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Bel-Air Beverly Crest – Open Board Seats

Residential District Representative

# OF SEATS: 6 :
Bel-Air District: 2 seat(s) • Bel-Air Glen District: 1 seat • Beverly Park Estates District: 1 seat • Franklin Canyon/Coldwater/Mulholland/Crest District: 1 seat • North of Sunset District: 1 seat


Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election who lives, or owns real property within residential district.

Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election who lives or owns real property within residential district.

Luis Pardo – Running for North of Sunset District seat

As a long-time resident of Sunset Plaza, I would like to join my neighbors in this critical period of growth for Los Angeles. I want to support the design of a more sustainable and progressive city, that provides thriving and safe neighborhoods with inclusive values that nurtures a healthy environment, creates a safe and broad plan of growth, provides economic opportunity to all its residents and welcomes visitors to an exciting and dynamic cultural center. I am a native of Peru, and have resided in the US for 35 years, earned a science degree from UC Berkeley, with a minor in city and regional planning. I have a great deal of experience serving in a resident task force providing imputing in the redesign of a neighborhood subway station and one commission overseeing the demolition of the Central Freeway and replacement with Octavia Boulevard in San Francisco. I look forward to becoming an asset to my Neighborhood Council and supporting my neighbors in maintaining our thriving home.

Leslie Weisberg – Running for Bel Air District seat

I first moved to Bel Air in 1999, days before marrying Jim Hyman.  In 2003 we moved to Stone Canyon Road. Today, with our twin sons at Harvard-Westlake School, our home, my home office and our children’s school are all in Bel-Air.  Like you, we’ve made good friends in our community through a confluence of shared work, school and organizational experiences.  

I am founder of Perseev LLC, on the board of Teen Line, a member of The Pacific Council, Wilshire Boulevard Temple and am WPOLA’s chapter spouse forum officer and spouse education co-chair.

As a long-time resident of Bel Air, I’d like to actively participate in the evolution of our community in the hope that we can retain the characteristic family-oriented charms of Bel Air while working together to support safety, infrastructure and growth.  As a financially and emotionally invested Bel Air home-owner, I believe I am well suited to act as a positive, collaborative and constructive voice serving the best interests of our community.

Maureen Levinson – Running for Bel Air District seat

Maureen Levinson is a ten-year resident of Bel-Air and a mother of two teenage daughters.  She has been active in the Bel-Air community with emphasis on health and safety.  She currently serves as a Board Member on the Bel Air/Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, as well as serves on that neighborhood council’s Planning and Land Use Committee.   She is an amateur radio operator involved in the LAFD ACS network representing the District of Bel-Air, and a former County of Los Angeles Emergency Medical Technician.  She has been a skills Instructor at UCLA Center for Prehospital Care – Emergency Department Technicians. Previously she worked in Business Affairs Division at United Artists, Home Video/Ancillary Rights Division, and in the MGM Corporate Office. She was a Director in the Mark Kaner Company, a Los Angeles-based agency for international television networks and studios. 

Non-Residential Group Representative – private & faith-based groups; custodians of open space.

Custodians of Open Space: 1 seat
Private Educational Institutions – Private Schools Grades K-6: 1 seat
Private Educational Institutions – Private Schools Grades 7-12: 1 seat
Faith-Based Institutions: 1 seat


Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of Board Meeting appointing Non Residential Group Representative with a substantial connection with private or faith-based group or institution, or custodian of open space whose seat is sought.

Board Membership

John Amato – Running for Non-Residential Group Representative – Private School 7-12 seat

The Bel Air Neighborhood Council is an active, exciting, and important council that takes its obligation to represent its stakeholders seriously.  Council members are invested in the community and make advisory decisions that move our greater community forward.  I arrived on the Council in the early 2000s and have represented the interests of independent schools during that time.  Since schools are an important part of any community,  I have had the honor to participate is a process that has clearly moved our Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council to the forefront of respected and listened to Council organizations.
I respectfully place my name up for reselection to Council membership.

Travis Longcore Ph.D – Running for Non-Residential Group Representative – Custodians of Open Space seat

I am seeking the Custodians of Open Space seat on the BABCNC Board. I have been involved with open space conservation for over 20 years as a scientist and educator with a specialty in urban conservation. Through the years I have worked closely with the major public landowner in the BABCNC territory, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and advocated for protection of open spaces through and for better management of natural resources. The natural landscapes of Los Angeles make it a special city and I would like to continue to be an active participant in these issues in the hillside neighborhoods represented by BABCNC.

Lonnie D. Mayfield – Running for Non-Residential Group Representative – Faith-Based Institutions

Lonnie Mayfield is the Director of Operations for Stephen Wise Temple. He is responsible for Facility & Real Estate Management and oversees Emergency Planning for all of the Wise Temple campuses.  A native of Flint, Michigan, Lonnie served in the U.S. Navy for (5) years as a Personnel & Damage Control Specialist in Long Beach and San Diego, CA.

