Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Region: East Area

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) represents over 36,000 resident stakeholders as well as thousands of community interest stakeholders who have a substantial and on ongoing interest (e.g., school, work, play or pray) in Los Feliz. As council #35, we were certified on June 11, 2002. Comprised entirely of volunteers, nineteen Governing Board members are elected by popular vote to officially represent five geographical districts (A-E) and four community-wide interests (Business, Education, Recreation and Public Safety). Our role is to advise the Mayor, City Council and various city agencies on how to best deliver public services, and to “promote more citizen participation in government” by taking continual feedback from the community and elevating issues and concerns we agree should be addressed.

Executive Officers

Board Members

PLU Committee Members

Meeting: 3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm
Meeting Address:
Elysian Masonic Lodge
1900 N. Vermont Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA, 90027

Mailing Address:
PO Box 27003
LA CA 90027

Planning Mailing Address:
PO Box 27003
LA CA 90027

Certification Date:
Certification Order:

Field Rep:
Dina Andrews

Funding Rep:
Elynn Liu