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Open Board Seats 2014 – Mar Vista Community Council

Zone Directors (Zones 1-6)
Term: 2 years
6 Elected Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated geographic boundaries of a Zone and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated geographic boundaries of a Zone.
William Scheding R11_MVCCWilliam L. Scheding – Zone 3 – I’ve been involved with MVCC since 1999, first by co-shepherding MVCC through the City certification process with Tom Ponton, and as a board member ever since. I have not lost my love or enthusiasm for Mar Vista in all this time. I have attended nearly every
MVCC Board meeting since the council was organized.
Projects I’ve been involved with most recently include:
• getting restricted parking signs on both National Blvd. and Bundy Drive. These streets are now cleaner and no longer a traffic hazard.
• creating a program for grants to our local schools.
• contributing to the discussion of the future of Santa Monica Airport.
• supporting MVCC’s recent success in stopping the illegally located medical marijuana store from opening at Palms and Centinela. My family has lived in Mar Vista since 1968. Our 4 children all attended local public schools. See you in the neighborhood and thanks for your support.
Michael Millman R11_MVCCMichael Millman – Zone 4MICHAEL MILLMAN currently serves on MVCC; Co-Chair of Land Use Committee. He is a local Attorney, and also Director of MVNA; and Director of the Apartment Association.Millman has been lucky enough to live in Mar Vista all his Life. It’s where he was raised, attended LAUSD schools, raised his Family, coached Little League, and now helps solve his neighbors’ problems.On MVCC, Millman has led the local efforts to improve planning, advocate for affordable housing, and find solutions for the Homeless. He frequently visits City Hall to shine a spotlight on Our Issures, and has built a strong relationship with L.A. and Sacramento Elected Officials. He helped remove the illegal “pot store” and many illegally parked RVs/Campers.Michael and his Wife and their beagle walk around Mar Vista every day and look for problems to fix.
Ken Alpern_R11_MVCCKen Alpern – Zone 1For over a decade I have worked tirelessly to promote responsible, sustainable Transportation and Planning Policy in the Westside. I am honored to have worked with City Councilmembers and Mayors, and with County Supervisors and State/Federal Legislators as well. We need roads, sidewalks, alleys and our underground water/energy infrastructure maintained and upgraded for the 21st century.We also need proper Urban Planning to create neighborhoods focused on our Economy, Environment and Quality of Live. Individuals and families of all ages need happy places to work, play and otherwise enrich their lives.Westside Village and Mar Vista comprise a key link between CD5 and CD11, and I’ve been honored to be part of that linkage. For issues ranging from the Expo Line to fighting overdevelopment, Westside Village and Mar Vista have helped keep the Westside together, and I need your vote and support to continue improving our neighborhood and region.
MIchelle.Krupkin.MVCC photoMichelle Krupkin – Zone 5I am running for Zone 5 Director since I believe it is very important to be active with our LA City Council in order to improve Mar Vista. Among my concerns are:• Improving traffic patterns and infrastructure in Mar Vista,
• Working with other neighborhood councils to participate in smart development,
• Expanding and maintaining Mar Vista’s recreational facilities,
• Helping make Mar Vista a greener environment to live, work, play and learn.
• Limiting jet traffic at Santa Monica Airport bordering Mar Vista,
• Establishing a limit per square mile for community care residences located in residential zones
• Reducing break-ins for a safer Mar Vista.I would be honored to represent my family, friends, and neighbors on the Mar Vista Community Council. Please consider me as a candidate that is committed to empowering Mar Vista Stakeholders to make a stronger and closer community.
ValerieDavidsonValerie Davidson – Zone 6I’m currently serving as Zone 6 Director and I’m now seeking re-election.I was born and raised in Los Angeles and a proud 20 year resident of Mar Vista.I’ve been actively involved in finding solutions:~ regarding health and safely issues at the Santa Monica Airport,~seeking ideas for traffic mitigation and sidewalk repair.~keeping our neighborhoods safe.I’ve attended numerous city meetings, having conversations with City Departments to hold them accountable to the residents.I support small business pride and look forward to Mar Vista becoming a walkable and bike-able destination.I encourage recycling, bee keeping and turning waste water into resources.It is my pleasure and privilege to serve Mar Vista and keep it a “hidden gem” of Los Angeles.I would be honored to earn your vote
Brad Wilhite_R11_MVCCBrad Wilhite – Zone 2I have been fortunate enough to live in Mar Vista since 2007 and I have been a resident of Los Angeles for 20 years. I am a dedicated husband and father, and I care deeply for the neighborhood my family calls home. As a Block Captain I’m excited to have the opportunity to extend my community involvement by running for Zone 2 Director. If elected as your public servant, my mission will be to serve Mar Vista and the needs of its people. So please, vote right and vote Wilhite on Sunday May 18th.

