. Growing up, there were multiple recreation-centers that hosted countless activities, all at no-cost. I would work towards acquiring these services once more. Throughout the week, I enjoy volunteering at my children’s school. Within my time at Limerick Elementary, I have been appointed the president of School-Site-Council, held responsible for fundraising and budgeting, kept track of all supplies, and placed all supply orders. I’m a fulltime student at Pierce College, majoring in Professional Administration. I will make a difference as a neighborhood council member.
Tess Reyes Dunn – My name is Tess Reyes-Dunn, I have livedin Winnetka since 1960, Consistently volunteered @ my daughters schools as they grew up. I was a member of the Canoga Park Womens Club for a while. I have been involved as a Board member with Winnteka Neighborhood Council almost 10 years. Served as Chair for Youth & Education,Vice Chair Youth Committee, Public Safety & Transportation. Safety Committee.Volunteer @ Topanga Police Station. Interpreting for Police Officers. CPAB. Call Backs; make sure the people know we’re still working on their files. Volunteer@ both Madrid & PLayhouse Theaters. Sister City,Canoga Park & Taxco, Mexico.; different positions; publicity, membership, 2 years Vice-President & President. Public Safety Fair Committee with 5 NC’s @Westfield Promenade;3rd Districe Public Safety Coalition Oct 12 2013.
I would like to continue to serve my community as a board member. Please vote for me on March 16th Thank you!
Paul Heere – As a married Winnetka resident with a child, it is my goal to make sure that our diverse community has a strong town center and features vibrant schools, expanded sports and class offerings in our community recreation center and establishes additional community events that can help to improve Winnetka.I have been a volunteer with the National Park Service for 9 years, a Red Cross Volunteer for 5 years and have served as a Chief Inspector with the county during elections.
Eulanda Carter – Hello my name is Eulanda Carter, I am new to the community, I previously lived in Los Angeles, the Baldwin Hills area, and felt a very strong need in a change. So I moved to the SFV area in 2011 and just recently to Winnetka. As I have become active in my community and church, LPCC in Chatsworth. I recently signed up as a volunteer for the community outreach program, helping the homeless and ministering to those that are incarcerated. My passion is driven from my own experience of almost becoming homeless in 2011. Since then I have been finding different ways to give back, whether it’s volunteering my time, money, donating clothes or food to local charities. I want to be part of the solution and not the problem. Vote for me so that I can help make a difference.
Kathleen Rupp Pelaez – As a native of Los Angeles and a mother of two children in Winnetka schools, I am passionate about advocating for our community and our hardworking families. I am a trained professional music educator and spend a great deal of my time volunteering at my neighborhood public school. As a state-level officer for an international youth organization (1999-2000 and 2012-2013), I have had experience with governance and jurisprudence. I care a great deal about our community and I sincerely hope that you will choose me to serve you with fervor and integrity. Please show your support and vote for me on March 16th.
William Lance Hilliard – I have lived in Winnetka since 1998-brought my home on Stagg St. in 2000-Elected 4 years ago to the Board. Have been DWP Representative-moved to Budget Representative 3 years ago-We have 95 Councils all sent 2 people to Congress and elect 3 people from 9 districts to meet with Mayor and Unions and Studios-trying to bring back business to L.A and lower all of our taxes. I was the first Rep from our board to be elected to the position of Budget Advocate I have been very active as a member of the Plum committee-Planning-we meet the first Tuesday of the month. I have worked and owned restaurants-been in banking-coached adults and kids for 40 years. 5 teams have gone to nationals. I look forward to continuing to serve my community and and its stakeholders

Sunday, March 16, 2014

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10 am to 4 pm

Canoga Park Bowl/
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20122 Vanowen St
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