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Open Board Seats 2014 – Greater Echo Park Elysian NC
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the GEPENC boundaries and who is at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within the GEPENC boundaries and who are 16 years of age or older shall be entitled to vote.
ClintCarlton_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7.jpg#2Clint Carlton – I have been well involved in the Echo Park community since 2002. Since 2002 I have witnessed a community transformation with the help of new businesses coming into the community and organizations creating after school programs for children and teens to get involved with. Working as the Public Relations Manager of The Dream Center I have enjoyed meeting many members of the Echo Park Community and I am one candidate that is amongst the people of the Echo Park Community every day and see the challenges that many families are dealing with. I am looking forward to being that voice of the people.
José Sigala (WITHDREW)
Kwazi-Nkrumah_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7Kwazi Nkrumah – I’ve lived in Echo Park for a good part of the last 20 years. I have served on the Neighborhood Council for 3 1/2 years, and have represented our Neighborhood Council (and 5 others) on budget issues with the city as well as representing our neighborhood council in our regional alliance. Prior to joining the Board of GEPENC I was an advocate for both tenants (rent control) and homeowners (fighting mortgage foreclosures). I have also been active in several efforts to break down the barriers toward building a positive sense of community for ALL residents of this uniquely diverse area of the city. I currently serve as chair of the Parks, Public Works and Environmental Concerns Committee. I have been asked to run for this office by quite a few members of our board and the community at large. I hope to serve if you will give me your support.
First Vice President
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who (1) lives, works or owns property within the GEPENC boundaries, or (2) declares a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder, and who is at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who (1) lives, works or owns property within the GEPENC boundaries, or (2) declares a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder, and who are at least 16 years of age shall be entitled to vote.
Manicito “Fender” Santos – I have served our Community thru active participation and leadership in several non-profit organizations engaged in providing services to the elderly and veterans, youth educational and sports programs and livelihood and cultural affairs., since 1980.Together with other community leaders, I was one of the original proponents for the creation of the Historic Filipino Town by the Los Angeles City Council.I will continue to serve our Greater Echo Park and Elysian Community and would work for improvements in the peace and order, safety, cleanliness and sanitation in our neighborhoods, likewise, I will be very supportive of the plans and programs of our Council District 13 for education, sports, and livelihhood upliftment for our Community.
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the GEPENC boundaries and who is at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within the GEPENC boundaries and who are 16 years of age or older shall be entitled to vote.
Scott A WilsonScott A. Wilson – I have been a proud member of the Echo Park community for over a decade. My beautiful wife has lived in Echo Park her whole life. So, we both have a vested interest in the success, safety and well-being of our community. During my daily runs around Echo Park lake, I am always in awe as to how the revitalization of the park has really brought together the richness and diversity of our neighborhood. These are the kinds of projects I support and hope to contribute to in the future by my participation on the council. As Treasurer, my goals are to be financially responsible, transparent and to always stay within budget. I am open-minded, conscientious and always willing to consider both sides of an issue. Having both a business and a law degree makes me uniquely qualified to handle the responsibilities of Treasurer. I look forward to serving you!
SusanReimers_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7.jpg#2Susan Reimers – Susan Reimers has been involved with her Community since her teens, when she was involved with fundraising for her local Humane Society and battered women’s shelter. She is a former Chair of the 42nd Assembly District Committee for the California Democratic Party (1997-98), and has been involved and/or held leadership positions with the Democratic Party and numerous Democratic clubs and community organizations both in Los Angeles and in the Greater Boston Area. After a career in graphic design, which included work on the Rock the Vote campaign, Sue returned to school, earning a B.A. from UCLA with an inter-departmental Specialization in International Relations (Diplomacy, Economics and History) and minor in Public Policy (Labor), as well as a law degree from Suffolk University in Boston.
Chief Information Officer
Term: 2 years
1 Elected Stakeholder who lives, works or owns property within the GEPENC boundaries and who is at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within the GEPENC boundaries and who are 16 years of age or older shall be entitled to vote.
