Winter 2024 Youth Conference

The Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) is proud to introduce the EmpowerLA Youth Conference, inviting youth from each region throughout the Los Angeles City to participate in a one-day event with various workshops and presentations. The 2024 EmpowerLA Youth Conference was on Saturday January 27, 2024 from 9am-4pm.

Topics included history and purpose of the Neighborhood Council system, Brown Act and Robert’s Rules of Order, as well as Neighborhood Council 101s. The program also include speeches by Department staff, including our General Manager, Vanessa Serrano. The program was executed in partnership with Departments such as Recreation & Parks and Sanitation. At the conclusion of the conference, attendees received resources, including a headshot photo, to encourage their personal civic engagement and leadership in the community.

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EmpowerLA Youth Conference is now closed. Applications for the upcoming cycle will be available Spring 2025.

The EmpowerLA Youth Conference will offer a variety of workshops, networking opportunities, and resources. Learn more about the day-of activities by reviewing the event schedule.

If you have questions about the EmpowerLA Youth Conference, we have answers. Check out the FAQs here.

Resources coming soon!

Winter 2024 Youth Conference Testimonials

“My biggest takeaway from the event was the abundance of opportunities I have to voice my opinions despite my age.”

“I have more opportunities than I expected to get my voice heard in the community which can reach the city to make a very huge impact.”

“I feel more confident in addressing the challenges in my community and know that sometimes it will be hard, but in the long run it will be worth it. I now know that it’s important to reach out to other people and to be able to take initiative.”

“Before, I didn’t realize how easy or effective it is for me to get involved, but now I know I am able to help.”

“[This conference] helped me realize that even though we are not adults we still have a major impact on our community”

“I’m encouraged to participate in my community and offer insight about my personal experience in my community and how it can be improved by officials.”

“I was able to see that I do not have to wait to turn 18 to have some sort of way of fighting challenges within my community. Now I have new ways as to how to participate in advocating for these solutions.”

“Now that I understand the system of these councils, I can make sure to advocate for the awareness of how people can directly get involved with the city government and I can be a proponent of the youth programs in facilitating these changes.”