Open Board Seats 2014 – Elysian Valley Riverside NC


At-Large Stakeholder Term: 2 years

14 Elected Any Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns property within the NC who is at least 16 years of age at the time of the election. Any Stakeholder who is at least 16 years of age at the time of the election.
Arturo Gomez R7_EVRNCArturo F. Gomez – During my brief incumbency as an at-large representative for the community, I gained experience that will be of great use for this upcoming term. I will support the interests of the people of Elysian Valley and I will provide a youthful perspective to the board. Public safety and neighborhood empowerment and pride are my chief concerns for the area. I can guarantee that I will execute the responsibilities of my position to the best of my ability. Thank you.
Frederick ChungFrederick Andy Chung – I have been a resident and part of the Elysian Valley community for over 20 years. I am sincerely interested in and have a strong desire to understand the state and direction that our neighborhood is headed. I believe that it is the responsibility of the community and vested stakeholders which include business and property owners, to have a member like myself on the council to ensure that the decisions that are made truly benefit the sustainability of our Elysian Valley Riverside community as a whole.I would like help the people of the EVR-Neighborhood who have lived here for many years to maintain and continue to grow their investments (homes,etc.) that have made our community a desirable place to reside.I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and have experience in outreach, student retention and organizing, coaching, public speaking and work experience at a law firm.Thank you!
Jeff_kleinJeff Klein – Hello, my name is Jeff Klein. I am running for re-election to the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council. For the last two years (approximately), I have served on the Board as Secretary and Outreach Committee Chair. I have seen the community and the Neighborhood Council work together to increase awareness, visibility, effectiveness, and impact of our neighborhood.I spearheaded the organizing of two City Council candidate forums, helped to internally organize the NC, worked to kick off a number of projects from the Elysian Valley Sign Project, and have met and talked to many Elysian Valley community members at a various of EV events. Other community service related to Elysian Valley includes serving on the advisory committee for the LA River Recreational Zone Pilot Program.I hope to continue the positive community work that the Neighborhood Council engages in and humbly ask for your support.
laaneDaniel Paredes – My family has lived in Elysian Valley for nearly 40 years and I want to be part of the EVRNC to give back to the community.I graduated from Allesandro, Washington Irving, and as a John Marshall High School student, I was elected to the EVRNC. While on the council, I felt the need to understand the changes that were shaping the lives of families and friends I grew up with.In 2009, I graduated from UC Berkeley with two degrees in Political Science and Sociology, and a minor in City Planning. I moved back to Elysian Valley to attend UCLA, and in 2011, I received a Master’s in Urban Planning.I spent my youth trying to understand community development. I returned to Elysian Valley so that I could contribute to the future decisions that will affect the livelihoods of the working people that have made this neighborhood home.
Helen Leung – Our community is often highlighted for its quiet streets, river frontage, and creative spirit. However, I believe that the greatest charm in Elysian Valley is our socio-economic-cultural diversity. I’ve been a part of this community for nearly 30 years, seeing many neighbors move away and welcoming newcomers excited to contribute to this community. The changing faces of our community is inevitable and exciting. As an urban planner with experience in local city government, I am committed to ensuring that policies, programs, and development projects also benefit existing residents and businesses. I believe the best community change enables the diversity of people who have shaped the character of the neighborhood to be able to stay – whether it be lower-income immigrant families or artists. As a NC boardmember, I plan to strengthen the fabric of our community by connecting our newer and long-time stakeholders with a focus towards equity and creativity.
Steven James Appleton R7_EVRNCSteven Appleton – I’ve learned a lot during my twelve years living and working in Elysian Valley – especially the importance of joining our hands together when we need to aggressively advocate for our neighborhood.After many years of working together, we’ve begun to get the attention of the City who before paid little attention us. We see some improvements in lighting and streets and our backyard (the Los Angeles River) is slowly becoming like a parkland. Yet as real estate interests turn their eyes on us, we worry that their plans may not respect the values and qualities of our neighborhood. More than ever Elysian Valley needs a strong Neighborhood Council.If elected, I will be especially pleased to join with new members who have grown up in this neighborhood, went away to gain higher education and now return to contribute with heart-felt dedication to the whole of our diverse neighborhood.
Allen Anderson – My name is Allen Anderson and I have lived and worked in Elysian Valley for 11 years. I am running for a position on the Neighborhood Council because I see a need in Elysian Valley to have a positive connection with City agencies and I see a need for the continued representation of the residents and businesses of this neighborhood. I have served on the Neighborhood council in Elysian Valley twice before and I think I can bring leadership and a sense of community to the Council.
Astrid Sykes – I have lived in Elysian Valley for 7 years and own my home here – I love and am committed to our neighborhood and our community. I was elected to our Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council where I was a Member-at-Large and served as the Co-Chair for the Land Use Committee. I am now running for re-election in order to continue the positive work that the Neighborhood Council has engaged in. I work for the Landscape Architecture and Urban Design firm that created the Master Plan for the LA River and as a Landscape Designer I wish to bring my expertise, knowledge and experience to the Board to support and protect our neighborhood, the LA River, and our community.
imageMarie Rae Gurule
Lali S Grewal – As a recent arrival in this neighborhood, I appreciate both the community’s traditional neighborly feel and the potential for improvement. I aim to bring my business skills and my experience from two previous terms on the neighborhood council to help improve neighborhood property values, public amenities, and the non-profit causes that have developed within the community.

Community Interest
At-Large Representative
Term: 2 years

1 Elected Any Stakeholder who is at least 16 years old of age at the time of the election. Any Stakeholder who is at least 16 years of age at the time of the election.
Candidate Filed:
Chad Gordon – I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a board member of the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council for the past year. During that time, I have served on the budget & finance committee as well as the grant committee aiming to help residents improve the quality of life in Elysian Valley. I am guardedly optimistic regarding the river revitalization efforts that are coming to this fantastic community and I feel that a united Neighborhood Council will ensure that outside interests do not overpower the neighborhood. I am the proud parent of a student at Dorris Place Elementary and I also serve as Treasurer of Partners Of Dorris (POD), a non-profit located in Elysian Valley, which has brought music education back to Dorris Place. I enjoy volunteering in community events including the river cleanup and art walk, and I look forward to serving the neighborhood for another term.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Polling Hours:
10 am to 2 pm

Elysian Valley Recreation Center
1811 Ripple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90039


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Deadline for Filing is February 26


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