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Open Board Seats 2014 – North Hollywood West NC

Resident Representative
Term: 4 years

1 Elected All Stakeholders 16 years of age and above, and including renters of residential property and homeowners. Stakeholders 16 years of age and above.
Charles Savinar – I recently retired from a second career as a special education teacher, a role I relished for the opportunity it gave me to give something back to the community. It is in that spirit that I seek the position of Board Member on the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council. My wife Mary and I moved into our North Hollywood home 33 years ago. At the time our 2 daughters were 4 & 2, and we were impressed with the number of “hot wheels” rolling down the sidewalk with enthusiastic family members in close pursuit. Obviously, we’re all older now, but what has remained unchanged is our appreciation of the neighborhood, and its amazing diversity of neighbors. The power of the Neighborhood Councils comes from the commitment of many individuals to act with a common purpose. I will conduct my actions on the Council in that fashion.
Carmine M. Di Vito – Hello. I seek to run for the seat of residential stakeholder. I feel I can bring immediate and strategic value and development to the community and to the board. It is my interest and goal to add a different perspective to the many critical issues facing our community. I will do my best to bring my strengths to the forefront in an effort to make our community more meaningful. Teamwork is the key to making and achieving goals and objectives. Being a visionary helps to foster the ethical and value based directions while collaborating with other organizations as this is essential to the qualities and characteristics that make us strong. I am asking for your vote and support in this leadership position.Thank You.

Business Representative
Term: 4 years

1 Elected All Stakeholders 16 years of age and above, and including business owners or employees, or owners of rental property. Stakeholders 16 years of age and above.
David S. Hechter– I have been a board member since the creation of the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council in 2011 and have served as Treasurer and Land Use Committee chair since that time.My family has owned our home, now a rental property, since 1955 and for many years operated a business within the borders of NoHo West.I look forward to continuing to serve this community to the best of my abilites.

Community-Based Organizations Representatives
Term: 4 years

2 Elected All Stakeholders 16 years of age and above, and including representatives of non-profits, schools, churches, temples and other social service agencies located within the NC boundaries. Stakeholders 16 years of age and above.
Lorraine Matza – My name is Lorraine Matza. I have lived in this area for over forty years. I also work in the area as a 1st grade teacher at Saticoy Elementary School. In addition, I have been a Girl Scout leader running meetings in the area since 1975. As you can see, I’m quite committed to this area. I was part of the group that worked tirelessly to establish the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council, and have served as a board member since its certification in 2011.

I believe in keeping our neighborhood clean and safe. The neighborhood council is our best outlet for achieving these goals. Over the passed three years we have accomplished quite a bit. I would like to continue the progress we’ve already made by serving on the board for another term. Therefore, I am asking for your vote on March 20th.

At large Representative
Term: 4 years

2 Elected All Stakeholders 16 years of age and above, and including those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder Stakeholders 16 years of age and above.
Willie Eugene Lewis – I am Willie Lewis and I am the Vice President of the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council.I am honored to have the opportunity to be a candidate for re-election as a Board Member At Large for the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council on March 20, 2014.My wife and I have been a resident of North Hollywood for 33 years and a resident of California for 54 years. Our son is a Capitol Police Officer in Washington, D.C. We also have 4 grand children.I an one of the four original board members at the time we were certified on January 2011.I am a member of the North Hollywood Community Police Advisory Board, By-laws Committee, Outreach Committee, Public Safety Committee, Citizen Surveilance Team and the Beautification Committee.I served my time in the U.S. Marine Corps and I am retired from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service after 42 years.
Corrie Wisner – As a long time resident and founding member of the NoHoWest NC, I am dedicated to the enrichment of our community. In 2010, I served as a member of the Certification Committee, devoting my efforts towards the research and completion of the application leading to the certification of our council. During this time, we built strong partnerships with city departments, raising and remedying quality of life issues. Together we have improved safety, supported our schools, educated fellow stakeholders on citywide systems such as 311, and turned blighted or vacant lots into sites to behold. It has been a pleasure working side-by-side with neighbors in community advocacy.
We are still a budding council, yet we have accomplished a great deal since our inception. I hope to have your vote so that I may continue to nourish this flourishing community.Thank you.
Freddy Cupen-Ames – My name is Freddy Cupen-Ames and I want to take a more effective role in the continuous growth of our community. Running for the Community-Based Organization Board seat, would give me the opportunity to offer my work experience and talents to aid our neighborhood. I have held many leadership roles over the years, all in the service of others. I have served as a Committee Member for Special Games as a student at Loyola Marymount University for those who are disabled, and continue to support higher education by being the Latino Alumni Association Class Captain of my graduating year. In the legal world, I was a Judicial Extern for the United States Bankruptcy Court; years back, an Intern for Loyola Law School’s, Center for Juvenile Law & Policy; and for the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce. I would appreciate your vote for me, so that I too may serve you.

Senior Representative
Term: 4 years

1 Elected Stakeholders 50 years of age and above. Stakeholders 16 years of age and above.
Carol Ann Rose – I have, proudly, been a member of this Board for over a year. Representing the needs of our Stakeholders for their common good and the welfare of their neighborhood. NoHo West NC, began January 2011 and has been “The Little Engine That Could” ever since. Trying to make a difference, encouraging our Stakeholders to become active in “Fixing What is Broken”, making their neighborhood a safer, better, more comfortable and enjoyable place to live! I have only begun, my logs have only been kindling to keep the fire smoldering! Please, place your logs in, let’s stoke that fire and get it raging, let’s bring that little engine up that highest peak! I would also like to take this opportunity, to encourage your all to become Members of the Board. Become an active Stakeholder! My sincere thanks to all of you,Carol Ann Rose

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Polling Hours:
4 pm to 8 pm

Saticoy Elementary School
7850 Ethel Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605


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