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Open Board Seats 2014 – Lake Balboa NC
Residential Stakeholder Representatives (RSR)
Term: 2 years
6 Elected Any stakeholders whose primary residence or living space is located within the Council’s boundaries whether in a home, apartment, condominium or other accommodations. 18 years or older at the time of election. Stakeholders 18 years of age and above.
Cynthia Lyons Weichelt – Please re-elect me to the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Board. Since being elected to the board in 2010, I have learned a great deal about my neighbors and my city. Neighborhood Council is all about giving communities a voice in government. During the past two years as president of the board, my goal has been to strengthen our voice by bringing issues to stakeholders and bringing the concerns of our residents to city agencies and officials. We have successfully become one of the most vocal Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles! I am proud of the work we have done and I look forward to the work I believe we can accomplish. I know you care as much about this community as I do. Please allow me to continue to represent you on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Board and I will continue to work hard to serve our common goals.
James M. Kalivoda – I am utterly thrilled with the prospect of contributing to my neighborhood in a positive, significant manner!
Tom Franco – As a 20+ year resident of the SFV and a 1 year resident of Lake Balboa, I love the Valley. I grew up in the North Valley and now reside in the south and have nothing but the warmest feelings for it. That being said, there are things we can do to improve our little pocket in Lake Balboa. Easing traffic on Woodley, making sure its safe on Balboa around Birmingham, cleaning up all the streets that dead end into the golf course… so many projects and I have the enthusiasm and creativity to get them done! I would love to represent Lake Balboa on the Neighborhood Council!
Linda J. Schwering – For four years I have been serving on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council (LBNC). Currently, I’m serving as Treasurer, Budget Committee Chair, a member of the Emergency Preparedness and Election Committees, and as a volunteer on many community projects and events. I’m an active member of the LBNC. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I have called this community my home since 1972. I’m a retired business owner familiar with issues of homeowners and business people. It is important to me that Lake Balboa folks know we are all Stakeholders and we can empower ourselves through our Neighborhood Council as a voice that goes all the way to City Hall. My goal is continued service to our Lake Balboa Community by expanding community outreach, emergency preparedness, and a balanced LBNC fiscal approach. I respectfully ask for your consideration, and your vote.
Sandra Joseph – I have lived in Lake Balboa as a homeowner for five years, and I’m president of my home owners association here. I’ve been attending the Lake Balboa Emergency Preparedness (EP) meetings and will be working on the Map the Neighborhood project for the EP. I now want to become more involved in our community. As a person employed in the medical field, I do what I do because I want to help people. I want to take my involvement with Lake Balboa to the next level and become a member of the Neighborhood Council.
Joseph Zahn – As a homeowner and resident of Lake Balboa, I am very interested in the success of this city. Since my wife and I moved here in 2012, we have fallen even more deeply in love with the neighborhood. Lake Balboa is a gem in the valley, and I’d like to lend my voice to help ensure our neighborhood maintains it’s beauty and charm but continues to improve into the future as well.
Natalie Kaye Arazi – It would be an honor and privilege to serve you, and I hope that you will consider voting for me on Sunday, March 16th. With 11 years of experience serving public needs in the non-profit sector, I provide leadership and strategy for revenue growth. I’ve raised more than $11 million dollars funding important programs and services, and bring experience working on issues ranging from education, health care, medical research, and the arts. I graduated magna cum laude from UCLA, and studied abroad at Oxford University in England. I have been a resident of Southern California for 25 years, and lived in Lake Balboa for the past 9. I’ve enjoyed watching our area of L.A. develop, and I would be honored to serve our community – and serve you – on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council.Thank you very much, and please vote for NATALIE KAYE ARAZI on Sunday
Miriam Preissel(WITHDREW)
Linda M. Pruett – I have lived in what is now Lake Balboa since 1976, raised my daughter here, and run a successful business here. In addition, one of the most rewarding accomplishments during that time has been serving on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Board as President, Vice President, and Emergency Preparedness (EP) Committee Chair. We have established bins with Disaster Supplies for our stakeholders, held monthly meetings with speakers on EP topics, offered free Community Emergency Response Team classes to teach us to prepare before, care for during, and recover from, disasters. We have set up a HAM Radio Net to communicate during emergencies, and now we are offering Map Your Neighborhood Classes to teach us to care for our families and our neighbors when disaster strikes. I hope you will re-elect me to the Council so that we can continue this vital work. Thank you very much for your vote!
