Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance (NCEPA)

The Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance (NCEPA) meets the 4th Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  The meeting locations are rotated throughout the City of Los Angeles.  The NCEPA representatives hear from city department managers, and their representatives, regarding the city’s plans for coping with a variety of local and major emergencies.  Members of various volunteer emergency groups have presented their roles in emergency preparedness.  The one thing they all have stressed is the need for individual neighborhoods to prepare to be self-reliant for at least 7 days after a major disaster.  The purpose of the NCEPA is to gather information and educate neighborhood councils about their responsibility to organize the communities they represent.  Various tools are available to guide neighborhood council members and stakeholders about how to organize and prepare their neighborhoods.  For more information, and to sign-up to receive agendas before meetings, please email:

Meeting: 4th Saturday – 10am

Meeting Address: Various
Please email to ask and/or get on the email list for future notices.