Empowerment Congress North Area Neighborhood Development Council

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Region: South Area

NANDC is a self-governed, self-directed and independent organization empowered by the Los Angeles City Charter. This charter offers neighborhood councils a role in the City’s decision-making process. We as citizens are given the opportunity and obligation to stay involved with developments in our area that affect us. Come get involved! After all, it’s your community!

What We Do

We promote public participation in city governance and decision making processes, to make government more responsive to our local needs and requests, creating more opportunities to build partnerships with government and private entities to create more opportunities for our neighborhood. We work with stakeholders to make a difference in the community with such projects as I Hablo U, the Pet Park Project, and the Community Involvement Program.

Executive Officers

Board Members

PLU Committee Members

First Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM

Meeting Address:

University of Southern California (USC)
USC Village Community Room
3015 S. Hoover Street, Building 1-189
Los Angeles, CA 90007

To find out about upcoming meetings, times, dates, and locations, please visit www.nandc.org.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 18769
LA, CA 90018
Planning Mailing Address:
PO Box 18769
LA, CA 90018

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Field Rep:
Daniel Johnson

Funding Rep:
Ana Cardoso