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Open Board Seats 2012 – Mar Vista Community Council

Zone Directors (Zones 1-6)
Term: 2 years
6 Elected Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated geographic boundaries of a Zone and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated geographic boundaries of a Zone.

Eric Alan – Zone 1 – WITHDREW

Michael Millman – Zone 4

Michael Millman currently serves on the MVCC and is co-chair of the PLUM committee. He also serves on the Mar Vista Neighborhood Association and helps publish its newsletter.
Millman has been lucky enough to have lived in Mar Vista virtually his entire life. It’s where he was raised, went to LAUSD schools, raised his family, coached Little League, and now helps solve problems for his neighbors.
On the MVCC, Millman has led local efforts to improve planning, advocate for more affordable housing and find solutions for homeless citizens. He frequently visits City Hall to shine a spotlight on our issues and has built strong relationships with LA and Sacramento officials.
Michael, his wife and their beagle walk around Mar Vista every day and look out for problems to fix. When he’s not representing Mar Vista, he practices law in West LA.  Please vote for Michael Millman on October 28.

Kate Anderson – Zone 3

I am running for re-election because I love helping Mar Vista thrive. We moved here when I was pregnant with our twin daughters because it is a close-knit community with good public schools. As my daughters grew, I got involved. First, with the Grand View Parkway Project, then the Hilltop Neighborhood Association, and finally, on the Mar Vista Community Council.

I have focused on:

Constituent Service: I pride myself on responding to questions or concerns whether it is a noisy neighbor, overgrown tree branches, or streets that need repaving.

Education: I lead efforts to support our schools in everything from Learning Gardens to Computer Labs to Art and Music programs.

Environment: I have been — and will continue to be — a vocal and strong supporter of the Green Committee’s efforts to keep Mar Vista an environmental leader.

I would be honored to continue serving you.

Ken Alpern – Zone 1

I am a founding member of the Mar Vista Community Council, and have been a Westside Village Civic Association Boardmember for ten years. I have represented both Westside Village and the MVCC on a variety of issues ranging from the Expo Line, grants to Clover, Charnock and Palms Schools, and many local planning issues. I was an elected MVCC Boardmember for eight years, and one of the original members of its Board of Directors. I have previously chaired the MVCC Outreach and Planning Committees, and currently co-chair the MVCC Transportation/Infrastructure Committee. I am an experienced community leader with ties to both CD11 and 5 and with local and citywide grassroots leaders. I co-chair Bill Rosendahl’s CD11 Transportation Advisory Committee, and have fought for over a decade to establish better roads, freeways, bikeways, sidewalks, and rail lines (including the Expo Line and light rail to LAX).

William Koontz – Zone 2

I have been serving the community for several years but was elected four years ago as the Zone 2 Director. I was then elected by the board to the position of 2nd Vice Chair and subsequently as 1st Vice Chair. During that time I have been chairing the Safety and Security Committee and co-chairing the Santa Monica Airport Ad-Hoc Committee. Additionally I serve on the LAPD Pacific Division Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) and have also been elected as the President of the North Westdale Neighborhood Association.
As the city continues with it’s budget cuts, we will be faced with many new challenges. Together we have faced many problems and have come out on top. I look forward to working closely with all stakeholders in the coming years to protect Mar Vista and keep it one of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Valerie Davidson – Zone 6

As a resident of Mar Vista for 16 years, I have been active helping protect our neighborhood from crime, cut-thru traffic and the toxic impacts from Santa Monica Airport on residents living in Mar Vista.
I have worked to get street humps installed on our street, fix the pot holes, clean up the alley’s, replace broken street signs and protested in the streets against the airport.
If elected my main goals are:
* Closing the Santa Monica Airport
* Working with LADOT to help traffic mitigation
* Keeping Mar Vista Green and Friendly
* Creating Bike Paths and Input on the Expo Line

I promise to protect Mar Vista and keep it one of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Roy Persinko – Zone 6

Hello, I have been an active member of the MVCC Historic Fire Station 62 Adhoc committee. I’ve lived in Mar Vista with my wife and two daughters since 1996. I regularly attend MVCC Board Meetings and photograph them for the newsletter and the local newspapers, if they want to use the photos, I post them online and make available for free. I hope to help with a conversion of the old Fire Station to a community center.

Patricia Peterson – Zone 6

I believe that my skills and qualifications will compliment and strengthen the Mar Vista Community Council if I am elected Director of Zone 6. I served the Mar Vista Park Advisory Boars at its inception working with others to write grants and build the hockey rink, soccer field and launch the Park Fall festival. In a nutshell, I like to work and am great at multi-tasking. No project is too hard as I bring thorough critical thinking skills and hands on application of knowledge to see them through. I currently coordinate Walk To Africa for Lighthouse Medical Missions in Santa Monica. This 4th annual fundraiser pulled in $100,00 last June. i hope to help the community of Mar Vista in the same way.

Thank you.
Sincerely Yours,
Pat Peterson

Alice Park – Zone 5

I <3 Mar Vista.

At-Large Directors
Term: 2 years

6 Elected Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC.

Chuck Ray

As an At-Large member of the Community Council Board, I have contributed to maintaining and improving the quality of life in Mar Vista. I ask for your vote so I can continue to work towards making the Council more proactive in fairly presenting the positions of all community stakeholders to the elected members of the Los Angeles City Council and the appointed heads of the city bureaucracy. I believe that Mar Vista should present realistic answers to the significant issues facing our city and avoid being labeled as extremists. My greatest concerns are:

• Protecting the environment,
• Crime prevention,
• The future of Santa Monica Airport,
• Traffic congestion, and
• Getting a rightful share of support, monies and services from the City of Los Angeles provided to Mar Vista.