Arturo_P_Garcia_Reg7_GEPNC_2014Arturo P. Garcia – Having been a member of GEPNC for six years, I decided to run again. I want to be of service to the community. The GEPENC has been remised in its service for the last 3 years and had been an instrument of politicking. I want real change.
Paul_BowersPaul Bowers – I plan to provide information about what issues are before the council to the entire community. Along with the outreach committee, I hope to increase participation and involvement. It is important that the council strengthen community. This neighborhood is transforming rapidly and no one should be left out. I have worked with council and several committees and look forward to sharing the challenges and successes that lie ahead. We have an opportunity to make this a model of civic engagement.
District 1 Representatives
Term: 2 years
3 Elected Stakeholders in District 1 who live, work or own property in the district and are at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within District 1 and who are at least 16 years of age.
NickConfalone_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7.jpg#2Nick Confalone – Community, that’s what Echo Park means to me. Our neighborhood is in a time of growth and change, but it is important that we never lose our sense of community. I am a father and writer for children’s television–I want to make sure all of our children will always have great schools, safe playgrounds, and community events like the Lotus Festival. I’m against the Barlow Hospital Development Scheme, and I’m against adding traffic lights north of Scott Ave. I promise to work hard and make our great neighborhood even better. Thank you.Comunidad.Esto es lo que Echo Parque significa para mi. Nuestro vecindario esta en un momento de crecimiento y cambio, pero es importante que nunca se nos pierde nuestro sentido de comunidad. Soy padre y escritor para television de ninos. Quiero trabajar para asegurar que todos nuestros hijos tengan escuelas excelentes, parques infantiles seguros, y eventos comunitarios como el Festival de Lotus. Estoy contra el Desarrollo del Hospital Barlow y estoy contra nuevos semaforos al norte de Scott Avenue. Se los prometo trabajar duro para hacer a nuestra gran comunidad aun mejor.
ford headshotMark Ford – I am a resident and passionate advocate for maintaining and raising the quality of life in Echo Park/Elysian Valley. I am a documentary film-maker and small business owner. One of my recent projects focused on the causes of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Through my work, I’ve studied public policy and LA history. And I’d love to put my knowledge and practical experience to work as an active member of the neighborhood council. I understand how to advocate for local causes and get our message across to City and State governments and the media, if necessary. I’ll work hard to make sure we preserve and protect our beautiful neighborhood. Thanks for your consideration.
Mavropoulos, Billy – Live in Echo Park for over 49 years. Know what’s best for all the people not only rich people. I have worked on many campaigns, for democrats for you and all people who are real.
Matthew SharpMatt Sharp – Hey. My name is Matt. I’ve lived in Echo Park since 1999. I have a daughter in local child care and a daughter in a local elementary school. I have been planting flowers, sweeping the sidewalk, painting over graffiti and calling 3-1-1 (now I use their app) since the day I arrived. This is the community where we walk our dog, spend our bucks at local businesses, play in our parks and make friends.I work at a local nonprofit organization developing strategies to improve children’s health. I want to serve on our neighborhood council to bring fresh energy and maybe some humor to the challenges we face. I have decades of experience listening, learning and trying to solve problems. We do better when we work together, so I offer myself to help.Y tambien, yo hablo español.
Lisa D. Baca (WITHDREW)
Veronica ArellanoVeronica Arellano – Veronica Arellano lived in Echo Park for 38 years; currently, she is working side by side with family’s and youth across the Greater Echo Park area, with particular attention to District 1. I work on the ground to help make the communities safer, through graffiti removal, mediator of conflicts amongst individuals and guides at-risk youth to become productive members of our community. At the moment I am working to gather resources for the ones most in need in the community, including people who are homeless, those who need drug rehabilitation, job training and education resources. l feel that I would be an excellent candidate to make the Greater Echo Park/Elysian Valley a safer, vibrant, and viable place to live, work, and recreate.
