The Department has developed a comprehensive onboarding program tailored to support successful neighborhood council board participation and management. The program is open to all board members but tailored for people who are new to the Neighborhood Council System. The Department is convened these training sessions between May – December 2021. There are three main modules with sub-sessions in between.

Topics to be discussed include the history, mission, and purpose of the Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils. Overview of the Plan that guides the work of the System. How do Neighborhood Councils function, take action and govern?: Agenda posting policy, Early Notification System, standing and ad hoc committees, and the Brown Act. Included is an overview of the policies that guide the System. You will learn about the System’s legal framework, the Los Angeles City Charter Administrative Code. Finally, we will explain more about Neighborhood Council leaders’ mandatory training, such as Code of Conduct and Planning 101.

The workshop recordings are available on demand. To monitor which topics are of greatest interest to NC leaders, we include a short registration form before the recording launches.  The registration information will be used by the Department to determine which workshops and info sessions are of greatest interest. Our future actions will be shaped by these responses from Neighborhood Councils.


This guide is designed for ease of use and to serve as a reference. We recommend that you consult it as you join the board and bring it along to your board and committee meetings. It is among the numerous resources and tools provided to you. Should you have any queries or issues, don’t hesitate to contact the staff of the Department.

To access the Neighborhood Council Board Member Manual click here

Onboarding Series – Module I

  1. The neighborhood council regulatory framework (00:34:10)
  2. Neighborhood Council agendas and the early notification system (00:51:00)
  3. Legal matters and legal support to neighborhood councils (00:56:33)
  4. California Public Records Act (01:01:41)
  5. Essential required training compliance (01:09:11)

Onboarding Series – Module II

  1. Neighborhood council bylaws (00:15:30)
  2. EmpowerLA virtual governance and virtual meetings (01:05:06)
  3. Public comments (01:16:34)
  4. How to deal with meeting disruptions (01:25:15)

Onboarding Series – Module III

  1. How to write a great agenda
  2. Community impact statements
  3. Committees

Political and Legislative Workshop – Hosting Candidate Forums

Community Impact Statement (CIS) Town Hall

Brown Act & NCs

Working with Difficult People and Workplace Violence

Political and Legislative Workshop-How NCs Can Engage in Advocacy on City Council Issues

Info Session: EmpowerLA Return to In-Person NC Meetings and Transition to New Governance Rules 

Senate Bill 411 (SB411) Information Session with Senator Portantino

Bylaws Trainings

New President and Chair Training

NCAD Brown Act President/Chair Training 

EmpowerLA Awareness, Engagement, and Election Outreach

EmpowerLA and Neighborhood Council (NC) board members recognize that awareness and engagement are essential to increasing stakeholder participation and voter turnout during NC elections. Subsequently, the Awareness, Engagement, and Election Outreach Strategy Plan has been developed through discussions with NC leaders. This strategy illustrates a path for stakeholders to gain knowledge of the NC system, support strategies that advance inclusivity, and forges a partnership between community-based partnerships and neighborhood councils.

Below, you will find the slides, recording, and Q&A report from our 2022-2023 Engagement Strategy Plan Town Hall.

Additional information and updates on our Awareness, Engagement and Election Outreach Strategy Plan will be provided through our monthly newsletter. These are sent via email, so please ask your NEA if you aren’t receiving them or if you want to discuss your NC engagement activities.

2022-2023 Engagement Strategy Plan Town Hall


Essential required trainings for current Neighborhood Council (NC) board members those the City Council or Board of Neighborhood Commissioners consider important to support successful board service. The trainings are now conducted online through a tool called Cornerstone. Cornerstone logins are given to you when you are seated as a board member. Please write to us at if you need your login.

Completing your essential trainings should be a priority. Completing the trainings may be a requirement to vote on items under discussion by your board. This webpage provides more information and guidance.

Optional workshops and info sessions (shown above) are usually shared via direct email to board members or in your NC’s Monthly Update Report. These offerings include both regional and Citywide workshops for NC Outreach and Elections Chairs and committee members.  We encourage inclusion of your social media consultations for individual Neighborhood Councils as well. If you are a current NC board member, ask your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA) about training opportunities currently being offered.


All Neighborhood Council board members are required to take training on the ethical management of public funds. NC Treasurers and other board members who handle financial transactions for their NC must take additional funding training.

All NC funding-related trainings are conducted by the Office of the City Clerk, who also administers the Neighborhood Council Funding Program. Get the City Clerk’s Funding training schedule on their NC Funding Program webpage.