Your neighborhood council can have a profound impact on keeping Mar Vista a great place to live. Please vote on October 28th.

Melissa Stoller

I’m Vice Chair of the MVCC Green Committee. As a lead organizer for the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, I’ve been the primary recruiter for gardens within Zones 1-4. I initiated and actively worked on our successful campaign for a more sustainable City Hall Park. I’m the editor for the Green Tent blog and create the Bulletin Board on display at the Green Tent each Sunday. I conducted two successful Soles4Souls shoe drives.

The Green Committee hasn’t had a representative on the MVCC Board since our founder moved. I look forward to filling that void.

I commit to showing up, listening, and taking well-considered action on the issues facing our community, including traffic, street maintenance, Santa Monica airport, crime and policing. I want to ensure that the Mar Vista community’s voice is heard, loud and clear, at City Hall. I strongly support outreach activities to build community spirit and involvement.

William Scheding

Candidate Statement – Bill Scheding
Proud member of Mar Vista Community Council for 12 years*

• Co founder of MVCC, spending 2 years* guiding the emerging council through the arduous process of City certification.
• Board member – 10 years. Currently MVCC treasurer.
• Mar Vista resident since 1968

I love Mar Vista, I love what MVCC has done to make Mar Vista so special, and I love this job!

During my tenure on the MVCC Board, I have:

• helped nurture communication betweem our community and City of LA, helping maintain a Mar Vista presence in city government
• made certain Mar Vista received its fair share of City funds for local projects- schools, the emrgeing Community Room, our Farmers Market…
• suggested more ways to make Mar Vista a vibrant, welcoming place to live.

Experience counts!

Please allow me the opportunity to continue serving Mar Vista.
Vote for me on Oct. 28. 2012 – MVCC Farmer’s Market.

Sharon Commins

Hi: I’m an At Large Director and the present Mar Vista Community Council Chair. I’ve served as Co-Chair, Planning & Land Use Management and the Historic Fire Station 62 Ad Hoc MVCC Committees.
I’m especially proud of the work I did on saving Historic 62 for the Mar Vista community.
My background:
• Resident in Zone 6 since 1975; married 38 years; mother of two
• UCLA ’72; Artist with works in Bernina; UNICEF collections
• Past Director and Vice President, Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce

If elected, I WILL:
• DEFEND Mar Vista’s residential character & quality of life
• WORK to close Santa Monica Airport
• GROW our Venice Blvd commercial corridor
• OPEN Historic 62 as the community center we’ve all dreamed about
• KEEP our Signature Green Garden Tour and Fall Festival vibrant
• SUPPORT our Farmer’s Market
WE WILL accomplish these things together with a strong Neighborhood Council.
I’m ready to serve you!

Bill Duckett

Serving the people of Mar Vista on the Mar Vista Community Council is a commitment I take seriously.  As an advocate for the stakeholders to the City Council on the issues that come before this governing body, its committees, and its government offices and agencies, I consider it my duty to know as much as possible about the issues, seek the consensus of the community, then exercise good judgment when the time comes to vote on the administrative and policy motions that come before the board. I believe I have thus far demonstrated this good judgement in the months since I was appointed to the board. I currently serve on the AD Hoc Committee for Historic Fire Station 62 and the Mar Vista Community Fall Festival. I wish to continue on this path and hope to receive a vote of confidence from the stakeholders of this community.

Yvette Molinaro

I’m an At-Large Director seeking re-election.  A Director’s job is to listen to residents and represent them to city government.  I am committed to doing so.  Currently, I am:
● Co-Chair of MVCC Santa Monica Airport Committee, working to rid Mar Vista of the nuisances and health hazards created by the airport.
● A member of LAPD Pacific Division Community Police Advisory Board and involved with MVCC Safety and Security Committee, working for safe neighborhoods.
● A member of the Fall Festival Planning Committee, working towards a fun day in the park!
During the week I am an attorney at a Westside law firm.  On Sundays, I am the “fruit lady” of Arnett Farms fruit stand at the south end of Mar Vista farmers’ market.  It is my pleasure and privilege to serve Mar Vista in multiple ways.  Your vote will allow me to continue to serve.

Mitchell Rishe

My name is Mitchell Rishe. I am a ten-year resident of Mar Vista, along with my wife and two children. I am a Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice, working every day to protect California’s precious resources. I am also a baseball and soccer coach, and my wife is a public school principal.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and feel fortunate to live in such a vibrant city and exceptional community. I have dedicated my career to serving the interests of the people of the State of California. I want to become your Mar Vista Community Council At-Large Director to serve the interests of the local Mar Vista community. Thank you for your vote.

Community Director
Term: 2 years

1 Elected Stakeholder 18 years or older who lives, works or owns property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC and those who declare a stake in the MVCC and affirm a factual basis for it and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC and those who declare a stake in the MVCC and affirm a factual basis for it.

Susan Klos – Zone 4 WITHDREW

John M. Kuchta

Mar Vista fosters dynamic community of homeowners, businesses, landlords, renters, activists, commuters, hockey players, basketballers, cyclists, beekeepers, home brewers and footballers. We start families here, retire here, enjoy our parks and community events, and pay attention to issues that affect our community.

Issues like dangerous cut-through traffic on residential streets, ever-present pollution from Santa Monica Airport, energy rates and the environment, as well as community resources, local education and business development affect us all. Our infrastructure impacts our lives every day, and as community director I will advocate reasonable solutions to the problem that we face, with an eye towards the many ways in which we can improve our community.


Mar Vista Farmers Market
(Grandview Blvd. & Alleyway
-in front of the building)

3865 Grand View Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90066
Polling Hours:
10 am to 2 pm

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