Anselm_ClinardAnselm Clinard – When I first moved to LA almost 15 years ago now, I can remember seeing Elysian Heights on the map and thinking it sounded like an amazing place to live. That has proven to be true since my wife and I bought our first home here in EP in 2007. In that time, I have witnessed growth and development that both inspired me and gave me pause. Owning a real estate business with my wife that primarily serves Echo Park, I’m on the front-lines of the change that is met with both excitement and resentment, and therefore have a unique perspective on progress and preservation of the neighborhood where both our children were born and will be raised. I’d be honored to represent Elysian Heights and serve as a steward of our community to the best of my ability.
Leyla_AkdoganLeyla Akdogan – I’ve been a local artist and resident of Echo Park since 2007. I am also currently finishing my second semester in law school and working at the legal aid clinic at the Union Rescue Mission downtown. I am deeply invested in the Echo Park neighborhood and residents. In a time of such rapid growth, I think it is important for members of the community to be actively involved in making well-informed and thoughtful decisions about what is important to them and about the future of the neighborhood. I would be honored to contribute and to represent District 1.
KatrinaBouza_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7Katrina Bouza – I am committed to helping find ways to improve Echo Park for all residents – not just a select few. Recently, I was involved in negotiations with developers of the Sunset-Everett project, and our efforts brought about the inclusion of low-income housing and more community spaces within the building. As your representative, I will work to promote smart developments that respect the diversity and history of our neighborhood, and will also encourage more local small business owners to invest in Echo Park. We desperately need more community services and safe spaces that provide positive outlets for local youth. I am also against the Barlow Development Scheme. Our neighborhood is changing in many ways – but it is important to make sure all Echo Park voices are heard. By working together and respecting our neighbors, we can ensure Echo Park is a safe and welcoming community for everyone for generations to come.
District 2 Representatives
Term: 2 years
3 Elected Stakeholders in District 2 who live, work or own property in the district and are at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within District 2 and who are at least 16 years of age.
DebbieLy_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7Debbie LyAs a resident, property owner and business owner in Echo Park, I want to contribute my time to the neighborhood. I am in the architecture field and can contribute my knowledge and capabilities to the neighborhood. I am also familiar with real estate, affordable housing as well as first time home ownership. I am a former foster parent for struggled children for over 8 years as well. I feel that I have a wide range of qualifications to serve the neighborhood.
Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.48.28 PMRichard Courtney – In being a property owner in Echo Park, not only do I want to be of service to the community and residents but I feel that Echo Park is undergoing a massive overhaul and the uniqueness needs to be protected. Being an executive in television helps in negotiating with developers. The community needs to be heard because developers are coming in and bulldozing neighborhoods and historic projects. I worked with Legal Aid Foundation of LA which afforded me the opportunity to see many of the issues that people face. I want to protect the integrity as well as clean up the gang violence and homelessness. Most recently I have been involved in the negotiations with developers in the Sunset-Everett project. We’ve been successful in negotiating not only the design, but also upholding low income housing and community concerns. This about being a voice for all residents.
Chad_KlineChad Christopher Kline – I moved to Echo Park with my wife when we bought our first home in 2008. You will find me hiking with my dog in Elysian Park trails or near the lake. You will catch me shopping locally or stopping in at security meeting. I have seen many great things and some not so good in our neighborhood. I would like to connect with you and work together to make our great Echo Park community stronger. Please consider me for one of your District Representatives.
Cheryl Ortega –
Math_JacksonMath Jackson – My name is Math Jackson and I would like to be YOUR active voice in OUR community. I have a background in community organizing and have worked on campaigns related to local education, access to higher education, voter registration, tenantâ??s rights, affordable housing, and social justice. I have a law degree and received my legal training at a community economic development clinic, where I provided free legal services to local businesses and non-profit organizations with the goal of local empowerment. As our community changes and evolves, I want to help GEPENC make sound, informed decisions while respecting the rich, unique culture and history of Echo Park. I want to use my experience and approachability to be a resource for the residents, business owners, and community stakeholders of District 2. Thank you for your time and participation, and I hope to see you around the neighborhood!
