The Department has developed a comprehensive onboarding program tailored to support successful neighborhood council board participation and management. The program is open to all board members but tailored for people who are new to the Neighborhood Council System. The Department is convened these training sessions between May – December 2021. There are three main modules with sub-sessions in between.

Topics to be discussed include the history, mission, and purpose of the Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils. Overview of the Plan that guides the work of the System. How do Neighborhood Councils function, take action and govern?: Agenda posting policy, Early Notification System, standing and ad hoc committees, and the Brown Act. Included is an overview of the policies that guide the System. You will learn about the System’s legal framework, the Los Angeles City Charter Administrative Code. Finally, we will explain more about Neighborhood Council leaders’ mandatory training, such as Code of Conduct and Planning 101.

Onboarding Series – Module I

Onboarding Series – Module II

Onboarding Series – Module III

Political and Legislative Workshop – Hosting Candidate Forums

Community Impact Statement (CIS) Town Hall


Required trainings for current Neighborhood Council (NC) board members are now conducted online through a tool called Cornerstone. Cornerstone logins are given to you when you are seated as a board member. Please write to us at if you need your login.

Optional trainings and workshops for current NC members are usually shared via direct email to board members or in your NC’s Monthly Profile Report, rather than being listed on this page. Offerings include both regional and Citywide outreach workshops for NC Outreach Chairs and committee members, and social media consultations for individual Neighborhood Councils. If you are a current NC board member, ask your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA) about training opportunities currently being offered.


All Neighborhood Council board members are required to take training on the ethical management of public funds. NC Treasurers and other board members who handle financial transactions for their NC must take additional funding training.

All NC funding-related trainings are conducted by the Office of the City Clerk, who also administers the Neighborhood Council Funding Program. Get the City Clerk’s Funding training schedule on their NC Funding Program webpage.


The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment is proud to offer two youth leadership training series for Angelenos age 14-24: Civic Youth and IgniteLA. These series are usually offered over the summer and applications are required for consideration. Learn more by visiting our Ignite LA and Civic Youth webpages.