Bylaws define many aspects of your Neighborhood Council, and each Council is required by the City to have them. Though the specific content varies between individual Neighborhood Councils, here’s a quick index of topics covered in your Bylaws:


      • # of board seats (Article V, Section 1)
      • # of board members to make quorum (Article V, Section 2)
      • Officer terms (Article VI, Section 4)
      • List of Committees (Article VII, Section 1)
      • Committee membership (Article VII, Section 3)
      • When are Regular Board Meetings? (Article VIII, Section 1)
      • Who sets the agenda? (Article VIII, Section 2)
      • Rules of engagement (Article XIV, Section 1)
      • Can you vote? (Article XIV, Section 2)

Where to find your Bylaws: Select your Neighborhood Council from this list to view your Bylaws.



Standing Rules regulate the operational procedures of your Neighborhood Council. These are more easily created and amended at the discretion of the Board, but they may never be in conflict with your Bylaws. Your Neighborhood Council’s official webpage should contain a link to your current Standing Rules.