Eva_MejiaEva Mejia – As a resident of the Echo Park community I understand the needs of the community. I have lived in Echo Park for more then 35 years, a property owner in Echo Park for 16 years. Currently, I’m in the Finance, Insurance and Tax industry, and have a Major in Political Science from California State University of Northridge.
Ann-Marie Holman R7_Echo ParkAnn-Marie Holman – The face of Echo Park is changing rapidly with new development. While it’s great that our area is so popular, it’s important that those of us who live and work in this area have a say in determining the direction of that growth. I’m running for council to help ensure that my friends and neighbors will be able to play that guiding role.
District 3 Representatives
Term: 2 years
3 Elected Stakeholders in District 3 who live, work or own property in the district and are at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within District 3 and who are at least 16 years of age.
Marc R Caratao – (WITHDREW)
DavidSauerwald_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7David Sauerwald – Residing in GEPENC’s third district for almost 5 years I am in love with the neighborhood not only for it’s history, but for it’s potential for greatness in the future. Our district has a lot of changes that will be happening in the next few years with the 2 freeway Terminus Project getting underway and it will dramatically change the landscape and dynamic of this district. With such changes the council needs a representative of the millennial generation to hear their concerns and focus on their issues. I’m a working man; college educated and I have a full time job where I work evenings and weekends leaving my days during the week completely available to serve the community and handle constituent concerns. Echo park is once again becoming the place to be. The 20-30 year old’s know this is the place to be. Lets make sure their voice isn’t muffled.
jill rio contreras“Rio” Jill Contreras – “Rio” Jill Contreras, MAEd was born and raised in Echo Park. The last 15 years Rio has spent working full time with Youth of Color, in at-risk communities. The motivation for this work was driven by Rio’s childhood and first hand experience of seeing the resilience and uplift of youth with proper guidance and mentorship. The ultimate goal is to improve the social and environmental conditions in order for youth to thrive, despite the stressors that would otherwise create obstacles. Currently, Rio sits on the GEPENC board and public safety committee and hopes to continue. Along side serving the board, Rio is part of various grassroots and non-profit organizations that are working to make Echo park a healthy and livable area for youth and their families. Rio is committed to serving the Echo Park community to ensure the GEPENC responds to the needs of the community, especially those most marginalized.
Suzzane Cawthra
Gordon_H.LakeGordon H. Lake – My name is Gordon Lake and I have lived in Echo Park for 30 years. My family has called EP home since 1977 and I have seen this community change over the years. The changes lately have been nice but have come at the expense of others. There is a balance and I am here to provide it. I have been on the board of NE Little League, worked for LA Recreation and Parks, and have recently passed the CA bar exam. I grew up here, went to the local schools, and shopped at the local businesses. I have the knowledge, skills, community ties, and understanding of the community needed to take Echo Park into the coming years.
District 4 Representatives
Term: 2 years
3 Elected Stakeholders in District 4 who live, work or own property in the district and are at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within District 4 and who are at least 16 years of age.
Tad Yenawine – I hope to continue to serve Echo Park and the City of Los Angeles by forming proactive policies based on community interests. Recently, I have been working on solutions to homelessness; removing profit as a motivation for charitable efforts in the community; and a demand that LAUSD properly fund our children’s schools prior to purchasing a billion dollars worth of ipads. I hope to address gentrification and affordable rents in the next cycle, as well as continue working for our schools and on solutions to homelessness. Thank you Tad
Oscar Ruben Torres – My name is Oscar Ruben Torres Jr, I have been a Stakeholder in Angelino Heights for the past 30 years, I believe in the parliamentary procedures and order The reason for my rerunning of GEPENCE Office for Neighborhood Council is to appropriately represent my community and to deliver any/ and or all of the Discussions or dialogs witch take place during Council meetings. Also to properly Inform community of any Agenda Items that directly effect stakeholders and their Surroundings and most importantly act as a Voice for the people whom reside Within our boundaries.
