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 * Stacy Citron withdrew, therefore the person with the 14th highest vote total is seated. Danielle Mihaljevich at 22 votes is seated.
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Open Board Seats 2012 – Greater Toluca Lake NC

At-Large Representatives
Term: 2 years
14 Elected Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 18 years or older. Stakeholders who live, work, own property or who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm a factual basis for it and who are 18 years or older.

Stacy Citron

I have been a resident of Toluca Lake for almost three years, and I can say without a doubt that it is my home. My apartment is one building down from where my parents met and ended up happily ever after. I met my best friend Jessica Miller, who used to be my downstairs neighbor.

I walk this neighborhood every day, and I plan on having a home and family here. I want to make sure that I take an active role in the welfare of this community because I think there is something so wonderfully special about Toluca Lake, that’s unlike anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Jessica Miller

As a resident of Toluca Lake it is my responsibility to aid the Neighborhood Council in maintaining the positive reputation of Toluca Lake as an icon in Los Angeles. After working as a journalist interviewing City Council Members, Mayors, Senators, and even Presidential candidates, I realized it was time to start asking questions in order to help initiate change in my own community. Now, using my experience as the Director of Marketing for a reputable corporation, I would like to apply the same knowledge of media and public relations to promoting Toluca Lake. Not only is it an honor to serve on the GTLNC, but I will continue to uphold the high standards the council has established for surrounding communities.

Dylan Conroy

I have been on the council for 2 years, once as a member at large and once at treasurer, i’d like to continue to serve.

Janice Eaton

I have been a long time resident of Toluca Lake and have served on the GTLNC Board for the last two terms, as well as other neighborhood associations. I feel that Toluca Lake is a very special community, and I would be privileged to serve on the board for a third term.

Ryan Altoon

I have greatly enjoyed my time serving on the GTLNC Board as Vice President, working with the community, stakeholders and City to enhance the qualities that make Toluca Lake a very special place.

While Outreach Committee Chair, our team has overseen a new GTLNC website, and worked closely with community organizations to support and sponsor events, such as National Night Out and the Holiday Open House, in addition to supporting our local schools and youth organizations. As a member of the Planning Committee, I served on the ad hoc Committees overseeing the Toluca Lake Parking Study and Streetscape Planning Workshops. Both achieved extraordinary community input and will continue to enhance our built environment.

As a resident, my family and I greatly enjoy living in Toluca Lake. It is a centrally located, walkable, family oriented neighborhood, and I would love the opportunity to continue serving our community.

Audrey Borges

I’m Audrey Borges, a Direct Therapist at The Shape of Behavior. The Shape is a behavioral health clinic specializing in applied behavior analysis therapy for children with autism and other developmental delays. It’s a Houston, Texas based company, and I am excited about having the opportunity to help open a clinic in North Hollywood, CA. I’m in the process of getting the word out about The Shape since it opened about a month ago. I just want to introduce The Shape to the community. I’m excited about providing jobs for the community, and I’m interested in learning about opportunities for small businesses as well as incentives to grow.

Jenn Lucene

I am the proud owner of The Jade Apple, a local yoga studio that serves our beautiful community of the Greater Toluca Lake area. It is my passion to work with our community, providing yoga to everyone who can benefit from its healing properties and to provide a healthy environment for people to exercise and enjoy the company of their neighbors, before and after the classes.
As a business owner, I am passionate about working with the council to create a safe, abundant and beautiful neighborhood. I grew up in the Studio City-Toluca Lake area and am committed to keeping a business in this area. It is important that our entire community is well-served and it is my business and my personal goal to bring continued harmony and integrity to our neighborhood and to all of those who live and work here.

Craig Strong

My family and I have now lived in Toluca Lake for over 9 years. There is no better community for us. I have been part of the GTLNC for over 6 years. I also Co-Chair the Neighborhood Watch and sit on the Toluca Lake Home Owners Association. In addition, I am also active member of the Toluca Lake Public Safety and Traffic Committee. What else can I say? I’ll just keep it going…

Lee Jamieson

Andrew Westall

It has been a privilege to serve on the Board of the Neighborhood Council for the past two years. In my capacity as Vice President and now President of the Board, we have worked very hard on a variety of issues, including beautification, planning studies on design, parking, and streetscape, as well as better coordination with the Chamber, Homeowner’s Groups, and Garden Club. I would appreciate your vote for a second term.

Jerome Williams

I’m Jerome Williams of Toluca Lake, CA and I’m running for re-election to the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council. I’ve been asked to return to the board, and I would be proud to serve my community once more.

I’m a single father of two wonderful, hardworking young adults. My son attends Cornell University and my daughter is a college bound high school senior. They are my greatest accomplishments.

As the former President of the GTLNC, I made sure we provide financial support to our local schools. Education is key to the success of our families, community and nation.

The board works as an intermediary between its stakeholders and local government, in an effort to better serve the community.

I hope you’ll consider voting for me so I can return to doing what I enjoy: being a viable passionate, supporter of the Greater Toluca Lake area.

Thank you,

Jerome Williams

John Moskal

I have served as an original member of the initial neighborhood council. Along with the Cahuenga Committee, we have been able to stop the widening of Cahuenga Blvd, which is just 3.9 miles long. It sarts at the LA River on Lankershim and ends at a cemetery on Victory Blvd. With two elementary schools, thee is no need to create a dangerous four lane highway through a residential neighborhood. I feel the neighborhood council system has given the San Fernando Valley a voice in city government, which for many years had been neglected. I know change is inevitable, but only smart growth will maintain the village ambiance that we so cherish. With your support I would like to continue my work with the Outreach Committee, and continue to keep our neighborhood safe and picturesque. Thank you.


Ralene Anderson

Barbara Kaye

Daphne Kozek

Since joining GTLNC 3 years ago, I have enjoyed being a member of the Environmental Affairs Committee and sitting as Co-Chair of the committee for the past 1.5 years. Sitting on the General Board has broadened my experience of the Neighborhood Council and added to my awareness of this community. Being a stay at home Mom to my two boys (soon to be 3 boys) has made my involvement in the Toluca Lake community, that much more important to myself and my husband. I am excited for the up coming year and to be a part of the wonderful projects that GTLNC is planning and supporting.

Pamela Scharlach

I will focus my efforts in preserving the lifestyle that we enjoy in Toluca Lake.  We have a unique neighborhood full of history and beautiful craftsman homes.  It is one of the few remaining LA neighborhoods where families and their pets feel safe to walk along our mature lined streets, Toluca lake is worthy of protection and preservation.  I look forward to serving my friends and neighbors and giving voice to their concerns as a board member.

Danielle Mihaljevich

Although I live just outside Toluca Lake and am fairly new to the area, my work with Craig Strong as a Realtor causes me to spend the majority of my time here in Toluca Lake.

Being an active member of the community has always been important to me.  I would love nothing more than the opportunity to start joining the GTLNC.


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