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Region: West Area

A quasi-governmental agency created by the City of Los Angeles Charter, NCWP is intended to give those who live, work or own property or otherwise declare a stake in our area a stronger voice in the governance of the City.
Our board is composed of people just like you – people who live, work and play in Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista. We eat at local restaurants, use local parks and send our children to our neighborhood schools. Working together, we provide insight and ideas to our local elected officials and select worthwhile community benefit projects to support with the limited funds we receive every year from the City.
The NCWP is a part of the City’s neighborhood council system that was established in June 1999 following the passage of the new Los Angeles City Charter.
We went through a two-year process of organization, were certified by the City and held our first meeting in November, 2001 to elect a Board of Directors. The new Board held its first meeting in December 2002. There are 31 members on the Board of Directors, representing the various stakeholders in the Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista community. Today, the NCWP has stakeholders who by their participation help influence the direction of our community.
The NCWP Board members are elected by the area’s stakeholders – those who live, work or own property or otherwise declare a stake within our boundaries. The responsibility of the members of the Board of Directors is to determine and to communicate to the pertinent city officials those issues, needs and concerns of importance to the stakeholders. As such, the NCWP serves as an integral part of how local government operates, providing a direct line of communication between the community and its elected officials and City departments. NCWP is also privy to an early notification system to make certain that City Hall does nothing impacting our neighborhood without first letting us express our views on the issue.
The Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of each month and general meetings of NCWP will be held each year. The public is invited to attend all meetings of the board and its committees and the general meetings.
Please check the Council’s web site at for more details regarding NCWP and for the exact time and location of all meetings.

Executive Officers

Board Members

PLU Committee Members

Meeting:1st Tuesday, 6:30pm
Meeting address:
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room
7166 Manchester Avenue
Westchester, CA 90045

Mailing Address:
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd PMB 191A
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Planning Mailing Address:
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd PMB 191A
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Certification Date:
Certification Order:

Field Rep:
Mario Hernandez

Funding Rep:
Shawna Dungo