Leandro_OteroLeandro Andres Otero – My name is Leandro Otero and I am running to be your neighborhood council member.I have over 6 years of experience working in K-12 education, both as an educator and non-profit administrator.Although, I have devoted my professional career to educational issues, I feel as though I have much more to contribute as a member of this council. I am running for Echo Park’s neighborhood council seat because I want to be involved in the decisions that shape our neighborhood. I pledge to work tirelessly to push our council forward on all aspects relating to the safety, the health and the economic viability of the community.I see the growth and transformation taking place in this great area and want to be directly involved in ensuring it’s continued progression, all the while making sure that we do not forget the aspects which make this neighborhood unique.Thank you!
Cutler_JessicaJessica Rae Cutler – As a thoughtful resident of Echo Park I humbly request the opportunity to serve my community on the Neighborhood Council as a representative from District 4. The last few years our community has gone through a meaningful transformation and it’s important to continue to push for providing residents with a great place to live, businesses the opportunity to thrive, and visitors an experience that draws them back time and time again.As a place my partner Leandro Otero (another candidate from District 4) plan to plant our roots we are we think it’s important to get involved in shaping the community we hope to be in long term. As a resident, young professional, student, volunteer, Filipino American women, and hopeful public servant I believe I represent a wide range of interests and am genuinely excited about the potential opportunity to make a difference in our vibrant and diverse community.
1b9b498Paula Guadron – Paula Guadron is an Echo Park born and raised LA Native woman of color, who actively participates in Building Community and Creating Dialogue about Real community issues in Echo Park and surrounding areas. Her advocacy work over the last 15 years has been in Environmental Justice, Mental Health, Housing, Homeless Youth Outreach, and Violence Prevention/Harm Reduction. As an Echo Park local, her experiences as a Person of Color/Urban Native have endowed her with a sense of Relatedness to her Diverse Community and an Urgency to make Immediate Social Changes that will benefit Local Youth and their Families. She is Committed to Co-Creating Alternative, Pro-social, Effective Solutions for underserved Community Needs, and encouraging all community members (especially Youth & Only Spanish-Speaking members) to engage in the process of Improving their Quality of Life , by Making their Voices Heard and Sharing their Concerns.
District 5 Representatives
Term: 2 years
5 Elected Stakeholders in District 5 who live, work or own property in the district and are at least 16 years of age. Stakeholders who live, work, own property within District 5 and who are at least 16 years of age.
AvelynJavinezTapia_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7Avelyn Javinez Tapia – I am asking for your vote for a seat on Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood council (District 5 Representative) in the upcoming election on April 12 2014. Currently, I am connected with the Law Office of Robert Canny at Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles. With over 10 years of experience and expertise in the field of Law. I have wide experience with City Council’s Office, Real Estate and Neighborhood Alert Volunteer. Being a member of Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA) has given me the opportunity to get involved and be an active member of this community. If given the chance, I will give my 100% effort and time to help strengthen the economic, health, education and environmental security of our community through a clear record of hard work and innovative leadership. I can help you meet the challenge. You just have to give me a chance!
MaxMartin_GreaterEchoParkElysian.REg7Max Martin – I’m Max Martin, Candidate for District 5 Representative of GEPENC. I am from Tarlac, Philippines; I love Los Angeles, Historic Filipinotown & the Temple-Beaudry Neighborhood; this community is very important to me; I am an inventor working on a project to contribute to mankind during disasters like Super Typhoon Haiyan. As a skilled Agriculturalist I would like to see sustainable environments & I would still like to see more balance between the rights of good landlords and relief for the evicted. I did not win the last time I ran in 2012 but would like to be a good example to others & run for this seat again to protect all of GEPENC D-5. I will educate Stakeholders on the neighborhood council system, and help connect them to city services. I will do my best to improve GEPENC so we can all live in much safer, cleaner more sustainable neighborhood.
