Councils for Councils - C4C

A Partnership to Strengthen the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System through Volunteer and Peer Mentoring Efforts

When a Neighborhood Council is looking for additional assistance in an area, we’ll send them to the C4C web page to contact you directly.  In other cases, we may contact you and ask if you would be able to assist a Neighborhood Council.  To keep track of your assignments, please make sure you notify us at Neighborhood Council Support Helpline (Helpline) at (213) 978-1551 or via email at when you are assisting a Neighborhood Council or individual board member through the C4C program.  Often times, our staff can provide you with background information on the Neighborhood Council that may help when you are assisting them.

Purpose: The purpose of the Councils for Councils (C4C) Peer Mentoring Program is to strengthen the Neighborhood Council system through the recruitment, training and placement of Neighborhood Council members to serve as mentors to less experienced Neighborhood Councils and its members thereby assisting to improve a Neighborhood Council’s effectiveness in addressing community needs.

Contact: The C4C program can assist NCs with issue specific problem solving and mentoring in many areas. To request assistance from the C4C, please feel free to contact a C4C volunteer directly via email or please feel free to call NCSupport at 213-978-1551 with questions or comments, fax NCSupport at 213-978-1751, or email

Meet The Team:

    • Vera Padilla

      • Scott Silverstein

        • Vera Del Pozo

          • Phillip Del Pozo

            • Valerie Harragin

              • Mark Lee

                • Suzanne Lewis

                  • Hector Huezo

                    • Sandy Villeda

                      • David Greene

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                        • Marlene Fonseca

                          • Dan Gibson

                            • Jane Tokubo

                              • Clemente Franco

                                • Danielle Sandoval