Edward K. Waters – Homeowner-Lake Balboa-37 years
Daughter graduated Birmingham High School
Upgraded home and property over the years
Happy family, great neighbors, terrific place to live
Industrial salesman-now retired, have time to devote to neighborhood & communityIt is important that our neighborhood be kept safe, quiet and well maintained. I believe that the Neighborhood Council is the most effective method that residents have to express their views and work together on things affecting all of us. I want to serve on the Neighborhood Council because we care about our neighbors and our Lake Balboa community.
Allen Nelson – I am currently Communications Officer and the Council’s liaison with the West Valley Police. I participate on the Beautification, Emergency Preparedness and Land-Use committees. I am also point person for Worldfest at Woodley Park. I have been working with our high schools to involve the students in events and projects that will give them the Community Service credits they need for graduation. In October, students painted a wall mural at Haynes and Haskell. It was the culmination of an almost two year design contest and they received Certifications of Community Service from the City Council and State Assemblyman’s Office. A second contest has been started. Our Council is a strong and vocal advocate for the community and I value my participation with the other members. With your vote, I would like to continue working for the stakeholders and find more ways to improve Lake Balboa.
Tom Brennan – I am excited to be a part of the Lake Balboa community, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve my friends and neighbors as a Residential Stakeholder Representative. I want to help make sure our neighborhood gets the positive attention it deserves from our city leaders. I want to work to ensure that our families and neighbors are well prepared in the case of an emergency, that our children have the best schools, that our streets are clean and safe and that our businesses will flourish. Lake Balboa is a great place to live and has so much potential to thrive. Let’s go for it!
James C Brown – As a resident of the area for more than 20 years, I have been an active participant in my community and am ready to step up for a greater degree of participation. I have served as PCR and Neighborhood Watch Block captain for several years.
Gordon Meyer
Thomas J. Riley
Business Stakeholder Representatives (BSR)
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholders who (1) own a business; (2) own business rental or real property; or (3) work within the Council’s Boundaries. 18 years or older at the time of election. Stakeholders 18 years of age and above.
Linda Gravani – I have been a resident in the area since 1982, my 3 children attended St. Bridget of Sweden School & Birmingham HS. I am a Notary Public, Certified Administrator for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), A California Real Estate Licensee. I am a member of Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley Industry and Commerce Association and have a home based business. I am very interested in what happens in our community both as a resident and a business owner. I would be honored to voice Lake Balboa’s concerns to City Hall and keep an eye on the progress. Together we can make a difference. I appreciate your vote of confidence.
Justin T. Bonney – I am running for the Neighborhood Council to help bring positive energy and vision to our community. A local born and raised native to the San Fernando Valley, I have lived here my entire life and came back to the area in 2008. My family and I are passionate about the revitalization of our commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods, I welcome any questions, ideas and feedback.
Gary S. Davis – My name is Gary Davis and I have been a resident of Lake Balboa since Sept 2001. When I first moved here, I looked forward to the Van Nuys Air Show that would happen in the late spring. As Neighborhood Council Member I will work to bring back the Air Show and jobs that brings to the area. I will work other on the Council to attract new businesses to our area while maintaining our way of like. I would be honored if you selected me to serve you.
Organizational Stakeholder Representatives (OSR)
Term: 2 Years
3 Elected Any stakeholders who participate in a religious institution, educational institution, community organization, non-profit organization, neighborhood association, school/parent group, faith based group, senior group, youth group, arts association, service organization, boys and girls club, cultural group, or environmental group within the Council’s boundaries. 18 years or older at the time of election. Stakeholders 18 years of age and above.
Ruth Doxsee – Hello, the organization that qualifies me is Neighborhood Watch. I’ve been Block Captain since 1998, and I find it a way to give back to the community by helping us to know one another and thus building safety. At our last meeting on January 15, 2014 at Stagg Street Elementary, Councilwoman Nury Martinez updated us on current happenings in CD 6, in addition to the crime report from our Senior Lead Officer, David Ham.