Mellie_BaustiaMellie Bautista – I have been helping my community for many years, specially children and seniors, thru our feeding program that gives food regularly every month in the area. I want to serve the community more in whatever committee that would be assigned to me. It is my desire to have a peaceful, safe and busy community, in activities that bring in business and jobs for the community.
Carolina_JimenezCarolina Jiménez – Carolina Jiménez is a long term resident from Echo Park. A recent university graduate in Politics and Latino Studies, Carolina hopes to represent the youth in the community. Her hands on work inside prisons with youth has helped develop preventative programs targeting at risk youth. Additionally, Carolina sees the ongoing transformation of Echo Park embody a high number of young adults which she herself represents, yet is absent in the neighborhood council.
Mellie Bautista R7-GEPENCLuiza Padilla-Mavropoulos – To Whom it may concern:My name is Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos. I currently sit on the board of Greater Echo Parl Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) representing Dist.5 Temple Beaudry. I’ve lived in Echo Park since 1978, my children were born and raised here. It’s so sad to say they can’t afford to buy a home in the community where they were born and raised.I’ve been of volunteer service to this community for over 20 yrs. My ties are strong in the community. I’m committed to this community and the residents I was voted in to represent 100%. I feel I’m the most qualified person to run for this seat as my knowledge of the community and it’s surrounding area, what the needs are and what is lacking. This sector of Echo Park is most underserved, I want to change that.
Alam_Baja)Alma Baja – I am Alma Reburiano, presently working at Silver Lake Medical Center as a nurse and currently active in our church activities as a life group head and I care ministry which is the main goal is to provide needs and reaching people out by satisfying their physical and spiritual needs. My goal as a nurse and working in the medical industry is to do medical mission.I believed in our core values which is passionate love for God, love and compassion to others, integrity, faithfulness and excellent in serving God and people.
Vincent RodriguezVincent “Chente” Rodriguez – Born, raised, lived and worked all my life in the Temple/Beaudry neighborhood in Echo Park. I went to Cortez ES, now known as Betty Plasencia, Virgil MS, Belmont HS. I have volunteered for over 30 years in the community, Boys and Girls club, and as a coach at the public recreation center. Additionally, I have worked with El Centro del Pueblo for 25 years as the HIV Prevention Counselor. Currently, I am working with various non-profits and organization to improve the community, thru services that engage youth in a positive and peaceful way. I am looking forward to representing District 5 in the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council
PhilyValentejpgPhily Valente – Estoy dedicada a representar a mi comunidad para servirles en todo. Soy una estudiante de medico asistente para poder ayudar a la gente de mi comunidad. Trabajo por una organizacion que ayuda a la comunidad con familias de bajo recursos. Nosotros ofrecemos clases y unidad para familias y jovenes. Honestamente, mi meta desde la secundaria fue de ayudar a las familias en la comunidad en todo lo posible que puedo.I am dedicated to represent my community and serve them as best as I can. I am a medical assistant to be able to help people in my community. I work with an organization that is in Echo Park that helps low income families with affordable housing. We offer classes to build community among families and youth. Honestly, my goal since high school has been helping the community in all the ways I possibly I can.
Maria Maldonado – I would like to be a part of the board for echo park. I live on Toluca St/Colton St. My community has no voice here or a board. We use to have community meetings here only because a 4 year old little boy was shot. Thats the only time that anyone care about my community.
Mike Castillo R7_GEPENCMike Castillo – I was born and raised in the Echo Park neighborhood. Having attended Rosemont Elementary, Virgil Middle School, and Belmont High School has instilled a dedication to serving others. I have been involved with the Greater Echo Park Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) for the last two years, most recently as Treasurer. As Treasurer I was able to lead GEPENC into sound financial footing and help fund projects for all our parks and schools. My background with policy at CA State Assembly, CA State Senate, and currently with the City of Los Angeles has offered me insight into how GEPENC can influence our policymakers and get our community involved. I am running to be your District 5 Representative because I have and will continue to look out for the best interests of our neighborhood. In order to serve, one must not only have the ability but the will to put in the time required by our community.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

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