His professional profile expands over 25 years in management with experience in Business Evaluation, Facility Management, Facility Project Contract Services, Property & Tenant Service Management, Tenant Design & Construction Management, and Safety/Environmental and Corporate Security.

Lonnie has been married to his childhood sweet heart LaVetta for over 32 years.  He is a proud father of 5 children and beams when he speaks of his 4 grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, music, dancing and talking about the good old days.


Y.J. Teresa Lee – Running for Non-Residential Group Representative – Private School K-6 seat

Teresa Lee is currently a Board Member on the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council as a representative of Private K-6 Schools.
As a parent of two children presently attending local private schools, she has been actively involved in PTA and non-profit boards.

She also serves as a Commissioner for the County of Los Angeles. She has previously worked for The Ford Foundation’s Education, Media, Arts & Culture Unit in NYC.

She appreciates the opportunity to serve the community!

Non-Residential Group Representative – public groups & institutions; commercial enterprise. interests

# OF SEATS: 2:
Public Educational Institutions: 1 seat
Commercial or Office Enterprise Districts: 1 seat


Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election with a substantial connection with public group or institution or commercial interest whose seat is sought.

Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election.

Jacqueline Le Kennedy – Running for Commercial or Office Enterprise District seat

If I am elected as the Commercial/Business Representative on the Neighborhood Council, I am interested in representing the interests of all those who currently have no representation in the community, including those of local commercial, small business, and home-based business owners, as well as those of residents and local stakeholders who would like to see our local businesses thrive responsibly, while providing goods and services to convenience and enhance the lives of those living and working in the area.
As a Business Attorney, I understand the complex legal processes that businesses have to go through to get things done.  I have served constituents in the past as a Legislative Congressional intern, as well as an Appointed Commissioner on the Berkeley Commission on the Status of Women.  

At-Large Representative



Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election.

Stakeholder at least 18 years of age at time of election.

Charles “Chuck” Maginnis – Running for At Large Representative seat

Charles “Chuck” Maginnis has served on the BABCNC with an 85% attendance record for the past 10 years.  He was appointed Emergency Preparedness Safety Chair for the past five years and has developed relationships with many institutions including LAPD, LAFD, Getty, Skirball, USGS, Homeland Security, UCLA, RICs, DONE, Red Cross and others included on the BABCNC website, listing detailed agendas, minutes and pictures, since March 2013.  His bi-monthly committee meetings average 12 individuals and  developed a Subcommittee partnering with LAFD’s ACS group adding over 10 HAM Radio Operators to help protect our residents.  Our Committee is regarded as model NC group by many public servants and DONE, who is responsible for the City’s 93 NC’s.
Chuck has lived on Bel Air Road for 30 years and developed a 50 resident EP Group.  He is a VOIP and bandwidth consultant believing his experience, knowledge, relationships and acclaimed EP activities, will continue to be an asset to the community.

Kathy Copcutt – Running for At Large Representative seat

I’m a single mom who cares for her family and community. It’s about putting our neighborhood first and doing what’s right for our residents, local business owners and our schools. Listening to our community and following through to preserve our Bel Air – Beverly Crest Neighborhood and seeing us flourish is my goal.

I’m here to lead by example not only for my son but for everyone that thinks it’s not possible, I’m here to show you anything is possible!

Dan Love – Running for At Large Representative seat

Dan Love is a retired Senior Managing Partner and Global Director of Ernst & Young LLP-London Global Headquarters office. Dan is currently a BOARD member on the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council and he also serves as a member of the council’s Planning and Land Use committee.

Most recently, Dan has been involved with real estate development through his company, Perranporths LLC.  He is a member of the Bel Air Country Club, the Jonathan Club, World Presidents Organization, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of CPAs.

Dan lives in Bel Air at his residence on Stone Canyon Road.

Jimmy Bayan – Running for At Large Representative seat

I’m a resident in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, where my two boys, ages 7 & 9, attend The Wonderland School- Safety of my family is of utmost importance. Real Estate developers threaten everyday the tranquility of our community, the eco-systems and wildlife preservation. The increase of mail theft, burglaries, vandalism and car thefts, in my district, drives my desire to make a difference. As a residential Real Estate Consultant at the John Aaroe Group, with over 15 years in Real Estate and Banking experience, problem solving has become a skill that sets me apart from the rest of the pack. I know literally thousands of vendors; public officials, business people and homeowners’. Relationships are key in problem solving & require concerted efforts. Because I chose residential Real Estate, my clients are people just like us, people who take pride of ownership in the place they live. Born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve always possessed a desire to get things done and refused to tak

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