I have served on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Board two terms and during some of that time have been Secretary and 2012 Election Chair and just joined the Recycled Water Advisory Group as LBNC’s representative. Please vote for me so I may continue to work to make Lake Balboa a better place to live. Thank you.
Bethany Harris – Since having joined the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council, it has been my joy to meet and work alongside homeowners and volunteers interested in using our local resources to beautify our streets and feed those of our neighbors with limited access to fresh produce. Countless families and seniors associated with SOVA and ONEgeneration are now enjoying not only receiving fresh produce – but are enthusiastic about the opportunity they have to share their resources with others. It has been a joy to see this community building activity take root and come to fruition. I hope to continue the fruit drive programs with the council and engage students in the Lake Balboa neighborhood to be involved with local volunteer opportunities – planting trees, picking fruit and taking advantage of the educational and nutritional programs associated with these activities.
Youth Stakeholder Representative
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Any stakeholder that meets the criteria for RSR, BSR or OSR and is between their 14th birthday and 17th birthday at the time of election. Stakeholders between twelve (12) and eighteen (18) years of age.
Madeline J. Pammit – I believe I can radically change how students participate in local government by placing incentives like convenient community service opportunities. My primary goal as a student representative is to improve and, better yet, maximize public involvement by reaching out to the neighborhood in any way I can.
Senior Stakeholder Representative
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Any stakeholder that meets the criteria for RSR, BSR or OSR and is older than 55 years of age at the time of election. Stakeholders 18 years of age and above.
Carl J. Schwering – This my community, and I am a proud Lake Balboa Stakeholder for over 40 years and a Valley resident since 1951. I am a retired aerospace research & manufacturing manager, environmental monitoring analyst, and have served as a U. S. Navy Corpsman. Currently, I am serving on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council (LBNC). Here are some areas of my service.- LBNC Senior Representative
– Senior Symposium Committee
– Long-time member of the LBNC Emergency Preparedness Committee
– Volunteer for Lake Balboa Health Fairs
– Volunteer at Disaster Preparedness Fairs
– Election 2012 CommitteeMy goal is continuing my service on the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council addressing Senior benefits and issues. I am asking for your vote.
Mary L. Pennomon – I am looking forward to be a member of Lake Balboa NC to give and to interact within my community as an active Senior Representative.
Jack G. Baird – I have been an active member of the Lake Balboa neighborhood council for over 5 years.I participate in Emergency Preparation, Beautification and Land Use committees. Am a member of the Ham Radio system. I have been a homeowner in Lake Balboa for 30 years.I worked for the Whittier Trust Company for 20 years, Now retired.I have years of valuable experience to bring to the council and community. I would appreciate your vote.Thank you,
Jack Baird
At-Large Elected Stakeholder Representative
Term: 2 Years
1 Elected Any stakeholder that meets the criteria for RSR, BSR or OSR but does not wish to seek a seat within that category or who declares a stake in the neighborhood and who is 18 years or older. Stakeholders 18 years of age and above.
Leela Valencia Woods – As a homeowner and resident of Lake Balboa I know the importance of community involvement and being an active participant in bringing upon change in your community. By supporting schools, community programs and local business we increase the economy and revitalization of our community while bringing together our stakeholders in a shared vested interest. I served as At-Large Representative on the LBNC Board in 2013, lending my 15 years financial and non-profit knowledge to the community and am looking forward to my continued contribution to the growth and beautification of our neighborhood.
Brian Tessier – I moved to Lake Balboa in 2010 and have served as an elected boardmember of the Neighborhood Council for the last year and a half. I am currently the Outreach Chair and the Co-Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee with Linda Pruett. Together we are working hard to keep our friends and neighbors safe in the event of a disaster. We are in the process of bringing Community Emergency Response Team training and Map Your Neighborhood classes to Lake Balboa. As a boardmember, I will always listen to your concerns and work tirelessly on your behalf.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Polling Hours:
10 am to 4 pm

Gault Street Elementary School
17000 Gault St.
Lake Balboa, CA 91406


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