At-Large Directors
Term: 2 years

6 Elected Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older who live, work or own property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC.
Melissa Stoller - MVCC candidate 2014Melissa Ann Stoller – I’m currently serving my first At-Large Director term and am co-chair of the Green Committee. As I promised, I show up, listen, and take well-considered action on the issues facing our community, including traffic, street maintenance, Santa Monica airport, land use and safety.I actively-and proactively-work toward making Mar Vista a more livable and environmentally conscious community. I help ensure that our community’s voice is heard, loud and clear, at City Hall-especially on environmental and quality of life issues.I’ve co-chaired the Green Garden Showcase and am currently a lead organizer and the blogger. I publicize Green Tent activities and create the informational Bulletin Board displayed there each Sunday.I grew up in Mar Vista and moved back to the community I’ve always called home in 1975. I’m an unabashed Mar Vista booster. I love my post-retirement career representing the Mar Vista community at large!
Bill_KoontzBill Koontz – I have been serving the community as the zone 2 director for the last 6 years. This year I will be running as an At Large Director. I would really appreciate your vote and look forward to this next term on the board. I have been involved with the Santa Monica Airport Committee, Safety and Security Committee, the LAPD Community Police Advisory Board, the and DWP MOU Advisory Committee as well as being the representative on the LANCC. I’ve got some big plans for Mar Vista and I can’t wait to share them with you.Thanks for your support!
BillDuckettjr_MarVista.REg11Bill Duckett Jr. – I am currently serving as an At-Large Director and as Board Secretary. My paid job is as an IT Manager/Tech Integration Specialist for a K-6 School. For MVCC I have been active in the Santa Monica AD Hoc Airport Committee, the Historic 62 AD Hoc Committee, served one year as the Art and Entertainment Coordinator at the MVCC Fall Festival, volunteered for the Green Garden Tour last year and will again this year, frequently attended many PLUM committee meetings to provide input on issues of concern to Mar Vista Stakeholders, and took a lead role in heightening the awareness of stakeholders and LA City officials concerning the attempt to illegally open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary on the corner of Palms and Centinela. I consider it a privilege to serve the Mar Vista community and would like to do so for another 2 years.
Yvette_MolinaroYvette Molinaro – I currently serve as an At-Large Director and am seeking re-election. I am Co-Chair of the MVCC Santa Monica Airport Committee, working towards solutions to the nuisances and health hazards facing L.A. residents that are created by the airport. I am a member of the Fall Festival Planning Committee, working to bring a fun and entertaining annual festival to the Mar Vista Park. During the week I am an attorney at a Westside law firm. On Sundays, you will find me connecting with the community while selling delicious fresh fruit at the Arnett Farms fruit stand at the south end of Mar Vista’s fabulous farmers’ market. It is my pleasure and privilege to serve Mar Vista in multiple ways.
Mitchell_RisheMitchell Rishe – I am proud to be your At-Large Director and am seeking re-election. I currently co-chair the MVCC Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where I fought against the Casden development at the future Pico and Sepulveda Expo Line station that would have brought overdevelopment to our neighborhood, assisted the grassroots movement that helped re-pave Venice Boulevard, and opposed a pot dispensary at Palms and Centinela Boulevards. I support smart growth, transit-oriented development, and the closure of Santa Monica Airport. I will fight to maintain the unique character of Mar Vista.I am also an avid supporter of our Green Committee and its efforts to protect our environment locally, regionally and globally, and to educate our community to plant native vegetation, install solar power and reduce water use.I am an environmental attorney for the California Attorney General’s Office, and my wife is a public school principal. I thank you for your vote.
Robin Doyno R11_MVCCRobin Doyno – As a Mar Vista resident for 13 years I have learned what a very special community we really have.I believe my efforts in organizing the large swath of West Mar Vista (all of Zone 6 from Washington Blvd. North to the Santa Monica Airport and from Centinela West to Venice) into the WEST MAR VISTA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION demonstrates my commitment to this special area of Los Angeles.It is my belief that problems from dog poop to serious crime (and much in between) can be positively affected by a cohesive community.My theme would be, “Know your neighbors” Our WMVNA efforts are focusing on a block captain network and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). I have no doubt that the quality of this great neighborhood could be even better with a more cohesive, knowledgeable and involved population.I would be honored to have your vote to help achieve that goal. Thank You.
Morgan Boyd Elzey (WITHDREW)

Community Director
Term: 2 years

1 Elected Stakeholder 18 years or older who lives, works or owns property within the stated boundaries of the MVCC and those who declare a stake in the MVCC and affirm a community interest for it and obtain 20 signatures of MVCC Stakeholders to support his/her candidacy. Stakeholders 18 years or older.
DSC_0178-square-cropJohn M. Kuchta – Character. Education. Conservation. I’m John Kuchta, and I ask your consideration for the job of Community Director.I believe in thoughtful approaches to infrastructure that encourage green modes of transportation while improving the coordination between city departments so streets can be repaved without being torn up only weeks later.I believe in after-school programs and extra-curriculars for all children including those who may not be able to afford them.I believe in conservation programs that showcase responsible resource use and encourage local agriculture including urban beekeeping.In my first term, I successfully presented a sensible social media policy to improve accessibility and accountability across our online presences. I have helped fund toy drives for needy children, the Fall Festival and the Green Gardens Showcase. I have supported local businesses while opposing predatory developers who’ve demonstrated little regard for Mar Vista’s character. I would be honored to earn your vote.
Elva_OrtegaElva Ortega – Hello-I’m Elva Ortega and I’d like your consideration for Community Director. I’m a relatively new Angeleno; I’ve been here for 2 years. I originally hail from the Inland Empire where I did community organizing for 3 years with Equality California and local public schools. Some of the projects I worked on there included campus beautification, fundraising, volunteer recruitment & training, and data collection.I believe people are our biggest untapped resource and that when you have volunteers who are passionate there is no limit to the quality of change they can make.I want to work towards making Mar Vista a more environmentally and socially conscious place- where kids and adults of all races, ages, and economic statuses can interact together and help one another because when we share what we do best the entire community benefits.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Polling Hours:
10 am – 2pm

Mar Vista Farmers Market
(Grandview Blvd. & Alleyway
-in front of the building)

3865 Grand View Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90066

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