Accessible Locations for Neighborhood Council Meetings

The information provided is for the purpose of locating meeting spaces for Neighborhood Councils within their council boundaries. Neighborhood Councils must comply with policies set forth by the individual agency when utilizing their facilities. Policies, application and other information can be found by selecting the facility’s icon.  Meeting locations must be ADA compliant to host Neighborhood Council meetings. All locations on this map have been verified as ADA compliant. The map will be updated routinely as more locations become available. Currently, there are 268 locations in this map with 2 more locations added in October 2018.

Select  on the left hand corner of the map for the Map Legend  and   on the right top corner of the map to open a bigger map. Zoom out to locate your Neighborhood Council, then select the facility’s icon for details on reserving the meeting space. Facilities and meeting rooms must be reserved in advance and an application must be completed. Contact facilities directly for availability prior to submitting the application.